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JYP Ent is looking to groom a performing band through open auditions

JYP Entertainment is set to hold its first band audition in Seoul Arts College.

Through this live performing audition held for the very first time by the agency, JYP Entertainment is looking for vocalists, guitarists (acoustic, electric, bass), drummer, pianist and synthesizers born between 1987 to 1997.

Interested participants are to submit their performing clips through TVPot (tvpot.daum.net) by 5th July. Those who pass the online audition will get to perform live at Seoul Arts College SAC Art Centre coming 10th July. Those chosen at the auditions will be given a chance to be trained under JYP Entertainment’s training system, and may also be given an admission scholarship by SeJong Arts School.



21 Responses

  1. 1997? seriously? do kids these day have nothing on their mind except being an idol – to get close to their idol?

  2. Just to make sure before anyone starts like Raymond Funamoto or Anonymous to NOT post any anti hate towards 2PM because this post has nothing to do with them just JYPE wanting a band.

    But I wonder what they are going to use the band for…

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  5. Boy 2PM is a bunch of UGLEE bums, EXCEPT for NichKhun of course!!!!! What rock did the other creeps crawl out under from?
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  6. Why would anyone want to join JYP after the fact they love kicking out members of there groups.

    • lmao, you don’t know how many people out there crave to be idols. Even after all the problems about slave contracts with SM, they’re still getting tons of auditions. Same goes for JYP.

    • who did they kick??? wg’s Sunmi? no she left because she wanted to, 2PM’s JaeBum? no he was kicked by korean netizens/citizens or whatever
      and i’d want to be in JYPE !!

    • this. jype’s artist never stay together or last long with the co. they have a shady history for sure. but there are desperate people out there who will do anything for fame. even get treated like crap.

      • @jilla: How would you know they have a shady past, do you KNOW any of the members?

      • you read too much of those so-called (unproven and most likely false) conspiracy theories 😉

        some haters kept on saying that jype would somehow avenge their loss and make jay suffer hardships (by starting rumours) after he left, but look where what’s happening now. NOTHING.
        sun mi is still in jype (and it is verified), hyuna stayed as their trainee before debuting in their sister company, cube. g.o.d. and rain are on very good terms still with jyp (they thank jyp in their speeches) and still go to jype parties.

        jype staff and the company were the ones who helped sunye the most when dealing with her father’s funeral – staff both from jype usa and sk branches are like family.

        it’s ironic that this one company lets go of its artists as they will and give them as much freedom and very few restrictions outside work, and gets criticized by it. lol

      • are you both retarded. go look up rain, noel, GOD, Park Jiyoon. where the hell are joo and j lim? why does 2AM get bounced around from one sister company from another? nobody stays with them for long.

        @NyNy – do you KNOW any of the members? how do you know if jype doesn’t have a shady past and treat their artists like crap. do some research. everything isn’t rainbows and oiled up body parts in kpop.

        @wanajumat – so-called (unproven and most likely false) conspiracy theories to who? to those who just decide its more convenient to ignore what else might be going on underneath the surface. cube is used as a dumping ground for jype’s rejects only now their artists are doing better. even kWonderfuls don’t believe sunmi left because she wanted to. ever wonder why hyuna got kicked out of WG in the first place? don’t use someones funeral as a defense argument. that’s just not right.

      • @jillia

        why can’t people just believe what’s so obvious? why do they have to dig so hard to prove the things they believe in?

        so you’re practically saying, wonder girls were lying and that their tears were fake when they were talking about how they were dealing and coming to terms when sun mi voiced her decision to leave them? i mean, really. there are just some things you can’t fake.

        “are you both retarded. go look up rain, noel, GOD, Park Jiyoon. where the hell are joo and j lim? why does 2AM get bounced around from one sister company from another? nobody stays with them for long.”
        just so you know, those ex-jype arists are still on very good terms with jyp and the company.
        joo recently was involved in cinderella’s step-sister ost. how is she neglected when she’s appeared in 2AM’s MV and was assigned to sing OST among other projects? i’ve been checking jype’s staff’s twitter accounts and they never fail to mention joo alongside her famous labelmate groups. i mean, look at 2AM. it took them a while to skyrocket to fame. prior to that, people were talking crap about how they were apparently neglected by jype, when obviously a lot of investment had been made to fund their projects.

        hyuna. really? this is just like min and people’s undying rumours about her – which turned out false. and may i add, it wasn’t jype’s intention to stop her american dreams, it was the partners in the us (this was before jype usa was formed) who backed out on them (jyp mentioned about the stereotypes against asians, which is just sad).

        cube, big hit and aq are formed because there’s a case of creativity differences. the (former) employees of jyp who have other ideas in mind when it comes to music were given chances to show their producing skills in the sub-companies, funded by jype (and loen).
        at least, they didn’t just neglect hyuna and those former jype trainees. they gave her a second chance.

        and may i add, you will never hear jype’s artists talk bad about jype, ever. in sunye’s words, “i’ve been in jype for ten years now. and joining the company is one of the best things that has ever happened to me… to be working in such a family-like environment.”

        i seriously don’t get the hate on jype.

  7. So like a band. Ooh nice.
    i bet you it’s more for SKorea residents

  8. Is this only for South Korean residents inc. US residents? Or anyone?

    • Since it’s an online audition, I bet they have no restrictions. If you pass, and you’re willing to go to Korea for further audtions, why not? As long as you can get a visa and stuff.

      I hope that this doesn’t make bands become like idols though. I am already anxious with CN BLUE being typecasted into a mere idol group when they are talented musicians!

    • I have a strange feeling it is. But since it’s just a band and you may not be seen much, you can try and audition.

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