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Kim HeeChul, YoonA and Nicole battle it out to see who has the longest solo parts in songs on Family Outing 2

Idol group members come together for a one-of-a-kind battle.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 27th June, Super Junior Kim HeeChul, So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and KARA Nicole got together for a battle to see how long each of their part in their group’s title song is.

However after singing each of their parts out, the 3 of them were embarrassed to know that none of them have parts more than 1 minute. Kim HeeChul has the shortest part with less than 37 seconds of air time in total for 6 of Super Junior’s songs all added up. And there was a funny episode on the show when Kim HeeChul revealed that his part of the song is to shout ‘Super Junior’.

For YoonA, her parts in the songs ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’, ‘Into the New World’, ‘Oh’ and ‘Run Devil Run’ added up is only 42 seconds. Especially for the song ‘Oh’, her only part was ‘말하고 싶어(I wish to say)’.

And as for Nicole, she came in first with a total of 45 seconds of her solo parts in KARA’s songs.


Meanwhile, TaecYeon also raised many eyebrows with giving YoonA birthday presents on the show including a necklace with her ‘Y’ initial.

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  2. haahhaha i agree with you

    yoona fighting!!



  4. gotta agree with you Chanelle.
    it’s not about people being haters of YoonA, but just stating a fact in which she has nothing else except her looks.
    okay fine to not sound harsh, a little bit of talent here and there – slight bit acting skills, simple dancing, any human’s singing voice and yeah…
    but this is Korea with countless of talented artises which excels in various aspects, not just simple talents which someone who hasn’t even underwent any training can do.
    but well, can’t blame her…
    this is Korea… the place full of talented people around so it tends to be competitive for those with minimal talents.

    • lol though i agree with lots of the above comments but haha, weird that yoona suddenly got bashed when this post isn’t about one rating her, heechul and nicole are also mentioned in the post but it seems everyone’s judging yoona.

      i have to agree that yoona don’t rlly have outstanding talent, from what i see acting no, dancing no, and singing is the biggest no.
      it’s like, well… like what the above commenter pointed out–cos it’s korea, and korea like we all know consists of the most talented all-rounders these days.
      so yoona putting in comparison who have simple skills/talents… which anyone who just joins the company can also present… is kinda… not appropriate in korea.

      but luckily she has her looks (even though many say she look like a reptile lol but not rlly) to aid her or else, i don’t think she can make it in korea’s entertainment industry with anything else except her height/face.
      somehow she’s gotta thank her parents for her height/face lol cos in my opinion at least–i don’t think she would be able to make it by any chance minus her height/face.

      well, that’s my opinion and those who doesn’t agree can sound their own opinions too cos this is just mine. cheers!

  5. Heechul used to have longer singing parts… they have just decreased the amount over the years. XD
    I’m surprised Nicole doesn’t have more parts.. Her presence in KARA songs is still quite large though since I haven’t seemed to notice.. lol

  6. honestly, it’s not like heechul and yoona are known for their singing abilities so…that shouldn’t be a big problem. and also, even though nicole is the one in a group with the least people compared to heechul and yoona, she still has 4 other members. songs average about 3 – 4 minutes; and if you divide it by 5 members, she gets a pretty even share of singing. i am not hating on them, but expectations of acquiring lots of parts to sing while in a girl/boy group shouldn’t be too high.

  7. OMG the funny one is when yoona sang this part in Oh! LOL!

  8. It’s not fair, HeeChul we all know has the longest “part” of this group of 3, now if he were competing with 2 other GUYS, then his “part” would be the “shortest”!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  9. makes sense.. the more people in th group = the shorter their parts.
    doesnt matter if they can’t sing.. pretty idols are pretty idols.

  10. hey, where have you all been watching these episodes? I can’t seen to find them on youtube

  11. ” And there was a funny episode on the show when Kim HeeChul revealed that his part of the song is to shout ‘Super Junior’.”

    ^The only time he did that was for “Don’t Don” and that wasn’t his only line in the song. lol
    In the clip he didn’t sing all his lines for “Twins Knockout, U, Don’t Don, and Bonamana.”
    Wonder why he didn’t even sing his lines for “It’s You.”

    Oh well.

    More YoonChul moments please<33333

  12. i love Heechul but he is canot sing 😆 << and we dont care 🙂

    Yoona so cute but sorry , you should go to home 🙂

    Nicole she is cute too , and i think she is better more than others

    But , srsly this artist canot sing 😆

    <<< BUT again who care is ???

