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DBSK trio’s lawyer rules news reports stating demand of 30 billion KRW in compensation as false reports

It seems that the several news articles that surfaced on 28th June on various Korean news portals reporting that Dong Bang Shin Ki trio (Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu) demands compensation of 30 billion KRW in all from SM Entertainment may had been false reports.

In a latest report by isplus, the lawyer of the trio have denied those reports. Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk of Sejong stated, “We have asked that SM Entertainment pay each member one billion Won first. The amount we file for compensation will increase but ten billion Won, which is the amount reported in some news articles, is a false report. We have not yet decided upon a final compensation amount.”

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20 Responses

  1. kyl, I agree!
    F I G H T H I N G!!!

    Hope there`ll be a solution
    S O O N

    I guess they got to get back from the US first…

  2. please,let all this end.
    i just want 5 of them together.
    no JYJ, but TVXQ!.
    all five of them please return together!!

  3. you should have known the consequences when you decided to sign the contract…

  4. All I can say is I’ll always keep the faith on them.
    On all the FIVE of them.
    They’re the best, and they deserve the best.

  5. It’s been a while and still no closure??

    I worry about the fans. Will they turn away from DBSK?

    And it’s not like the boys are getting any younger…

    I hope this is resolved soon.

  6. I hate SM.
    I don’t why but just…
    They have been hurting alot of artistes — SuJu is another good example.
    SM have this fucked-up mentality that “If I make you famous, I can do whatever fuck I wanna do to you. And you, just listen to my orders and if you dare to retort — You. Are. Dead. Meat.”

    It’s no difference from bringing someone high up to the top of Mount Everest and pushes him/her down.
    It seems that this is EXACTLY what SM is doing to their artistes — Twirling them around their fingers as and when they like.
    That’s why there are so many disputes amongst once united boy-band resulting in them having disputes and have to separate… Slowly, one by one…

    If this SM disease doesn’t stop, I guess in the future no one would wanna be an SM artiste anymore. Fine, we all have to admit that yes, SM usually enables their artistes (8 out of 10 I’d say) to shoot to fame — BoA, DBSK, SuJu and SNSD serve as good examples.

    But if this continues on, when more and more of them wanna withdraw their contracts and/or sue this SM agency, no one would EVEN wanna take part in their Global Audition any longer.
    Who would wanna risk their health from prioritizing their career? (SuJu’s Hankyung)
    Who would wanna be put away for enlistment for 2 FUCKING YEARS just coz the agency commands you to in order for your matter to cool down amongst the public? (SuJu’s Kangin)

    I don’t have to say much about the DBSK trio’s (above) matters coz I believe if you are here, you would know it’s regarding some sort of endorsement last year thus they are wanting to sue SM in order to terminate all effects of their exclusive belonging rights that’s linked to SM.

    But what’s weird now is — It’s been close to 4 months now since the KFTC (Korea’s Fair Trade Commission) investigates SM and NO NEWS OF WHATSOEVER CORRUPTION IS BEING REVEALED.

    I mean hello? 4 months may not be that long of a period BUT shouldn’t at least some sort of evidences have surfaced?

    I refuse to believe SM is 100% clean with no corruptions at all. It’s not because that I like their artistes and am defending them on a fan’s behalf. It’s just that all the cases that have happened within their agency itself amongst their artistes — Points that there’s something working not that legally.

    Or else could someone enlighten me on why so many artistes sue them and other Korean entertainment agency’s artistes doesn’t sues their agency? JYP? YG? Or even DSP? No, am I not right?

    So please, KFTC. Do something.

    I believe there’s something up SM’s sleeves.

    Please do a thorough check and save all these suffering artistes.

    I and many other would be very grateful to you should the day come.

    • so long.. go make a blog.

    • Very well said, Elle…

      It’s undeniable that SM had unethical business tactics.. I believe almost every company is the same but what makes them look different is other companies will make amendments as and when needed in favour to the artists but not SM.. They thought a giant & well-known company like them don’t need to bother so much.. Will anyone believe you when you’re so famous & said you were treated unfairly? The answer is NO ONE…

      SM had make a huge mistake this time.. They miscalculated this case.. Fans nowadays are not naive.. They know what to believe and they are superb in getting all the details..

      I really really hope justice will prevail… All the eyes are on this case.. Even non-Cassies paid alot of attention to this..

      Anyhow, i’m really glad that JCS had stand firm till now.. Cassies have been extremely supportive to them and that is the most vital vitamin to them…

      Good luck to JCS!!

    • very very well-said!
      and i’ll say no more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • KFTC (Koreaโ€™s Fair Trade Commission) investigates SM and NO NEWS OF WHATSOEVER CORRUPTION IS BEING REVEALED.

      duhhhhhh. you really think they didn’t find anything suspicious… of course they did but come on… any idea HOW powerful SM is. they probably shushed the KFTC… or paid a large amount of money to “overlook” it … =____=

      • don’t act like you know some big shit.
        SM definitely holds great impact within korea and even out of korea but no assumptions can be made so don’t add in emoticons like as if you are someone who have witnessed all these and your IQ is like 200 when it’s single-digit lol.
        i hate smart-alecs.
        smart-alecs = idiots who acts liker albert einstein lol sorraaayye..

  7. 30,000,000,000 Won = 24,826,922 U.S. Dollars!
    Divided into 3 equal shares = USD $8,275,640.20 EACH!
    WOO-HOO, that would buy a LOT of KimChee for these 3!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~


  9. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Already it’s a time of that the SM pays, the money that for right belongs to JCS

  11. Like I said before. SM needs to pay DBSK the money they earned and stop being douches. DBSK has made them a fortune and all they got back was being overworked and underpaid. Hope that JYJ continue to stick up for themselves and fight the good fight.

  12. bosan ah..
    asyik bende sama jer…huhh…

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