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Sandara Park reveals photos of 2NE1 taken in LA!

Girlgroup 2NE1 is currently in LA America!

Sandara Park posted up photos of the other 2NE1 members Gong MinJi and Park Bom taken in LA on her me2day on 25th June.

Sandara Park wrote, “MingKki who is carrying Bommie unnie and Bomtori who is trying to annoy Ssantokki. DaRong who is showing a shy expression. And our leader who is setting the table for our next meal. Let’s not leave out our leader.”


22 Responses

  1. why are they in LA tho?

  2. Cl looks like Gain

    • But she’s not even in any of the pictures… o.O. Maybe she’s the one taking the photos~

  3. hahaha they’re so cute! fierce on stage and cheerful in real life!

  4. In & Out burger! Gahhh, I love that place.
    Dara is soooo pretty, from her hair to her makeup, I love the new look.
    Bom is beautiful as always, I love that fair skin.
    And Minji looks older huh? She’s such a cutie.

  5. she’s eating in&out! :DDDDD

  6. Sandara looks like my bestfriend.. argh…


  8. That first picture…Does anyone else think Sandara’s arms look…..weird o.o?

  9. haha Bom and her corn. Dara does look pretty

  10. Hmn. I think Sandara looks so pretty now :3
    Less Make-Up?

    • Yeah, the first think came on my mind was ‘wow~ sandara unni so pretty’ πŸ˜€ She’s so beautyfull with less make up^^

  11. Park Bom looks so different O_o !! πŸ™‚

  12. Nice photos!!!!
    Sandara looks very thin…

  13. I love Bom’s shoes!

  14. lol Bom and her corn

  15. Cool photos:)

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