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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong sign an exclusive contract with Bae Yong Joon Agency “Key East”

“Flower Boy” Kim Hyun Joong joined hand with “Hallyu Star” Bae Yong Joon

Kim Hyun-joong abandons renewing with DSP medias which did for the last 5 years together, moved to the agency Key EAst belonged to Bae Yong Joon and Lee Na-young. The Key East side said on the 29th “Steadily growing in popularity across Asia, Idol star Kim Hyun oJong enjoys leading the Asian cultural contents has signed an exclusive contract with Key East company.” and “While future in Japan, our subsidiary company DA (Digital Adventure, publicly traded companies in Japan) in cooperation with the management active support for international activities, Kim Hyun Joong will be conducting a variety of promotion along with DATV Asian Entertainment cable channel.”

Kim Hyun-joong after 2005 proper form making a debut with SS501 members, as leading Hallyu star is said has enjoyed hand-counted tremendous popularity in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, etc. Especially, aired in early 2009 KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ take role in the F4 Yoon JiHoo debut as an actor, ‘Jihoo Sunbae Syndrome’ evokes has enjoyed a high popularity as a actor. And through the ceremony of MBC entertainment show “We Got Married” to make public the countenance which is human also earning the love of the feminine fans to one body.

Key East representative Yang Geunhwan said “With the potential to develop a variety as in both Singer and actor, will give you a better look with a fresh start.” and “In the meantime, in order to be the next generation of the hand-counted Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong in the Asian stage, to the development to be more specialized beyond the international entertainers and intensive support will not be spared”

Another official also said “Kim Hyun Joong but also the committed SS501 other team members who do not want to break as well. If there will be a willingness of the other members and music activities will continue to keep.“ and “And if we have good music, solo ideas will also open actively.”

Currently Kim Hyun-joong finishes SS501 album activities which are sold recently, The next appearance of the work is carefully reviewed.


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  1. […] all the news of members signing up with new agencies and speculations regarding the future group activities for SS501, the MV to ‘Let Me Be The […]

  2. […] all the news of members signing up with new agencies and speculations regarding the future group activities for SS501, the MV to ‘Let Me Be The […]

  3. […] back with a new album last month but ended promotional activities for it after just 2 weeks. With Kim HyunJoong moving to a new agency, there has been great interests as to the future plans for the remaining 4 […]

  4. […] back with a new album last month but ended promotional activities for it after just 2 weeks. With Kim HyunJoong moving to a new agency, there has been great interests as to the future plans for the remaining 4 […]

  5. […] An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.” […]

  6. […] An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.” […]

  7. […] An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.” […]

  8. i just read this but i dont know if its true or not

    reposted from HK TS’ blog
    translated into english: happiebb / LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com

    Words that Mal had Personally Told TWTS
    2010.06.29 23:04

    Mal and Baby had first signed with DSP.
    It was only at the 5th anniversary
    that the five learnt that DSP didn’t want to sign Kyu.
    There’s no way SS501 could continue.

    Hyun Joong requested that DSP sign with Kyu first before his signing the contract.
    DSP refused.
    Hyun Joong recommended that Kyu goes to YG.
    So turned out everyone had to sign with different companies
    and come next year,
    the various companies to collaborate for them to release an album.

    YS and Kyu are currently in Japan.
    YS is negotiating the OST of some drama,
    Kyu is in discussion with YG.

    Mal had said this (same thing) to TS on the plane three times
    that the five of them will release an album next year,
    The reason why Hyun Joong signs with another company…
    is to protect the other four, to protect SS501, and to protect the fans.
    Coz DSP refused to sign with Kyu…
    so Hyun Joong’s helping Kyu to sign with YG,
    and Hyun Joong wanted DSP to sign with Kyu by threatening to sign with another agency.
    Mal and Baby had initially thought everyone would be renewing their contracts,
    so they had gone on ahead and signed first.

