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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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TaeYang releases preview to ‘Just A Feeling’ off upcoming ‘Solar’ album

D-3 to his solo comeback with release of his 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’, Big Bang TaeYang releases another preview to track 4 ‘Just  A Feeling’ off the upcoming album on 27th June.

Love it or not?

Previous teasers:


24 Responses

  1. taeyang is my life!!!

  2. Tae Yang is a CUTIE PIE and a SUPER SINGER!

  3. im so excited

  4. wow this album is going to be DAEBAK!!

  5. I really can not wait more !!!!!

  6. Each song preview gets better and better, I love it. I love all the songs so far! And I can’t wait to get my copy!
    YG really knows how to keep fans on the edge of their seats. I’m so happy!

  7. I get the feeling YG is releasing the slower songs first and then the last songs for previews are going to be the uptempo dance tracks. smart really.. leave the best for last. I’ve liked every track so far and i can’t wait for the whole album! eeeeeeeekkkk!~ TY has got to be my favorite solo artist/idol. his voice is ALWAYS perfect. ugh, this wait is KILLING ME!

    • yeah I like these slower songs too, but I REALLY like awesome faster songs, I hope he has some!

  8. Sookie, you forgot superstar. anyways,as always, taeyang never disappoints. fighting!

  9. 3 days to go!!! Papa YG please released teaser for I Need A Girl. pretty please. 🙂

  10. LOVE IT! ><

  11. YG and TY….why do you have to drive me crazy with these teasers!!!

  12. His previews become more impressive with each passing day.

    I wanna hear the title track!!!

  13. each day they give another preview, i like it more. this is so good!!

  14. OK SRSLY, THIS IS MY FAV PREVIEW SO FAR!!! i honestly thought [You’re My] was gonna be my favorite, only because i love those slow soft serenading songs…… but this is TOTALLY WAYYYY up there. reminded me so much of a more upbeat happy version of BB’s Foolish Love, which until today remains my most favorite BB song EVARR!


    p/s: sorry for the major spazzing but i really really can’t wait already.

  15. taeyang and his teasers LOL

    • teasers.. teasers.. teasers :s
      it’s becoming annoying.

      • Then don’t listen to them or pay ANY attention to them.

        It’s like BB/TY fans saying a loser like you is annoying.

        Love it? Thought so.

      • thats the way their releasing his album. through teasers. its annoying that you know so little and complain about it.

      • annoying but at least this way all his songs are getting attention unlike some other albums from other artists where the only song that you would ever heard of is their title song while the other songs in the album are worthless

        this is the best promotion tactic ever
        everyday we have something to talk about and look forward to what the next song is going to be like etc

      • I like teasers but this one sucks !

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  17. Love it love it =D I want his album ❤

  18. im first! WOW! i like it…

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