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WonderGirls SunYe in tears on the day of burial for her late father

Fans send their condolesences to WonderGirls Sunye who has recently lost her father.

The burial for SunYe’s father was held on 26th June at 6.30am KST in Seoul PoongNapDong. SunYe was seen accompanying her father on his last journey returning to Korea previously on 23rd June after her activities in Singapore.

The WonderGirls members, 2AM Jo Kwon and other colleagues were seen by SunYe’s side until the end of the burial. Fans’ comments are, “I don’t know how to say to comfort her”, “I hope you would not be too sad and be able to stand up strong again”, “Have strength. Your father would love to see you working hard and living well again” etc.


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  1. for goodness sake,its a FUNERAL,not some stupid celebration!!!!Stay away from Sunye..Is it so hard to give her some privacy??!!

  2. they should have a CAMERA OFF ON CELEBERITY RELATED FUnerals-_- get’s me mad to see, people trying to make money by taking picture of a sad girl who lost her family.

    She have to deal with all the flashing even at her dad’s funeral? SHOW some respect-_-

  3. Be strong, leader Min!

  4. be strong sunye!

  5. We love you, SunYe!!! FIGHTING

  6. unnie yah, please have strength 😦

  7. Sunye, be strong. Even though we cannot be physically by your side, the members will help to convey Wonderfuls’ hearts. Our dear leader, we love and respect you, and will wish for you to have strength.

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Olivia Tan, Yunita vivi. Yunita vivi said: RT @sookyeong: WonderGirls SunYe in tears on the day of burial for her late father http://twurl.nl/dbs3iu […]

  9. i know reporters r not going to stop taking her pics. but they should show some respect to her n her family.

    i hope jype will let her rest for awhile the tour is important but sunye is not in good condition to work right now.

  10. After Sun Ye asked with her weakly voice 2 days ago, reporters stop taking photo
    Today they taking photo but at a very far distance, anyway they show some respect, not bring troublesome to her
    There is a rumor that Sun Ye fainted, poor girl

  11. Im so angry with reporters they did not show any respect to sunye and to her family sunye told the reporters in the wake to stop taking pictures and to give her and her family some space but I guess with these pics they decided to ignore her request
    Sunnye just stay strong

  12. As much as I want to see her at the concert, she needs more than just 4-5 days of rest. I don’t think having her work after going through something like this will help. I mean she looks drained and putting a smile in front of a crowd would be hard. SunYe! No matter what happens your father is with you always and forever<3

  13. She told the reporters to not take anymore photos :l why can’t they do what they are told gosh look at her she is in no state to deal with them. RIP Mr Min

  14. rest in peace.

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