    Mal further said…. they would be separated for this year…
    but next year, they will continue to work together through different companies

    (*bb: i don’t understand how by signing with another company,
    he’s protecting everyone…)

    YS also said something like that….
    that the five of them will continue on like this year after year…
    the interpretation is that they would be working together again next year.
    Coz so long as they’re missing just one member, that signifies the splitting up of SS501…
    so Hyun Joong surfaced first to face everything

    (blogger’s personal notes… omitted)



    網誌分類:※SS501其他※ |
    網誌日期:2010-06-29 23:04



    依家出咁多lee d消息~~~真係唔信好過信

    dsp sucks
    if that was true then i want to say something to dsp :
    go to hell you just lose one of the greatest artist in asia
    i wish kara would leave to another company too

  9. I like Sweet Melody’s posting -very rational,evidence based,factual . We have to go past our emotions although they are very understandable .Our SS501 guys have become men who have goals in life that must take advantage of proper timing ,opportunities and new challenges. Instead of being angry , let us be glad we are here witnessing their growth and further development. We should be there for all of them .KHJ is receiving the flak because he is high profile and frontman of SS501 . What if the others will go on solo in another company will they receive the same critical attention ? Actually ,5 years is already a good number of years to be on top.Painfully ,slow 5 years in terms of production . KhJ even as leader cannot develop the group -that is the job of DSP -that is why they have commissions in the group’s projects .

    It is inevitable the group will one day disband (although they have not disbanded officially ) or lie low. We have many examples . Per rule of thumb in the entertainment industry is not to wait till your fame is eroded…act now to pursue what you have to do.

    Besides,we are only scratching the surface -we don’t really know what really went on . Decisions regarding careers are not easy matter -wait till you are working and your lifeline is on the spot then you will know what they went through.

  10. Why does it feel like at least more than half of the time rumours turn out to be right.

    From what little interviews/shows I’ve seen with him in it, I got this feeling that he wasn’t that into the idol-business at all. Dear Hyun Joong, it’s good for you if you’re moving in a direction you like, but kindly improve your acting 😀 It’s completely doable!

  11. Is it just me? I’m having a hard time understanding the write up. The translation is a bit off.

    This news about KHJ makes me feel sad…

    • Nope it’s not just you lol. Some above mentioned it as well… and I had to re-read and reconstruct the sentences for it to make sense. With all due respect to the translator, this feels rather like it went through an online translator.

  12. I’m sad but not angry against him because It is his own decision and life ! In a way, I see it coming because he used to say that he want to have a familly earlier and It’s hard for an idol to take this way. So a acting carrer will fit him more. However, I’m still worried about the other members, I hope SS501 can still continue : with leader under another agency, with them all under another agency or with a new member under DSP.

  13. most of you guys are talking about believing . i never want to believe nor i even want to know they’re breaking apart . keeping the faith , keeping the faith -.- heck yeah . don’t you guys know what situation cassiopeians are in ? i never want it to be the same 😦 but what if it really happen ?
    ah D: i almost cried , i mean watching all their Tv shows and everything , it seems impossible . leader hyun , please think it over 😦

  14. I think kpop fans should get used to members leaving or getting kicked out of their groups…just go down the list Wonder Girls, 2PM, Super Junior, DBSK now SS501 is next. Its just the reality of the situation

  15. i read this comment and i want you to read it

    “”FACT: DSP Contracts with ALL 5 members have expired on 8 June.

    FACT: All 5 member, including LEADER, promoted for Love Ya till 13 June, 5 days after their contracts expired.

    FACT: The other 4 members are not contracted to any agency NOW.

    FACT: NONE of them has resigned with DSP.

    QUESTION: Does Triple S prefer ALL of them to be WITHOUT contracts until an agency is generous enough to sign all 5 ’slightly overaged’ idols who may soon be enlisted soon AT ONE GO?

