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TaeYang for comeback stage on 1st July on Mnet M!Countdown

Taeyang’s album release on broadcasting channel MNET, will host his first stage for his comeback on M! Countdown on July 1st.

The title track “I Need a Girl” along with “Just a Feeling” and “You’re My” – a total of three songs will be featured. He will pre-record the tracks on June 30th, to avoid clash with other artists, a day before the album release. He will continue to perform on July 4th on SBS Inkigayo as well as Music Core.


27 Responses

  1. So no more YG artist once a week performance. Nice! more YG Family please.

  2. He never disappoints and is always great.
    Best start for July there could be.

  3. Excited for his comeback but why MCD? They have a terrible sound system! And I wonder why there’s no mubank? Still, I’m more excited for Inkigayo since the sound system and the camera work there are loads better.

    And to the person who said that he skipped mubank because it’s live there, please get your facts straight. YG artists always perform live and TY’s vocals have mostly been on point for his performances both solo and with BB. He doesn’t rely on backtrack except for the parts where his choreo requires him to. I rarely answer haters, but I just needed to point this out.

  4. can’t wait!!! the storm is finally arriving!!! he’s gonna set kpop on fire!!!!

  5. nice, Taeyang is going to take down Mnet, he will def be top of the chart for weeks

  6. Oh I just can’t wait.. I want to hear everything!!!

  7. Is G-DRAGON performing together with Taeyang?
    Will he be in the his MV too?

    • i believe he will perform together with tae since he is featured in “I Need A Girl” and hes in the mv cuz he posted a couple of pics on his me2day

    • probably not like SR’s Strong Baby (?)…but u probably have to wait for YG’s statement…

    • he should be in the mv if there is one

      but i dont think yb will perform thins song regularly. its better if they have this song for a special stage at the year end specials. they did the same thing last year with gd’s song. plus, it’ll make that performance even more exciting since the history between the two gdyb is one thats unmatched

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Hanna Kathia and Elmas Ageng, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: TaeYang for comeback stage on 3rd July http://bit.ly/ab8hmP […]

  9. I can’t wait! I don’t care where he performs first, or even where he performs, I just care that he does perform!

    Three songs! Oh my, I love you YG and Taeyang!

  10. haha skipping mubank coz mubank is like pure live there. You can’t depend so muck on your backtrack when you sing in musicbank.

    • You act like Taeyang can’t/won’t sing live.

      No where in the article did it say he was pre-recording Inki and Music Core, it said he will perform. It just said he will pre-record the M! Countdown. (I’m not 100% sure, just going by the article.)

    • LMFAO, are you stupid? as if allllll those current artists performing on mubank dont. but besides the point, what if he appears on mubank next week? what are you gonna make up next.

    • You make no sense.

    • So… he’s comeback is on 1st July… How many artisit perform on the day they release their album? List it for me…

    • um…sorry but u need to get your facts straight that YG artists always sing live.

      Do u even know what pre-recording mean?! B/c it’s a comeback special, they pre-recorded it first (doesn’t mean that it’s not live). During the live broadcast, he’ll go out and perform on just a regular stage for the fans present there while the fans watches on TV see the prerecorded version as it takes long to set up the special stage. It’s the same for all stations anyways…

    • Wow! You are really dumb.

    • I was about to say something about that idiot comment but the job has already been done. But if i may let me speak my mind : YOU’RE STUPID !

  11. can’ wait and his getting special treatment to he get to sing 3 song while other artist 1 or 2 song to sing for there comeback.

  12. yessssssssssss

  13. ooo can’t wait!!! i like Just a Feeling and You’r My!! hmmm i wonder why skip MuBank though? seems like YG and MuCore has made up haha

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