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Sean tries to contact Jay Park on Twitter… ‘On personal matters’

Singer Sean garnered much interests from fans and netizens after he tried to contact Jay Park via Twitter.

Sean wrote on his Twitter account on 26th June at 2.25pm KST “JaeBum ah this is Jinusean’s Sean hyung.. Contact me via dm it’s important.”

With that, Jay’s fans begin tweeting, “What is the important matter? I’m curious”, “Is he going to work with YG?”, “JaeBum ah, quickly contact him”, “If it is important matter, why mention over Twitter?” etc.

Speculations about Jay Park making a singer comeback via YG Entertainment quickly surfaced amongst fans. Sean then tweeted again at 5:10pm KST to explain “Me trying to contact Jay is just personal nothing work related, hope there’s no misunderstanding.”

Meanwhile, Jay Park returned to Korea after 9 months on 18th June to do filmings for his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

S: MTStarNews


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  2. WTF!! from jay to yg to seungri? don’t ever critisized them!! i love YG JAY & SEUNGRI!!

  3. but i can understand why.
    man, the fans kind of need to back off a lil bit.
    it’s okay to be curious but don’t jump to conclusions.

  4. LOL that is true.
    why on twitter?

  5. Jay should get a separate Twitter for his friends. Fans can be so nosy and I’m sure he doesn’t want any of his personal business out there for all to see. I wish Sean had used another method to contact Jay.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. The fans remind me of my mom, who sometimes practically interrogate me on my life. While they don’t mean any harm, some privacy would be nice.

    • That’s a good idea. Plus, I doubt it will happen again but he should be careful that another incident like September doesn’t happen on Twitter, I think he should put his Twitter to private.

  6. let’s be realistic, okay? YG is the best among any other entertainment companies in Korea. YG artists set the bar high.

    move on from the DENIAL stage! just admit that you also look forward to what the YG artists bring to the table!

  7. I hope they contact each other Sean and his wife are known as the nicest giving people!! They care a lot for others. They Donate a lot and volunteer a lot. Plus they can connect religiously and be good people to look up to or lean onfor support

  8. its personal matters people? like nami said, its maybe about sunye? they even cited a source.

    but dont get your hopes up, people

  9. maybe he’s just trying to give a word of advice and support~

  10. I know Sean is a devout Christian. Isn’t Jay also? Maybe that’s the reason Sean is contacting Jay. Seems like all the Christian celebs get together often.

  11. wow. people CHILL!!! can we quit it with the “he’s too good” vs “he’s not good enough” crap??? there’s no way he’d be in YG. i admit, i would love it if he did, but i think the most jay would do in relation with YG is a collab. maybe. but honestly? jay’s already doing a duet with b.o.b and he’s in a dance movie. he’s hittin it big on his own and moved forward. getting back into the idol business would just create so many setbacks for him.

    lets not assume things. it’s probably nothing and even if it is, it wouldn’t be abt jay being signed into YG.

    • have you forgotten that there was a time… when many of YG’s artists weren’t idols.

  12. Sorry but Jay isnt good enough to be in YG. maybe he’s a good dancer, but not a singer, even as much praise as he gets. nopee.

    • talk about overreacting no where in the article it talks about Jay being in YG…plus I think he’s done contracting with Korean entertainment companies..they are too shady

    • @ alee

      hahah are you kidding me ????

      he is not good enough 😆 <<<< plah plah plah

      he is amazing raper and dancer and this is YG’s style (hip hop)

      I love YG and Jay so much , but no i dont want him going to YG

      not because you are bigbang’s fan you rob his ,,,,,

      <<<<<<<< CRAZY FAN

  13. “Me trying to contact Jay is just personal nothing work related, hope there’s no misunderstanding.”

    <<<<< that is means Jay not going to YG 🙂

    But , I’m still curious 😆

  14. I think it’s about Sunye. Sean is also friends/sunbae to Sunye (they were seen in NYC in January: https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/photo-of-the-day-sean-and-sunye-pose-for-the-camera/) so I wouldn’t be surprised if Sean is trying to tell Jay to go and support her…there haven’t been any reports of Jay going to her father’s funeral 😦

  15. I know Sean said it’s only personal reason why he contact Jay, but as a YG Family Fan, I really hope it’s also business matter because Jay would be a great addition to YG Family. He has always been supportive of YG ent’s artists and he has the passion and talent that YG looks for in his artists.
    Jay if you come to YG Family, yg’s fans and staff will welcome you with open arms!