    QUESTION: Does Triple S honestly prefer the boys to stay with DSP – the incredibly unreliable, forever late, always lacking in marketing strategies agency that has only released ONE FULL ALBUM for SS501 in 5 YEARS?!

    I am personally sick and tired of the totally clueless and inept DSP… yet I would have tolerated if it has promptly resigned all 5 of them upon the end of contracts.

    FACT: All 5 members were in limbo without contracts for 3 weeks, until today.

    QUESTION: How many more weeks does Triple S want them to languish around and be left in dust in this even changing cut-throat industry? JUST LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS… before the pitiful 2 weeks’ promotion for Love Ya. “”

    • you speak my mind, but way a lot better.

      business is business, if they want to stay in entertainment business they must get a contract ASAP. man, that’s a tough world there.

  16. why? why? why?

    groups come and go but why so soon?

    from DBSK –> SUPER JUNIOR –> 2PM and now SS501?

    so who’s next in the line up? BIG BANG and SHINEE??
    hell no!! ghhaaadd!! i’ll stop listening to kpop if one of the members from BIG BANG or SHINEE leaves the group…

    can we turn back the time where everyone is ONE and united!!! those were happy days in kpop!

    • its all from the crappy companies. i can see it happening to shinee. but nvr big bang (:

      • get real. big bang was the first biggest success YG ever got. SM, JYP and DSP all had other extremely successful first generation idols like FINKL, SES etc..

        plus YG works differently if u havent realised it by now….

      • no Se7en was the first biggest success lol.

  17. i appreciate the trouble the translator went through in translating this article, but i think there should be quality checks before such translations are published. The english was really a pain to read. At least summarise it for us in proper sentences…

  18. Okay wait, does that means he is leaving SS501?

    • no he still with ss501 But that depends on DSPent

      • Hyun Joong and KeyEast ALREADY EXPRESS THEIR STAND ON THIS. Leader WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE WITH SS501 IF all four other members also wish to, AND DPS gives it a go.

        FOR NOW, what we need to wait for is DSP’s official statement, AND other four members’ choices. What with all the drama, and criticizing?

  19. i hope the rest of the members continue activities!

    Besides, Hyun Joong can’t sing….

    the rest of the members will be fine – talentwise

    HJ is only popular cause of crazy stupid BOF!

    I guess the leader got so full of himself!

    • my parents teach me that if i have something good to say then i can say it but if i dont have then just SHUT UP

      • if you were a triple s then you wouldnt say this about the leader
        p.s i am a triple s not khj fan because i love them all not khj and thats way i Support him

        and if one of the other member signed with other company are going to say the same thing about them ??

      • Agree w/ u. Because, my parents teach me the same and one more thing : “Words prove who you are, what quality you have”.

  20. Hmm last time when KHJ went to c BYJ, they said there was nothing going on, just a meeting between a sunbae & a junior.

    maybe BYJ is trying to add KHJ in that new drama with JYP about idols dream or whatsthename.

  21. best friends act alike.
    if u got what i mean.

  22. Sorry for posting so many times, just found another news from KBS Global : http://english.kbs.co.kr/Entertain/KpopNews/view.html?No=12408

  23. Here’s another news in English though it does not carry so much details : http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?sec=ent5&idxno=2010062909354867633

    I am more worried about the future of the other members.

  24. Who translated this article?? Theres alot of broken english in it couldnt even follow the story. Anyways the question is would DSP allow him to continue promoting with SS501 I mean they might have hard feelings since he has decided not to renew with them so I dont know lets see what happens. To be honest I dont even know the other 4 members they just dont stand out on their own.

  25. Sorry if I offense SS501 fans, but I think he is better to stick with music and SS501 rather than pursuing acting… His acting was so wooden in BBF ( I know it was his first role, but he could see how bad he was in it)… Love him so much in WGM with HwangBo. He is very entertaining and 4D, but acting-wise, i dont think so… T.T

  26. he is a true leader. please stop blaming him. it’s not his fault.
    he has a strong will to be a part of ss501 if other members choose to continue ss501.
    he has the right to choose his future.
    as a leader of ss501, he did many things and he never showed off. he has been recognized as one of the best leader of idol groups.
    i will always support you KHJ.