  13. Too bad, this show will be shutdown soon because they are doing horrible. I don’t get why they have to change the concept from S1 to S2. They need guest every 2 weeks and focus more on them. Grasshopper’s “Running Mam” is going to replaced this crap. Can’t wait to see KJK, Haha, and Hyori.

  14. LOL Yoona’s part in Oh was not only MalHaGoShipeo… Fans of SNSD n those who hv watched the perf know it better that she has that one part “jinshimini nollijido marayo” Her part in RDR was also more than what she sang there.

    I love these 3… Nicole, Heenim n Yoong!!! Plus my love KWON!!!

  15. I totally agree 100% with @Chanelle!! Yoona should stick to modelling or something that doesn’t require comedy, singing, dancing, acting. Sorry :p

  16. Nicole has more lines than that, not even including her raps! xD

    But Kara only has 5 members.

  17. I agree with nn’s comments.
    Yoona basically have no talent — A little good in acting compared to the other SNSD girls (but definitely not up to Hallyu’s standard), and for singing and dancing — Sorry SNSD/Yoona’s fans, NO, totally NONE.
    Just watch her audition with SM to judge.
    Many are speculating that she had connection with SM for getting the fame she has today, because undeniably she is one of the least talented in SNSD, though I must add in another word of justice — She IS the lankiest in the team, alongside with her pure, clean sweetness enabled her today’s success.
    But still, overrated.
    The other SNSD girls are way more talented (Yuri, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon etc) though they aren’t rated as high as Yoona.

    • I don’t see the charm or hype around her at all either but just because both and a lot of us have the same sentiments doesn’t make our notions of her any legit. I mean there are also a lot of people who find her charming and endearing for all the things she have as a person/entertainer.

    • Whatever u say… many people praise her talent. N yes I admit not in singing.
      Her acting isn’t good enough now but there’s always improvement. Yoon Eunhye was never considered as an actor back then when she was in baby VOX now who knew that she would be an A-list actress.
      Yoona was praised by a senior actor for her cameo in MBC drama and her acting in 9ends 2 outs was decent. Just bcoz her acting in Cinderella Man was not good doesn’t justify her whole acting potential.
      Her dancing is sharp n on-point. I know more than u know coz I’m a SNSD fan. In Genie practice video, it was apparent that her move is smooth. She isn’t good in freestyle dancing but she’s very good in choreography n she never made mistakes in the routines.
      People really need to stop judging someone else’s potential as if u r an expert in those areas.
      N tell me since when talent = popularity??

      • Did you even read my conclusion sentence?
        Indeed talent doesn’t = popularity, that’s why I stated “The other SNSD girls are way more talented (Yuri, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon etc) though they aren’t rated as high as Yoona.”
        And sorry but NO, Yoona is popular that’s for sure — But she can’t dance for nuts.
        She ‘never made mistakes in the routines’ coz she knows that she lack power in dancing (see bandmate Hyoyeon) so the very least she could do is to match up the steps with no mistakes.
        But I’ve something to say — Anyone could ‘not make mistakes in routines’ if they try their best, but as to whether the dance comes out with flow, flexibility and precise moves — Now that’s not everyone can do.
        If there’s any outstanding talent you see on her, please enlighten me.
        Still, to not sound like a hater and at least with some speech of justice — I’d like to say she’s a sweet-faced girl with model-like height which gains popularity in the industry, but other than that, frankly speaking, I see nothing else. 🙂

    • lol at the connection thingy… Sunny would have been the most popular member if that’s the case. She’s straight up the niece of the founder!!!

      • well said, what can we do haters hate, I feel sorry for people who say bad things about these celebrities, cmon were the losers here for spending time in the internet reading these posts, just enjoy korean ent, for what it is, if you dont like what you see then do something about it, go there and try to achieve what they have

      • hahahah, so true!!
        take that yoona bashers!!

    • To say that Yoona has no talent is being BLIND and basically hating her just because another member is less popular or because she endosses the role of being SNSD’s face….and that’s just plain stupid, sorry but true. I swear Yoona is judge so much more harshly than any member in SNSD. People OUTSIDE of Korea are being way too judgemental with her. I somewhat understand (because she is so popular) but sometimes it’s too much…

      Taeyeon is probably the most talented in SNSD and that’s why she is the most popular.

      Yoona is a good actress and she’ll get better, in fact she already has. And you don’t win 6-7 awards just like that….

      Yoona is a bad dancer? Yeah, right! There is only Hyoyeon, the dancing queen and Yuri, the sexy dancer that I would put before her, and sometimes she and Yuri are on the same scale.

