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2PM to hold independent concert in July, 2 years into debut

2PM will be holding their first independent concert since their debut.

On July 31st and August 1st, 2PM will be opening their first independent concert since debut in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

An associate of 2PM’s company JYPE stated “None of the charisma that they have shown in stage performances and variety shows will be filtered out for 2PM’s first independent concert, and it will be a concert which the whole audience can enjoy.”

“As much as the interest and love the fans have been showing, the 2PM members are excited to meet their fans through their own solo concert”, “we hope for a lot of interest and love at the first 2PM concert which will be hotter than the coming summer.”

Omit about their song promotions since their debut.

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65 Responses

  1. why not an independent 2AM concert instead? πŸ˜€

  2. lmao, wooyoungs arm looks deformed. bad PS trying to create muscles eh?

  3. “info about their 1st concert is kinda old” 이건썼을땐 μˆ˜κ²½μ΄ν•œν…Œ λ―Έμ•ˆν•˜λ‹€λŠ” 말 ν–ˆλŠ”λ° μ™œ μ•ˆ λ‚˜μ™”μ§€? O_O μ–΄μ¨Œλ“ , ν•œλ‹¬μ „μ— ν‹°μΌ“ μ˜ˆλ§€ν–ˆμž–μ•„ ^^

  4. even the majority of people is still hate 2pm b/c of jay’s controversy, i still support them. they really deserve to be happy too and of course not be ignored… everything happens for reason.. jay chose his way~ of course, it’s not the same 2pm as b4, but anyway, inspite of all negativity and sh*t they had and have to get and hear still, now 2pm is very strong, that’s why i respect and love them. and therefore i have already bought the tickets on their concert (info about their 1st concert is kinda old ), and im going to have fun there! πŸ™‚

  5. i don’ t know why i bother reading your comments, perhaps i just want to entertain myself with the ignorance that has infiltrated k-bites.

    i love antis. their stupidity makes me look smart. πŸ™‚

    either way, i wish i could go to korea for the concert, but alas, i am but a poor student in the western world.

    wait that’s most of us here, no? somewhere outside of korea who clearly does not know what actually has happened. so why jump to conclusions that 2pm are fakers and hate?

    oh i know why. it’s easier to HATE than to come to terms with the fact that you may be wrong.

  6. Anyone saw them in the Wonder Girls tour? How did they do?

    • they were doing really good in the WG tour, i guess that’s why they are holding a independent concert.

  7. 2PM is gay for real they always touching each other like homos

    • Super Junior does that too, they even kiss each other…..so they are not gay ???

  8. 2PM was great w/ Jay. But they’re as great as before without him. It was really bad, that Jay had to go, but in life there are always many goodbyes, and it was just a goodbye. I think haters should put themselves where they should, on their own fandoms. It’s riddiculous for you(haters) come and attack others fandoms, when we don’t do nothing to you. Grow up, listen to the musics of you favorite groups, and let the ones you don’t like alone.
    2PM hwaiting o/

  9. 2PM was great w/ Jay. But they’re as great as before without him. It was really bad, that Jay had to go, but in life there are always many goodbyes, and it was just a goodbye. I think haters should put themselves where they should, on their own fandoms. It’s riddiculous for you(haters) come and attack others fandoms, when we don’t do nothing to you. Grow up, listen to the musics of you favorite groups, and let the ones you don’t like alone.
    2PM haiting o/

  10. their concert isn’t gonna sell out lol

  11. i’m not hating but i kinda feel sad cause JAY PARK wouldn’t be there to perform with them..AAA and ONLY YOU will always be my favorite 2PM songs..admit it or not, 2PM is sooo much better with JAEBEOM PARK..

    too bad as a hottest all i can do is HOPE cause the damage has been done and i can’t do anything to undo or turn back time…

    2PM and Jay Park hwaiting! i still love them separately but it just happened that i have greater love for Jay.. T_T

  12. just a question, how are their concert ticket sales going? they have a month left and no news about them selling out…. didn’t they start selling it weeks ago? coz the venue is huge and idols usually fill it up and sell out in minutes. this is their first concert… wouldn’t it be awkward to perform in a venue half-filled especially with their “popularity”?

