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Park JiSung to leave the national team? “If my conditions allow, I want to play for the 2014 World Cup too”

Park JiSung (29) has been of hot interests amongst netizens online.

Park did an interview with HanKyung news after South Korean team’s World Cup match with Uruguay on 27th June, “I feel regretful and sad thinking that this is the end of my World Cup.” which raised interests as to whether he will be leaving the national team.

But Park reassures with commented, “If my body conditions allow, I will play again in 2014. I have not think much about the next World Cup. As compared to whether the fans want me to or not, I think it is more important for me to show my skills properly.”

There has been great interests with news that this World Cup games might be Park JiSung’s last and he will be leaving the national team after the Asian cup games in 2011.

But in the recent press conference, Park JiSun mentioned that it is just his thoughts, nothing has been confirmed as of now.

Meanwhile, the South Korean team’s World Cup dream came to an end they lost 1:2 to Uruguay in their match on 27th June.



10 Responses

  1. Saw him in an interview.. and he is such a humble person, one of the line that he said in the interview that left me a great impression in him is that ‘he wants to play good football, but don want to be famous’

    He is such a hardworking and selfless person.. i do hope he can still play for south korea and hope he have a great season in Man Utd

  2. that’s the spirit!!
    hope to see u again in next World Cup!^__^

  3. OHNO 😦
    Park Ji Sung is incrediblee!
    His footwork is fantastic, and he’s such a great captain!
    Please don’t retire yet, he was the reason I actually watched all of Korea’s matches!

  4. I guess that’s why Park Ji Sung is doing those Jaseng Chiropractic Center commercials showing him exercising his butt by clenching and unclenching it as he sits on a dais—-I hope it’s not in preparation for a new line of “work’!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • that’s cute exercise. I actually like the background song. I’m looking for a download of it but I don’t know the title of the song. ^_______________^

  5. he needs to play! PARK<3
    i hope you stay healthy!

    AND thank you to the rest of the amazing Korean team players!

  6. Uruguay fue mejor que s.korea.
    Arriba Fuerza charrua ❀

  7. One of Asia’s greatest players of all time. Asia’s pride.
    I hope he gets to play for the next world cup too. πŸ™‚ I like how humble he is. Though he’s the star of team, he never expects his team mates to pass to him to score but rather he makes the best assists for goals. That’s the spirit of team.

    Taking the match with Uruguay for example. Although Korea was struggling in the first half, Jisung managed to get his team together for the fantastic 2nd half. That match was the best they have played in WC 2010. And I’m proud of them.

    I’m sure everyone will remember Jisung’s amazing goal against portugal in 2002.

    Park Jisung will always be remembered as the player who runs for every ball, his detemination and the pride of Asian football.

  8. He’s a South Korean icon, it’d be sad to see him retire from international level in the near future.

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