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Set for July debut, Girl’s Day garners interests with an international forum already established

News came recently that a pretty-faced 5-member girlgroup Girl’s Day is set for their debut coming July. And ahead of their debut on 9th July, an international forum is already set up for them, garnering interests from netizens.

The girls are set to release their 1st minialbum on 9th July, and they will debut under Dream Tea Entertainment. Already fan members from different Asian countries have already joined the forum and are discussing and anticipating the girls’ debut coming July.

Girl’s Day previously did flash mobs in the crowded streets of HongDae and MyungDong etc in Seoul garnering interests about their debut.

Also the girls have already set up accounts in via Social media platforms to connect with their fans:



20 Responses

  1. […] all the hype about upcoming girlgroup Girl’s Day, a teaser video to the group’s debut has been released on 5th […]

  2. what’s up with them making a public display?
    i mean i think it’s cool & i give them props.

  3. […] Love the cover or not? Find out more about the girls here. […]

  4. Why does people can’t think clearly to make an international forum? Are they in the contest of making a fanbase or something? Although that, they are good enough in dancing. What about singing? Looking forward for it, though.

  5. No insult to you, sookyeong because i love your blog but why is this news if almost all nowaday groups have international forums before their debut?
    Also, their dancing is very good. I’ll be looking forward to their minialbum.

    • I think that because this is an OFFICIAL forum. From what I know they are the only group to have an official one

    • Well, Sookyeong mainly translates popular Korean new articles in to English, and if you see the source of this article, it seems like it was probably news over in Korea since this group have barely been around and already have a fan site.

  6. i wish there is a law now which is STOP DEBUTING GIRL GROUP . sorry im a bad kpop fan anw now , because theres more and more group comeback and debut , the song that they sing on music song is cut to be shorter , and F(X) nuabo is like shorter and shorter which i dont like it . i dont kpop now adays , ive been in kpop for 4 years , i prefer the last time kpop , which is SNSD , SNSD is really popular becos SM never fail to promo them , im not saying that some company fail at promoting , is just that some girl group just cant get famous with no reason -.-

  7. I just had a look around a couple of the girls twitter’s and it’s soo cute how their replying in English to some of their fans and even following them! I always have a soft spot for groups who give great fan service ^^.

  8. Girls’ Day? So is Girls’ Generation not enough for them? Oh boy.

    • Stop dragging Girl’s Generation… god always Girl’s Generation this Girl’s Generation that. Eurgh

  9. if they can sing as well as they can dance (which is amazinggg btw!) then i think they will be a hit :]

  10. seriously what kind of a horrible name is that for a group, their company’s name sounds so much better.

    • Well according to all the new singers right now,
      the names are getting really pointless -_-
      So it’s not surprising.

  11. Hmm… I thought I could listen some songs from them.. but somehow… THESE TWO VIDEOS ONLY SHOW THEIR DANCES!!!

    I could give them credit for the dances…. but.. they are singers right? Shouldn’t I be expecting a song from them?


    I just hope they would bring something different in KPop.

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