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TaeYang releases teaser to ‘Break Down’ off upcoming ‘Solar’ album

Big Bang TaeYang releases the 4th teaser to his upcoming solo album ‘Solar’ and this time the track preview is ‘Break down’.

TaeYang is set to release the album on 1st July as well as his comeback stage together with GDragon on the same day.

Previous teasers:


25 Responses

  1. OMGoooossshhhhh!!!!
    bae-bae –> DO YOUR BEST,okeyy!!!?XD

  2. The auto tune is excusable. Not everything is auto tuned πŸ™‚
    The hook is love.

  3. seriously who care about CB, he is a wife beater … It’s all about Taeyang, there is no need to copy that douchebag. Taeyang is all about talents

  4. ok…this is…good…lols
    but it sounds so CBed (chris brown)
    cuz it has that CB flavor
    but thats jus me…
    anywho i love him XD
    i can’t wait for his whole album
    so he needa stop teasing us not jus with his songs but his sexy ass pics and jus release the album and come perform already!!!

  5. for sum reason, i think ive heard this song b4 O.O weird…

  6. This guy really pour his heart on this album, isn’t he? Despite working with the same person, Teddy.. I could still sense differences in songs that have been previewed so far.

    Just like this song. You can instantly know who composed it.

    These previews give more reason for me to cherish Taeyang first full album. He chose songs he likes but at the same time, they could be loved by his fans. I have long fallen in love with them, Taeyang.

    From the moment you said,”Are you readdy for Sollo?” Hehehe.. sorry.. just teasing you… πŸ˜›

    • he worked with more than just Teddy -though Teddy is his main guy. Kush, GD, this new Korean guy, Choice 37, Cat@lyst, Taeyang himself all composed/produced on the album. Plus he featured GD and an underground artist named Swings as rappers outside of Teddy.

    • lol i totally agree…he jus keeps getting better as he progress…i think its time YG let this diamond come to the US…(not to forget: jus dont dump him on RQMs doors) cuz that’ll ruin him jus like they did to Se7en…fyi: i’m still mad about that…anywho….i believe YB pours his heart out for any and every song he sings…its jus his passion…

  7. Ok initally i only planned to buy TOP’s album to save up for Big Show DVD. Looks like i needa save more now. Dang. Have to get this album.

  8. this song is too much. like too over the top? too many things going on?

    please don’t hate me! i’m a big bang fan!

  9. i like superstar song quite catchy,everyone has diff taste in music i guess~btw,awesome~cant wait for the next teaser~go go taeyang~

    • thank you. I thought I was the only who loves that song. It’s one of my favs.

      • You two aren’t the only ones who like ‘Superstar’. It’s one of my top favorites on SOLAR so far (:

    • Sperstar’s my fave among the previews πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t know why you guys are starting to complaining about Teddy when there is only a little bit of auto tuning. Besides, he’s done a lot of TaeYang’s songs before this that everybody loved (such as Wedding Dress and Where U At).

  11. i love this song and i’ve liked all the songs so far (Superstar was questionable).

    sure, this song has autotune but it doesn’t overpower his voice in any way. you can tell it was used to add to the song, not fix a voice that’s horrible.

  12. aww~ i can’t really complain abt the autotune. it totally fits the song and the vibe. it was done tastefully, and it’s teddy. classic teddy. what more can we expect? this is his signature. besides, what we’ve heard so far has been autotune free. it’s just a groovy upbeat dance track. it’s cool. i love the variety in this album. i love how each BIGBANG member can be diverse and show variety in their style yet still keep the vibe that is specific to who they are.

    can’t wait for this!! and the other members’ solos too! especially seungri’s solo album. woo~

    • betul, betul, betul!!!! *like wht upin n ipin would say*
      kekekkee.. ^^

      anywy, i too think that the autotune part compliment the song.. it fits really well with the beat and the rhythm of breakdown.. ^_^

      if a composer used autotune wisely in his song, the song can be raised to a higher level, like wht Teddy did to this breakdown.. however, if it used excessively, with the intention to distract listeners attention from the singers aweful vocals and voices, than it will become painfully annoying.. and i think, that is exactly what happened in kpop music industry.. πŸ™‚

      trust me, if this is the first time people listening to autotune, no one will object the arrangement.. heck, i even think that they will love it…!!! =D

  13. Yeah, even though this song has Teddy all over, this album is still going to be the album to beat! Love that every song so far has been different!
    This song does have that club banging feel to it so I’m definitely loving that.

  14. OMG he is so effen fine!!! I like what I hear!!!

  15. hmm this is the first song im a little iffy on. it screams teddy, thats for sure. it feels a little messy, and HOW CAN YOU AUTOTUNE HIS VOICE!? T_T

    but its still a song i could jam too. it’ll take a few listens though (:

  16. Is their gonna be a teaser for every track on his album? Seriously?

    Way to spoil the surprise although i like what i’m hearing so far.

    • no, only 6 tracks. There is only one more teaser to go and then the album and title track and mv.

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