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TaeYang reveals teaser to ‘After You Fall Asleep’ off upcoming ‘Solar’ album

A new preview to track 8 ‘After You Fall Asleep (featuring Swing)’ off TaeYang’s upcoming solo full length album ‘Solar’ has been released on 29th June. The song is said to be written and composed by GDragon.

TaeYang will have his comeback stage and new album release on 1st July.

Previous teasers:


18 Responses

  1. Taeyang-Day is coming! I’m excited, I just can’t wait to go to sleep (which is weird, cause I love staying up), and wake up for another to pass, and so on.

    This is my favorite of the teasers. I love the strong beat, but his voice is also strong. I love it, I cannot wait! I am excited to see him dance too.

  2. 1 more day then it’s all Taeyang

  3. i love taeyang and think he’s so cute but for some reason all his songs sound the same to me. seriously looking forward to all yg comebacks. it has been waaaay too long.

  4. i like it~

  5. I love this preview the most. I knew I gonna like this song ever since I read that Choice37 and GD composed it. I’m looking forward for more Choice37 songs, his songs always have a so nice melody

  6. One day to go before Taeyang’s comeback. So excited to see Taeyang and GD again. I hope July 1st already.

  7. Just to clarify, according to the YG site, this track was composed by BOTH G-Dragon and Choice37.
    G-Dragon wrote the lyrics, Swings the rap, and Choice37 arranged it.

    Anyways, out of all the upbeat previews to have been released so far, this has been my favorite one. It kind of has a trance feeling to it that just makes you wanna dance.

    Tomorrow is the final day guys. I am still keeping my hopes up so that Take It Slow and Move are slow jams since we still haven’t gotten a purely R&B track. =)

  8. one of my favs to far 😀 ooooooh, TOMORROW 😀 can’t wait!

    “I’m so fly, like a bird, bird!” BD

  9. loving this teaser, srsly can’t wait ):

  10. loving this preview, srsly can’t wait ):

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Eileen Teo, Jiyan, Nadya Regina Pryana, mai彡rss and others. mai彡rss said: K Bites: TaeYang reveals teaser to ‘After You Fall Asleep’ off upcoming ‘Solar’ album http://bit.ly/dn0Syz […]

  12. awww…so much for GDYB friendship aka love

  13. mmm this is my favourite preview so far.

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