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Super Junior repackaged 4th album released

The repackaged 4th album for Super Junior has been released on 28th June.

The repackaged album includes 4 new songs ‘Shake It Up (Remix ver)’, ‘All my Heart’, ‘A Short Journey’ and ‘No Other’ which will also be the group’s followup hit.

Member KangIn also participated in this album, before he heads off to the army.

Go under the cut to preview the songs.


13 Responses

  1. No Other is cute but All My Heart is beautiful. Great job by the boys.. I actually like the Shake It Up remix more than the original. It’s catchy and totally something I’d enjoy dancing to.

  2. our anchovy wrote this?
    well actually, I do really think that this repackage album get 3 songs that should be their hit singles. I don’t really like bonamana, but no other, all my heart, and short journey are daebak!! SME should seriously let the member compose more songs, they got talent… I expect heechul also make one too πŸ™‚
    beautiful lyric and mostly sung by kangin.. gosh gonna miss our raccoon these 2 years T_T

  3. The raps for their songs just keep getting better and better. The songs just keep getting better and better.

  4. I love All My Heart, It’s so sweet. It’s even sweeter because Henry and Leeteuk wrote it, I love it. And then, A Short Journey made me want to cry when I heard Kangin(I missed him) and then when they sang “Baby, say goodbye” I t made me think of him going into the army. I love the fact that Eunhyuk and Donghae wrote it to. Super Junior members are very talented songwriters

  5. why do I have feeling that this album will be their LAST album ??
    T_T I miss all of 13 of them

  6. KANG IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss u so much T___________T
    all of the songs are awesome!!! ❀

  7. they’re good but shake it up is my fav πŸ™‚

  8. Finally Kangin! I miss his voice. T_T

  9. “A Short Journey” touched me the most.
    I like these new songs so all that’s left now is for me to go amd buy this album.

    • and*

      btw I liked that Donghae composed “A Short Journey” and Eunhyuk wrote the lyrics. And Leeteuk joined forces with Henry to compose “All My Heart.”

      I know that the members have composed and wrote some of their songs before, so I’m anticipating more.

      • Agree. I like how Kangin sang with them in “A Short Journey” too. I love his voice. :3

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