    • I wonder too. How is that going for them. They had ok album sells bu 2AM sold more so I wonder if they will be able to fill the stadium. In all honest I feel sad for them, especially Junsu who is sooooo talented but so overlooked in the whole group.

  13. LOL at all the hottests come out in packs to defend their oppas. That’s all they ever do now oh no please don’t hurt my oppas I will defend their honor because their six packs is hot and love when they strip their clothes off because it gets me all wet. It’s obvious what haters say bothers them so keep it coming hahaha I love getting their blood boiled defending their precious oppas

    • don’t be so rude..you are making YG family look bad in the eyes of others..i’m a YG fan but to be more specific i’m a VIP and a HOTTEST as well…its normal for fans to defend their biases when bashed or dissed by some haters, trolls, and even people like you who’s so tactless..why don’t you keep that rude comment to yourself..

      i bet you would do the same if your favorite artist from YG is being dissed by other people…probably defend them to death just to prove them wrong on what they are saying about your favorite group..

      • i agree….you put your name as YGfam but please don’t dirty that name. you are making us VIPs look bad.

        and i admit i am a VIP and Hottest too. at least i speak with consideration. its only right if people protect whoever that they like.

        i don’t think they are just about 6 packs…can you imagine if people comment on YB or DS or anyone from YG with 6packs with the same comment as u do can you take it with grace?

        yes whatever haters say bother hottests, you mean you as a coldest is not bothered about hottest? then why are you even commenting about hottest replying?

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AlisA P., mai彑rss. mai彑rss said: K Bites: 2PM to hold independent concert in July, 2 years into debut http://bit.ly/9Qhyde […]

    I’m sure its gonna be DAEBAK!!!

  16. Haters or antifans You know? if you don’t like them please leave alone ~
    if you think that you can make 2pm down and down you know! You think wrong !!! bcoz they stronger than ever!!!! and around the world still have many hottest such as in Thailand Indonesia philipiens Vietnam etc…
    anyway we still support and love 6members of 2pm
    and I don’t care if you want to destroy them bcoz you are social’s offensive and I will destroy your superstar like that you destroy them ^^
    Please remember it!!!
    Im not a girl who cruel but I can’t see them hurt despite they don’t do everything wrong!!!

  17. 2PM HWAITING!!

    I know your concert will be a success!! ^.^


  18. 2PM is always JJang !!!

  19. I am a proud hottest !!!!!

    I wouldn’t even comment on all the haters comments!!!!

    I will always support 2pm and love 2pm !!!!

    So all haters can hate all they want we HOTTEST korean or internatioanl will always support our guys!!!!

    I wisj i lived in SK to be abale to attent tjeir concerts!!!!

    2PM fighting !!!!!

  20. 2PM FIGHTING. ❀

  21. To lalalalala..
    I’m one of the hottests and we think it’s better to keep silent.
    Wait and see…… Please respect the 6 good kids!!

  22. God why is Junsu there? Its a pity that a talented singer with a bright future have to mix with these mediocre singers

    • he so underrated in 2pm..
      we hardly heard his news.. T.T

      i think instead of went to JYPE, he should just stayed in YGE…
      well, thts just my opinion..
      what done can never be undone.. TT_TT

    • So agree. I love hearing him sing but I usually cant cause he gets no solos of his own and I have to listen to the god awful voices of the rest of 2pm. Why didn’t he stay in YG? He would have been a part of Big Bang and would be doing solo activities left and right like his friends GD and Taeyang. Instead he is stuck being ignored in a 3rd rate group.
      The only reason I ever check up on 2pm is him.

