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Girl’s Day MinAh covers Beyonce ‘Irreplaceable’

Ahead of their debut on 9th July, upcoming girlgroup Girl’s Day member MinAh’s cover of Beyonce ‘Irreplaceable’ garners interests online amongst netizens and fans.

Love the cover or not? Find out more about the girls here.


25 Responses

  1. Hmm.. She definitely can sing.. but… hm… Is it only me, who think her pronunciations kind of like mumbling?

    She has a talent and adorable too.. I hope her company could bring the best for her…

  2. LOL i give her props though, i mean school clothes,
    just singing in the streets.
    SHE does not look like G-Dragon……. you know,
    in SOME angles especially that close-up!

  3. .. well if you guys want female gd, google ‘g-dragon’s sister’, thatt is “looks like gd”.

  4. I think this was supposed to impress us yet it didn’t do it for me. She is an average singer who is killing the song in a bad way.

    My poor ears…

  5. she can pass off as GD’s sister.

  6. is she in school uniform randomly singing in the street? lol…wow hahaha…she does look like female gd lol cute

  7. Screechy ~ but her voice is above average

  8. Now let’s see if their company would give them a debut song that would showcase their vocals.

  9. she really does look like GD @@

  10. She does look like GD!!!

  11. not too bad! pitchy and a little screechy in places, but she can definitely sing 🙂 good luck to her

  12. it was kind’ve pitchy although her voice is above avg, i mean i’m sure if she sang in a studio and had a better mic it would’ve sounded better but what do i know heh

  13. she’s alright. nothing really special though…

  14. hurmm!! she’s good.. the pronoucation is good.. she’s cute! can sing and dance.. by the way. at “2.42” she looked a bit like GD… hihihi… a lil’ dun kill me fr sayin’ dat~ Good Luck new rookie.. waitin 2hear other members~

  15. lol WTF is that.

  16. it was .. mmm..

  17. She looks like GD. aha

  18. This is not an easy song to sing, but she wasn’t terrible. She probably would have sounded better singing in Korean. I liked her enthusiasm. Cute. =)

    • just a smidgen of whiny sounding but ok.

    • Her voice is above average.

    • totally agree.
      her smile reminds me of gdragon!

    • everyone should put into consideration that this girl has not debuted yet. in korea a lot of singers tend to be raw talent when they debut/before debut. i think she has the potential to become a good singer

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