    • It’s true he has the right to choose. It’s HIS future, not ours.

      Then again, other than singing, he’s is pretty much talentless. I never question his leadership quality, but he needs to show us more what he is capable of.

      I enjoy his 4D-ness in WGM, though. That’s probably the best he has ever done in his career as an idol.

      • Agreed. Think the best thing him and DSP has ever done was to put him on WGM

      • Aaaw, He may not be the best but definitely not talentless. Even BYJ saw his potential. Lets just be happy.

    • lol cause you’re a KHY fan not a TRIPLE S.

      How is it “NOT HIS FAULT”???

      HE’S THE ONE WHO SIGNED! PLEASE THINK A BIT! You brainless Hyunjoong fan!

      like you said, he did many things…in fact TOO MANY THINGS, so SS501 became inactive for 1.7 years!

      • i’m a Triple S as well but don’t be so rude, geez.

      • I think this will make you quiet read it all pleas ok :
        czakhareina said ::

        you shouldn’t judge him just because he choose a path for his Career… i am stressing “HIS” as the operative word…
        it is HIS career, HIS choice and HIS life…

        to all those saying that HJL is not a good leader…
        I dont think you know how much Hyun joong oppa worked to promote SS501 at the beginning, i mean he was in almost all variety show just so that SS501 could be known. he was overworked that time going to so many shows that he would end up going hope late. But he never complained cause he was doing the promotion for his group…
        and have you never seen the news of his efforts, how many times has he danced with injury..
        how many times has he persevere even with pain and illness so that their activity would not be delayed and stopped…
        he has danced with injured shoulder, ankle and recently he was in pain after the crash but he pushed through the pain in Dream concert and the MV of Love ya…
        In the in their some promotion in Japan. even though he was having high fever due to swine flu he still finished his activity cause he is a member of ss501, cause he is the leader…
        He went into WGM and BOF cause it would get SS501 recognized….
        he went through pain, blood sweet and hardwork to be a member off ss501 and the leader of ss501.
        to all those that dont really know hyun joong oppa, to all those that is not a true triple S…
        you have no right to say he is not a good leader….!!!

        all triple S are worried about the other boys, about the future of ss501…
        but you have to understand he didnt leave the boys…
        he didnt say he would leave SS501…
        he didnt even leave DSP cause if you read the news…
        His CONTRACT expired already…
        I know many would way that he should have brought the other members but then again, what do we know about what the other members are thinking…
        personally I am thankful for DSP for creating SS501 but You all have to admit that they Suck in promotion…
        LLT had only 3 weeks promotion…
        They were in the TOP when DSP pushed with their debut in Japan & that lessen their fans in Korea…
        The scandals were handle poorly p the hongkong issue and the ex-president issue…
        so what if he changed companies, it is HIS right…!!!
        and he didnt leave SS501…!!!

        anyway will support all 5 boys no matter what…!!!

      • Do you really want the boys to stay in a crap agency like DSP? And don’t blame KHJ for the group’s inactivity instead ask DSP since they are experts in doing nothing. And FYI, all his solo activities (WGM and BOF) benefited the other members. For the group to be recognized.

  27. It is sad to see the last remaining old idol groups are starting to have problems/issues w/ their companies. Hence, leading up to break-ups and moving to new agency.

    I miss the old times. (DBSK/SJ/SS501)

    • Idol groups come and go…It’s sad but that’s reality.

      Have you ever realized that news about DBSK get less comments these days? It’s like, most people don’t care about them anymore. The same gonna happen to SS501 and SuJu one day.

