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Captured On Camera! Orange Caramel members spotted at fast food restaurant in their performing outfit

After School’s unique group with candy culture style Orange Caramel members are spotted at a fast restaurant!

Photos of the girls seen in their performing outfit at a fast food chain were shared by netizens online. The photos were taken after the girls’ schedule on music programs. And the photos are giving netizens a good laugh as the girls are seen wearing their performing outfit offstage and outside their performance.

The netizen who posted the photos commented, “The moment they entered the fast food restaurant, everyone’s gaze was fixed on them. Seeing them queuing up to order food, they are cute. I continued to follow them wanting to get an autograph, but in the end I wasn’t brave enough. In the future, I shall go to the fast food restaurant more often.”

With that Pledis commented, “The girls were out for a while with their manager to get some food. We hope that Orange Caramel can continue to be seen as a group to spread the Happy Virus.”

Meanwhile, the girls are promoting the song ‘Magic Girl’.



30 Responses

  1. Poor girls, they even have no time to change their clothes. I hope they’re healthy enough to continued their activities.

  2. lol
    they need to eat!

  3. fast food ? they’re soo skinney! they need more food lol

  4. after school for the win!

  5. That is cute 🙂

  6. Hagar I love those girls. After school fighting

  7. That must have been epic seeing them like that !

  8. After School members love to eat so much they cannot be bothered to take off their outfits to chow down them food! ^^


  9. No time to change hey they gotta eat they gotta eat

  10. LOL if I saw that I wouldn’t think it was them. I’d just think it was a tribute act or something else. haha i love these girls and its nice to see that they can pig out hehe

  11. What was the point of keeping their outfit? I hope they werent just trying to attract attention…-_-

    • If they were heading to another performance/schedule, it would be too troublesome to change into normal clothes and change back again.

      Anyway, probably lots of singers buy stuff in their performing clothes just that their outfit is so… bright and eye-catching LOL.

      • Yeah true. WG does the same thing in America. People see them out and about in their Nobody dresses grabbing lunch

  12. it’s nice to see the girls were out and bought some fast food, exactly like what normal people did. so cute to see them in their outfits!
    it’s nice to see that everyone is giving them LOVES! ^^

  13. The restaurant prolly hired them to get more promo’s and stuff

  14. Way too cute!! 🙂

  15. they are really magic girl
    i love them they are so cute

  16. Girls gotta eat. ;]

  17. how cute LOOOL ! ❤

  18. i feel hungry now -_-

  19. LOL!
    At least take off that bright yellow hat and the huge ribbon, girls! ;P

    I think it’s nice that the fans didn’t go gaga over them and give them a lil privacy.

  20. ^ actually, the article said it was after their schedule. but anws, they’re so cute!!

  21. LOL ^^ they must be hungry before performing!

  22. LOL ^^

    • damn cute. it’s nice to be so open. that way fans will distance themselves more

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