  16. calm down..Sean confirmed its not work related..i think its going to be RELIGIOUS matter..you know church talk or something..they are both christians right?

  17. Sean is being a good hyung I hope they can meet up.


  19. YG only takes the best?…I wonder how the fuck Dara and Seungri made it then hahaha they are the furthest thing from having hip hop swag just sayin

    • Dara I can agree with, but fuck you and your Seungri hating.

      He may be the crappiest in Big Bang, but still better than 80% of all other idols.


      • I honestly think Seungri is a talentless guy. but he is cute keke

      • Honestly Seungri is the furthest thing from being hip hop…him and Daesung does not match in that group at all. They come off to me as trying too hard where as the other 3 members it comes naturally.

      • Seung Ri may not have the BEST voice out there and he may be “the furthest thing to Hip Hop” but YG chose him for a reason and that reason was that he had determination and he had a strong choreography skill along with many other things. YG didn’t care if he couldn’t sing as well as the others. That didn’t matter what really matter was what Seung Ri was capable of what he had to bring to the table. Thus his talent and his skills overcame what some people may say his “not so good” voice and his “crappy” Hip hop image. Please don’t bash on one’s skill if you don’t have anything nice to say or if you don’t see it.

      • WHERE THE HELL DID THIS TURN INTO A YG HATE POLICY? This is about Jay Park and Sean, not YG people. ¬_¬

    • ‘YG only takes the best?…I wonder how the fuck Dara and Seungri made it then hahaha they are the furthest thing from having hip hop swag just sayin’

      Totally agree. I really like 2ne1 but I think Dara is just a pretty face.

    • YG’s better than JYP and SM. That’s for sure.

      How the fuck did SNSD and 2PM get so popular? They’re the furthest thing from actual talent, just saying.

      • ahaha so agree with you. Especially 2PM, dang their voices and song are not legend-worthy at all! They are only banking on their muscles and abs, which errr, everyone else is getting.

        LAMESHIT 2PM, so overrated.

        Their counterpart 2AM deserves way better than them!

      • I know that’s your opinion but I have a strange feeling, you may have said that as an anti or ex 2PM fan.

    • Fuck you, you obviously see things superficially which is why you’re condemning on SeungRi. As a longtime VIP i know SeungRi deserves to be in BigBang. Ask any other VIP and they can say the same!

      I can’t say the same for Dara because i haven’t been following 2NE1, but at least i don’t go ass-shitting about some people and calling them less talented.

      You prolly dont even have 1% of what they have~ so STFU!

  20. OMFHELLONO he ain’t going to YG cuz YG only takes the best…

    • Did u even read the article? Making insinuations over Sean contacting Jay and getting all riled up over nothing… a good hyung just trying to say what’s up to Jay. No but u had to turn it into some else more dramatic to satisfy you appetite for hating.

    • Please stop making YG family’s fans look bad!
      Most fans of YG ent’s artists support Jay!

      Jay is very talented, he has what it takes to be a YGFamily member!

      • @YGFam: totally i agree with u..most of YG fans are Jay’s supporter..i myself can prove that cause i’m one of them..tee hee~ i’m proud JAYWALKER and a YG fan as well..Jay can be a great addition to YG Family if there is really something business matter going on to be discussed between them and another thing is Jay’s flavor of music is so YG..Teddy or Kush can make good music that suits him well..

        but for some reasons, i strongly believe this has nothing to do with work..i bet this is about CHURCH thingy.. 😀

  21. im agreeing with ppl sayin that its probably church related since Jay and Sean both have big hearts~ ❤

  22. It’s probably church related~~~
    Maybe they’re having a bible meeting and wondering if Jay would like to come..who knows~~

    And yea, Sean might have to ask on Twitter because he may not have Jay’s korea number..who knows

  23. It probably isn’t that important. I think people are looking into it too much….

  24. I doubt it. And i don’t want him in YG.

    • you dont run YG so not ur decision to make

      • Who says I’m YG anyway? LMFAO. Can’t I state my opinion? You know what, i’ll turn the table around too.
        “You’re not the boss of me, so it’s not your position to authorize whether my opinion is acceptable to your liking”

    • Thank GOD someone agrees with me…i thought i was gonna be the only one that dont want him with YG…

    • I’m YG Family fan and I think it would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E if Jay joined YG Entertainment.
      Jay had talent and passion YG looks for in his artists.
      In fact, Jay always had more YG ent style than JYPE style.
      He should have joined YG Ent looooooong time ago.

