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4Minute ‘Yoon sisters’ show their pure features through bare faces

4Minute ‘Yoon sisters’ Jeon JiYoon and Heo GaYoon reveal their bare faces.

The photo was revealed on Jeon JiYoon’s minihompy on 27th June. In the photo, the 2 were seen with no makeup at all, showing their pure and cute features.

Netizens’ comments were also, “You look prettier without makeup”, “On stage, you have seen so strong. And without make up in the photo, you 2 look so pure”, “I think you guys can promote without makeup on” etc.



20 Responses

  1. These girls are the most beautiful in natural, also Sohyun. Even though I’m not a true fan of 4Minute, I love some of their songs. Well, Jiyoon is the most good-looking in natural way. She doesn’t look different at all, even more beauty without make-up.
    I just kinda shocked when I see Hyuna’s natural face lol

  2. They’re so pretty..
    Jiyoon is my fave member in 4min!

  3. they are sister?

  4. agreed too. look prettier esp jiyoon, as if she has make up on.

  5. Those two look way younger without make up.

  6. Yes, tthey are really cute girls

  7. they’re both pretty 🙂

  8. Jiyoon actually looks really great without make up

  9. JiYoon so beautiful without her makeup and glasses

    some one tell me , Why she is not famous ??

    in fact , i dont know how can group’s members become famous

    because always all the girls who become popular not the best girl in there groups

    1- yoona – snsd
    2- uee – after school
    3- SeonHwa – secret
    4- HyoMin – T-ara
    5- HyunA – 4Minute

    • lol XD so agree with you :]

    • well not sure about others, but at least HyunA is the dancer and rapper in the group.

      • @ jacinthgarden

        I know that , but come on , even Ji Yoon a good dancer just like HyunA

        Plus Ji Yoon sing more than other members in ” huh song ”

        BUT , i think the company does not want to promote the image of a girl other than HyunA

        she is the only one who has solo album , and in the end Ji Yoon’s solo album was just a rumor

        even the other girls do not appear in entertainment shows
        we just see only Hyona

    • I think it is because they initially were chosen to be the face of the group … in general …
      Like Yoona in SNDS, the face of the group….
      and Both are pretty but I must admit that I like more the eyes of Ji Yoon. kekekekekekekeke

  10. promote without makeup? err i dont think so..
    their makeup adds character…

  11. they are the prettiest and my favourite girls^^

  12. oh wow the sunglasses chick is so pretty with no make up lol gayoon T_T i should really try learning all these names

  13. “I think you guys can promote without makeup on”
    LOL get real .

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