  23. i mean i cant resist but put a comment here. what is with all the hates? just get a life. if you don’t like them or don’t like them anymore then leave them alone, let those who like them support them, as simple as that.

    don’t have to insult anyone or make khun or jay sound like angels, everyone has flaws alright. shouldnt netizens be more civilised? if you think 2pm sucks and is like the worst people on earth ever then dont comment so rudely, you are stooping down to their level isnt it? Every band/group has haters but wow, 2pm has much more…

  24. Do we really wanna see squirrel teeth boy rap a whole song by himself this is a joke for real

    • well guys.. why dont we just wait and see?
      they probably wouldnt be that bad, rite??

      hottests!!!! where the hell are u guys????????
      dont tell me all of u have turned coldest..
      poor 2pm.. πŸ˜₯

      • you shouldn’t pity them. they deserve what it’s happening to them now even thought I think it’s going a little too far.
        *I’m not defending them! I just hope they will learn their mistakes and repent.*

      • ^ yeah exacltly, cause you know better than anyone else that they are the bad ones.
        what mistakes ? seriously, you’re stupid.

    • how rude. wtf is your problem ? omg….

      • they DID mistakes so don’t insult me ok. I’m not talking about their private life I don’t care about that. The mistake was Jay, letting him by himself and not suporting him. They didn’t even call him since january. and they say they are friends? seriously

    • lol, squirrel teeth πŸ˜€

  25. no thanks but sorry to me half of their group have no true talent… mediocre at best just bein real here…they rely on their looks and shirt ripping to get by thats why ppl look past the fact they have average talent.

  26. lol wtf are they gonna do for their solo stages? chansung cant even sing for 5 secs without taking a breather.

    • they’re going to rip their shirts off and dance sexily for the ladies, obvz

    • theriouthly

    • Totally agree.
      chansung is the talentless member of 2pm.

    • owh right? and you can dont breath underwater for 5 minutes huh? and go “MOMMY LOOK AT ME, I CAN BREATH UNDERWATER, I’M A MERMAN OR WHATEVER SHIT” OMG thats so awesome. shoot urself. at least they have packs to rip their clothes off.

      • Breathing underwater for 5 mins and singing for 5 secs is so different.
        Even though I haven’t trainede at all, I can sing, hell even rap, better than Chansung can and that is saying something.

        And it’s not about having packs, Lee Seung Gi has better abs but doe she show them off? No.

    • I know omggg I’m dreading his the most tbh XD

  27. lol wooyoung, why you flexing bro?

    your making the rest of your members not look as buff as you, haha

  28. Just don’t irritate these back-stabbing, bad-tempered immature lustful male diva-bitches, except for NichKhun, the rest will either ignore, spit at, shove, hit, curse you, or scratch your eyes out! What a bunch of “sweethearts”! [Sarcasm]
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • haters to the left.

      • LOL at *haters to the left*….
        so, YGer.. kekekke.. ^^

        anywy, u rite..
        haters, to the left!!!
        u r not invited here..
        shusshhhh.. shusshhhhhh!!!!

        2pm hwaiting.. ^_^

      • ughhh 2pm concert?? WTH…
        cant wait for 2AM concert.

    • haha i agree raymond funamoto. no class and no skills 2pm

      • shut up would you? put yourself in their shoe before speaking.
        I don’t get these people who does around judging people as if they are oh-so-great. Why do you do this for? is it because you hate yourself too much you have to say these to others? Ask yourself, is this necessary? you lifeless souls faces just plainly spell JEALOUS. and if you are a JAYWALKER, you should actually read and understand how it makes Jay feels seeing you lifeless peeps judging 2pm. He was once 2pm, we loved him and still loving him even after he left. Don’t you think he is happier now that he left JYPE. He didnt left because of what 2pm did, he left for he thinks its best. The controversial going on before, just stopped after he left. Judging by anyone’s point of view, he left for good, for his own sake. Don’t get this wrong, 2pm is awesome, so is Jay.

    • Then again, all my info is based on 2oneday, which posts up unreliable fan accounts

    • Jay alone is way better than all of 2pm members together.

      • sorry but jay is overrated .
        honestly jaebeom Sucks!!

      • Lol watch out a hottest is defending her precious oppas talented skills hahahaha

      • Sure that is why he got a role in an American Movie. Taecyeon can only dream of.

      • Jay is so fcking overrated. The only thing he’s really good at is dancing -__-

      • another few mofo. go shoot urself. whatever he do does really matter to you guys. For who we are, his fans, we love him. If you hate him or whatever shit you are feeling towards him, keep to to yourself. Hate breeds hate. so why hate? I dont get u idiots.

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