      • oh yeah? but he would be different from the jay we know today.
        he may still be training or a unknown, in other words, you may not even know him (:

        cant change the past. the past has been good to us bringing us 2pm and such

      • oh yeahh??
        i am too YGFam lover, but i dont want him in YGE..
        he is too overrated..

  25. lol He prob wants to take him for dinner or bible study…XP
    I believe nothing work related. jay is under contract already.

  26. could it be that his daughter and son are jay fans!?!? hehehe

  27. lol duh don’t people know twitter is thee medium nowadays. some stars only starting meeting/talking to ppl through that.

  28. oh.. another vague situation…
    knetizens are starting to “assume” so many things now because of this message…
    and if their assumptions are not met at the end of the day, they go blame it on Jay or Sean.. T.T

    whatever is going on between them, I’ll just wait.

  29. wowwww.
    my imagination was : YG Fam comeback, and then Jay comeback too as a part of YG Fam. lol

  30. GO, Jay GO! More power to you, me Lad!

  31. “If it is important matter, why mention over Twitter?”


    • He probably doesn’t have his phone number?
      It would be awesome if there’s a collab XD but maybe it’s a church thing… Well it’s good to see that some people (non jype people) want to get close to him.

    • It can be important but not necessarily private, can’t it? 8)

      But since it’s personal, he would probably PREFER it being private… but I dunno. Sean has been out of the industry for some time, right? He underestimated the scary netizens. xD

      On another note… I would be so happy if Jay joined YGE. I think he would be happy, too. :]

    • Jay is too good for YG !!!
      Jay Fighting <33!!!!

      • JYP >>>> YG 😀

      • grow up.

      • Jay deserves something better.

      • I’m YG fan and I think jay is ok but we have TAEYANG already.
        we dont want taeyang 2.0

      • honestly, yg is good and jay is good but

        it wont work in this case. once in jype, always in jype. jype groomed him to the man he is today and it’d be shameful for jay to dump jype and move onto yg

      • Jay is OVERRATED! How about that???

        He doesnt deserve to be in YG because he is not cut out for that! How about that?!

      • ewww Jay in YG, no please!!!!!
        Jay is so overrated, we don’t need people like him.
        and he is not as talented as YG boys.

      • What the hell?! Now you people are okay with Jay going to YG? And TaiBibang, Jay is not Taeyang 2.0 ¬_¬

        I don’t think it would be good if he just suddenly went to YG, that’s just showing you something about a fake relationship between Jay and JYP all along.

        And I hope that’s not true at all.

      • agree w/ blakJ. YG dont need Jay.

    • Jay is the BEST, YG Ent. not.

      • ROFL wtf! YG Entertainment is the best.
        and jay is cool but nothing like Gdragon or taeyang.

      • STFU guys dont feed the stupid trolls…. they are just stupid the way they are…. they haev no brain, ignorant,and annoying they go aorund every post and post useless comment ! and we dont even noe if jay is going to YG … neitizens are just assuming …..

      • YG is small for someone like jay.
        I agree with jaechunsu3voices, he deserves something better.

      • ^ you’re so blind.
        Jay isn’t a saint.

      • For me Jay is better than taeyang 😀

      • MY GOD “YG is small for someone like JAY”… who do u think jay is ? a LEGEND IN KPOP hISTORY ? NO! YG is even bigger than JYP so why the hell did Jay go there.? sometimes you jay fans are just a little too pround of your idol cuz really jay aint that big/popular…. Jay is a nothing when compared to taeyang or g dragon as a sololist……

      • Some of you Jay fans are dumb. Jay IS NOT the best singer nor is he THE BEST dancer. Get him off this pedestal you have. I can name plenty of Koreans who can sing, and dance better. I like Jay but I’m no fool claiming he is this or that when he’s not.

    • I like neither TaecYoon or KhunA, personally I’m sick of seeing 2PM and SNSD being paired up more. Of course Nichkhun said his ideal type is Yoona which is fine but I honestly hate the media keep pairing them up.

      Honestly, it REALLY is like they are pairing up the groups with the most (well, not the most!) controversies together.

    • Seriously below these comments, it starts the conversation goes off-topic and talks about:
      – Jay going into YG
      – Why Jay should/shouldn’t go into YG
      – Comparing YG artists (Seung Ri/Dara)
      – Pairing up YG/JYP artists (Sun Ye/G-D)

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