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SBS Family Outing 2 to come to an end after 5 months without any last filming session?

‘Family Outing 2’ comes to an end without a special last filming?

SBS recently announced 2 of its upcoming new variety programs after the South Korean World Cup match on 26th June. They are namely ‘Running Man’ headed by MC Yoo JaeSeok for his MC comeback and ‘Heroes’ which will star Seo InYoung and Park GaHee etc.

‘Running Man’ is set for first airing on 11th July and ‘Heroes’ on 18th July. This leaves with the fact that Family Outing will come to an end officially. It is set that the last episode of FO2 will be on 11th July.

An official revealed, “Nothing has been confirmed as yet. Our last filming was on 14th and 15th June in YangPyung, and there has not been any new filmings. But because of the World Cup season, we have not done any filming for ‘last journey’ special for the show either.”

Meanwhile, FO2 has garnered much interests for its casts of idols and stars like Kim WonHee, Ji SangRyul, Yoon SangHyun, Shin BongSeon, Jo Kwon, TaecYeon, YoonA and Kim HeeChul, but the ratings of the show had dropped to one-digit and had to be taken out from SBS Good Sunday.

S: Newsen

Here’s the preview to ‘Running Man’

40 Responses

  1. I don’t like the taecyoon bits… it’s kinda too much
    but what I do love in FO2 is:
    The sibiling interaction between Heechul, yoona, jokwon and taecyeon
    I think I gonna miss these interactions

  2. […] […]

  3. ah, I’ll miss them then~
    Just don’t compare Jokwon and Heechul, they have a different way to be funny each. They did a great job. I think the love scandal between Taec and Yoona made this show less funny.

  4. about time this show was so weak. like seriously it was meant to fall from the very beginning..this show just can’t beat the original.
    the only episode i watched was the wg one & man what a disappointment i expected tons of soheechul moment instead it was all about taecyoona…the most OVERRATED idol coupling EVER..
    nothing can beat nation siblings, small eye brothers, dumb & dumber combo.
    only one i feel bad for is the actor guy cause this was his first variety & he tried his best

  5. I was watching the episode where Nicole was a guest on FO2 and they didn’t care about her. Anybody who watch Nicole on FO1, they were so nice to their guest and try to focus on them.

  6. yay no more Taecyeon !!!!

  7. Well can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

  8. it actually lasted longer than i thought it would. kudos for impressing me with that much….i guess? yoo jaesuk is win and i missed seo inyoung in varieties. can’t wait!

  9. i dont understand why people were waiting for this show to die.

    if you didnt like it, dont watch it. it wasnt like, if it was airing, you had to watch it and follow the news -_-

    i feel sorry for the production crew and cast. Yoon SangHyun tried very hard to be funny and for a “variety noob”, i reallyyy liked watching him. he was entertaining. it just sucks that his resume will now show “first variety show: cancelled”. hurts the pride but i hope it wont get to him. and kim wonhee, gag queen, was giving her best to keep this show flowing.

    i only watched 2 outtings and will watch the rest bc i want to seem my beloved wg, but i didnt find fo2 that bad. people have short term memory i guess. they expect so much from fo2 but fail to remember that the beginning of fo1 wasnt all that great either…

    • This.

    • just for ur info, watching WG’s ep and omg it was fustrating. cos i watched it for WG but they cut off loads of WG scenes.

      • thanks for the info. yeah, i read somewhere that fans were upset about the lack of actual wg in a wg episode.

        such a shame too bc wg were high anticipated since FO1. remember that ep when yoo jaesuk answered he wanted wg to come on? lol

    • We’re waiting for this show to die because we want a better show that we can actually enjoy to replace it DUH

    • What’s the use of keeping a show with this too low rating. If they keep up with the show, SBS would lost a lot of money, since filming outside cost a lot.

      • youre right, but then again, as fans, we watch the show for the show, not because it profits unless youre an insider and an economist.

        and whos to say that the shows that’ll replace its timeslot will profit?

        now i dont know how the system works in korea typically, but i thought companies buy “seasons” not “episodes” meaning, if a contract was formed, it’ll be for an X number of seasons and not X number of episodes. so you buy a season, and then the contract is formed. by then, you’ll already have lost money but thats a different story. sunk costs, opportunity costs and what not.

        look, dont get my wrong. im not MAD nor do i wish that they’ll keep fo2. i know it garnered low ratings simply bc IMO, it wasnt the show that was bad, it ws the fact that it had to follow in the footsteps of FO1.

      • ^ It depends on which fans you’re pertaining to.

        No one knows yet if the next show will profit. It’s not an issue yet, because the thing is, FO2 isn’t bringing it during it’s run. It’s business. If the next show won’t rate as well, then obviously it will end up like FO2. As simple as that.

        from what I know, most companies in the US buy shows per season, but if it doesn’t rate, they can cancel it in the middle of its run. Hell there are even shows there who got cancelled after two episodes.

        FO2 have fans who really watch it, but the thing is, majority wasn’t that receptive at all. If they were, FO2 wouldn’t be cancelled.

    • well, the beginning of FO1 wasn’t that great but I fell in love with it. I didn’t for FO2. And no, I have no expectations of FO2 at all after hearing so much disappointing comments.

      FO2 – doom to begin with. And why replace it? Because shows in Korea NEEDS rating to stay ALIVE. Simple as that.

  10. not surprising at all. lol

  11. I will also watch “Heroes” too, can’t wait to see Kahi !!!

  12. OMG, i can’t wait to see Grasshopper, KJK, and Hyori !!!!

  13. Finally they cancel this program
    Only I saw 2 episodes and it was so boring
    The worse show that I have seen in my life

  14. yeah about time. i only watched Wonder Girl’s episode. &nd evrytime I have to hear about Yoonna-Taec relationship.

  15. THANKS GODS! They have been listening to our prayers. LOL

  16. it’s time… haha XD
    wee… kr nation’s siblings together… weee…

  17. About time. The show was poor from the start no wonder.

    • I KNOW, RIGHT? no toona romance anymore *_*
      heechul and kwon deserve something better than this anyway

      • I agree hope Heechul and Jokwon will join together for this new shows
        they totally deserve it

      • heechul sucks too.
        JoKwon was the only funny guy πŸ˜€

      • Jokwon is way over the top, Heechul is the original dol+i, dont hate and show respect to the originator.

        and this whole thing is like not giving someone who just passed away a proper funeral.

      • sorry but JoKwon is overrated as hell.
        Heenim is THE BEST ❀ !!!

      • I like heechul and all but I must say..
        jokwon is waaaay better than heechul.

        kkab kwon is really talented. he can sing, dance and he ROCKS tv shows.

        heechul is just funny.

      • well Heechul is hot and handsome so he win ^_^

      • Sorry, but Heechul has been in the game longer than Jo Kwon. Still funny too.

      • ‘well Heechul is hot and handsome so he win’ ROFL
        are you serious????? lol If you think that way…you are pathetic.

        JoKwon >>>>>>>>>>>>>> heechul πŸ™‚

      • Doesn’t matter. Heechul is still funnier.

    • LOL I was seiously scrolling down thinking of the first thing I would write “About time” you took my words.

      This show was definitely meant to be a failure from the beginning.

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