      Miss the old times too… =(

      • i miss the old times too.
        can we just turn back time where all is great, happy and just enjoying what we and they are doing…? TT

    • missing the old times. i miss DBSK and SS501. im thankful there’s U-Kiss hehehe

  28. What’re the chances the rest of ss501 gets signed on too……….

  29. I’m just going to wait for an offical statement from DSP, till then I still love, have faith & believe in KHJ. I’ll sure he himself does not want SS501 to disband. We’ll just see how this one turns out.

  30. he looks more and more like baeyongjooon which is funny because hes in the company too.

  31. Seriously, many ppl have seen this coming but just waiting for official statement..

    I felt sorry for the rest of the members of SS501..

    To be honest, who is the most famous member in the group? KHJ is a smart guy.. He can see his future going nowhere if stick to DSP.. No offence to DSP and SS501 but the truth is there and i know it hurts..: (

  32. sad how he’s leaving the other members behind, but good for him! i felt that DSP never really promoted the boys properly. they are a great group, but being one of the senior kpop groups that has been out for quite some time, they didn’t achieve as much as i hoped they would. i feel that hyun joong can become more by taking up this opportunity and that’s totally fine–not “backstabbing” anyone.

  33. I’m sorry Sookyeong, but I don’t understand most of the sentences in the article.
    Pehaps you need to double-check before you press the submit button.

  34. I don’t think anyone backstabbed anybody. Look up the word.

  35. Can you say “backstabber?”

    • There have been other groups that have continued to promote under with members in different agencies..

      • Yeah, like Shinhwa.

      • But Shinhwa moved as a whole, as a group, as one to a whole other agency. They can still work as a group but it will be more difficult cause now there will be two agencies splitting the income.

      • ‘i hope the rest of the members continue activities!

        Besides, Hyun Joong can’t sing….

        the rest of the members will be fine – talentwise

        HJ is only popular cause of BOF!

        I guess the leader got so full of himself!’

        Totally agree with you.. los demas miembros del grupo son mejores que el.

    • lol but give me one reason why do u think he is a backstabber?!!

      • SIMPLE. Why did SS501 lose their “popularity” in the general public???? (meaning fans aside from TS) SS501 was not active cause of HYUN JOONG!


      • dsada

        what do you know about leader to say this word??
        are you a sss ?? if you were not then shut up and if you were then your not a Real sss
        you dont have any idea what he did to ss501 and his company

        and for Example if you want to go to another school because you are not comfortable in your school or because the other school is better than your school or You have better opportunities there wouldnt you move ??
        i did and i still with my best friend but in diffrent school
        and he didnt left ss501 he still wiht them like shinhwa and g.o.d
        i have many thing to talk about but i am very bad in E ^^

        “if you’ve followed ss501 through the years, then i’m sure you’ve seen their bond as brothers.no entertainment company can break that bond. if you’re a true triple s, you will still believe and support ss501 no matter what happens”

      • SS501 lost its popularity because of hyun joong? That’s crazy. Who gave SS501 their popularity and made way for other members to be known? It was hyun joong! For the past 5 years, he had place the other 4 ahead of him so don’t blame him coz you know nothing!

    • @ Dood – i’m not sure.. This word was kinda off harsh.. Well, it depends how ppl perceive or evaluate the decision of KHJ..

      It’s an usual norm that 1 person opt for better opportunity if it’s given to him but like i said earlier, i felt sorry for the rest of the members.. Not everyone recognised the members of SS501 except KHJ is for sure… He was the “face” of the group..

    • hey i feel you. you must be really mad and disappointed if you’re a real SS501 fan.

      i am thankful for their honestly. at least they have the balls to say what’s really happening and what the future will be for the group.

      i hope to hear from the other 4 soon.

      and yes, other groups were able to continue with their activities even if under different management.

      and uhm…it was not entirely his fault why promotions are cut short (due to BOF etc) it was DSP anyways who placed him in that drama. overworked much.

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