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Lee Hyori, “Gentle Yoo JaeSeok actually is very much interests in female figures”

Known as ‘national siblings’ Lee Hyori reveals more about Yoo JaeSeok.

Lee Hyori was present for the recent filming of SBS Haha Mong Show where she talked about Yoo JaeSeok – revealing yet another side to his very much known side of being gentle and well mannered.

She said, “Yoo JaeSeok has great interests infemale singers and he would also be sensitive comments on those with voluptuous build,” revealing a more real and human side to Yoo JaeSeok.

Haha who is also very close to Yoo JaeSeok agrees with Lee Hyori, “Of the idol singers, he like styles like After School UEE.”

The show is set to ar on 4th July.



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  1. ESPECIALLY HyoRi’s figure with her BOING!BOING!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  2. Yeah, HIGH HAVE JAESUK! Women with meat on them are the most beautiful 😀

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