      Also, no one does CF better than her (with her mix of innocence, easiness, hardwork, aegyo, and beauty), that’s why companies want her more. It’s business and she sells their product well so why wouldn’t you take her if you were in their places.

      But that’s not even her strongest point. And NO, it’s not her beauty or whatever. IT’S HER PERSONALITY!! She has an easy-going & goofy personality that CHARMS and ENCHANTS….but it sure helps that she has the looks too 😉

    • I’m sorry but if what you said was right it would mean that EVERY MEMBER IN SNSD DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DANCE. Because you say that Yoona lacks in power dancing where Hyoyeon excels….LOL no one is better at that than Hyoyeon in SNSD. We all know that! But that doesn’t mean that Yoona can’t dance for s***.

      Personally I think Yoona is really true to herself and people can easily see it. Anyways, I do think you are to negatively biaised towards her.

      For me, I don’t really see it in Yuri for example. Yuri comes off as exagerrating and wanting attention and then using her body to do so. But does that mean that I don’t see her good points/talents? No. I also see them. Try to do so with Yoona maybe? XDDD

    • I have to agree with you.
      Pretty face and nothing else, any random girl who has the money to undergo plastic surgery can be the next Yoona anytime — Coz it’s just the looks and nothing else, very simple to imitate after you have plastic.

  18. lol. yoona and heechul suits acting career well =)

  19. Lol Yoona should just quit singing

    • haha

      • haha yoona is better off acting or doing variety show.. singing is just not her thing…

    • she didn’t sound that bad lol….I still think she sing better than Hyoyeon kekeke

    • looool
      hyoyeon, yuri & sooyoung too hahahaha

    • Actually, she doesn’t sound that bad. Well at least until now her singing didn’t make my ears bleed, like Sohee or Hara did [sorry to say this, but it’s true]

      • As far as range goes, Hara > Yoona.

        Just listen to Kara’s ‘I am’.

      • @hottesttime

        But every time she sings live, she’s terrible. All i can hear is a whispering sound, it’s the same sound i heard when Sohee sings.

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  21. Ugh. They can’t even sing…

    • agree with you.
      that heechul guy is totally a clown LOL he is just funny.
      even shindong sing way better than him.

    • Super Clown Heechul is a funny g@y.
      as a singer Heenim Sucks but he always make me laugh.

    • oh c’mon this is just hilarious..

      i think they do have more parts than this.. especially nicole but just on the spur of the moment couldnt think up of one..

      • i thought nicole had more parts TT___TT

      • I think it’s kinda sad that even though KARA has only 5 members, she barely outsings one from a group of nine and another from a group of at least 10… Still… It’d be more fun to count who among those groups has the longest lines.

        I’ve noticed SuJu KRY sings at least half of each of their songs… it SUCKS for the other suju guys like heechul.

      • nicole has less than one minute too? WTF isn’t she like one of the lead vocalist? well she and Hara are the best in kara.

      • hmm.. i guess its really hard to focus on each member if the grp is huge.. Even small groups, each member could only have a small solo part.. Guess only the main vocalist will have a larger part.

      • That’s sad. I thought Nicole had more lines than that O_0

        But hey, who really cares about how much singing time they get, I mean, this little “competition” was all done for fun wasn’t it.

      • I always knew Heechul didn’t get that much singing time, but still, that’s really tragic.

      • WTF !! Kara only has 5 members and she only has 45 seconds of her solo parts :O

      • poor Heechul xD but LOL at his expression when he found out that it was just 37s

      • Nicole does have more parts lol.

    • Gosh I’m just LOVING the heechul/yoona moments.. they are like real siblings.

      • omo heechul and yoona are soo comfortable together, I think they have good brother-sister chemistry, making it interesting to watch how naturally they interact.

    • Heechul’s part of Don’t Don! is pathetic 😦

      • That’s not his only line but still less than a minute.

      • Honestly HeeChul should just quit singing and start working only on variety shows.

      • I couldn’t agree more with junsu_dolphin and CNblutorie.

        Heechul parts in SuJu songs are almost 0.
        He should left super junior and go solo.

      • But without Heechul, Suju would be as well known as they are today. He may be the least talented musically, but everyone in an idol group has an importance in the group.

        Actually he was planning to leave suju a couple years back but decided to stay. He was busy filming his drama and that he had no time for the other members. Then one day when he was free to show up to dance practice, he was touched that the other members still left a spot open for him even though he wasn’t around a lot.

        But don’t worry, I do see a bright future for Heechul in variety shows. As for now he is sticking being the face of Suju and advertising them everywhere he goes.

    • that’s not a problem. they are not known for being the singers of their groups, except for Nicole….they are just having fun!

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