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Actor Park YongHa discovered dead at home

Breaking news: Park Yong-ha was discovered dead at his Nonhyun-dong, Seoul, home on the morning of June 30. I’ll update with details if/as they become available.

I am in utter shock. WHAT?

Park Yong-ha died at the age of 32, having debuted fifteen years ago in youth shows like KBS’s 1995 Love Blossoms in the Classroom and 1996’s Start. He shot to fame with 2002’s Winter Sonata, which made him a household name and a “Hallyu star.” He used that fame as a springboard a singing career in Japan, where he enjoyed quite a lot of popularity. He had a successful drama hit in 2008’s On Air, and totally stole my heart in 2009’s Story of a Man, which is one of my favorite dramas EVER.

Most recently, Park Yong-ha was cast alongside Yoon Eun-hye in the high-profile drama remake of Hong Kong film Tian Mi Mi, tentatively titled Love Song.

This is just… awful. Horrible and unexpected. Currently they are not ruling this a suicide, but that’s the foremost presumption.


  • The evening prior to his death (29th), Park missed a meeting with drama producers for his upcoming project Love Song. His manager couldn’t get in contact with him.
  • One producer said that they had seen Park occasionally in a down mood, but attributed it to news of Park’s father suffering from cancer. His father recently moved back home from the hospital after his stomach cancer was deemed late-stage.
  • Park reportedly died from hanging. He was found by his mother in his room with a cell phone cord around his neck.
  • Around 12:40 am, he was with his father, massaging his father’s legs. Park told him “I’m sorry” over and over. He then went into his room, where he was found in the morning.
  • Producers of Love Song are “in panic mode” because Park’s passing leaves them without a lead. Yeah, eff you producers.
  • Park had said in an interview that he suffered from depression, which was exacerbated by prolonged promotional activities abroad.
  • One friend says, “There’s no way to know the real reason, but when I met Park a few months ago, he seemed depressed.” His father’s illness made things worse.
  • Park’s Story of a Man co-star Park Shi-yeon (currently acting in Coffee House) reportedly received a “huge shock” from the news and “is in very bad condition.” She is so distraught that there’s concern she won’t be able to continue filming.
  • Park Shi-yeon spoke with Park on the phone yesterday, but thought he sounded normal.
  • And the media frenzy begins. That photo is from outside Park’s home.
  • The parade of celebrity visits is also just beginning, with stars coming to pay their respects to Park, whose body was transferred to a Kangnam hospital. It’s morning in Korea now, and this will likely continue all day. I won’t be posting on it, but you can rest assured there’ll be plenty of media there as well.
  • His death is even more perplexing because he had made plans to meet friends later in the day.
  • Park’s last phone call (or one of his last) was reportedly with DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong, with whom he’d grown closer as he gave the latter advice about pursuing singer activities in Japan. Jaejoong is currently recording in the U.S. and said, “I spoke with him on the phone yesterday, and his voice sounded so bright. I didn’t feel he was at all different from his normal self. We agreed to have a drink together when I got back to Korea. I’m in such shock.”
  • Park’s last twitter message was posted Saturday the 26th (http://twitter.com/yonaaaaaa) and was about the World Cup. “We lost. But they did well. clap clap clap~ Everyone, let’s clap with warm hears for our national soccer team, who return with heavy steps. Good job!!”
  • Park had just come back from a tour in Japan. The day before that (the 25th), he tweeted, “How could they know to come to the airport and see me, and at such a late hour? ^^ I didn’t tell anyone but how could they know? keke. Impressive~ Anyway, thank you for coming to see me!! Tomorrow at the concert I’ll have to ask, ‘Who came to the airport yesterday?~~’ keke See you tomorrow ^^”

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  2. i think the government has to do something. It’s has been known for so long that suicide is high in korea, especially with celebreties. They need the change. I’m not sure how but this is prove that DRASTIC measures are needed.

    I mean, park yong ha??? And to have his mom be the one to find him. No parent should go through finding their kid hanging dead in their room. And apparently depression doesn’t always show…

  3. i love him in On Air too and anticipate Love Song cos of him and YEH. he’s a talented actor. there hasn’t been news of celeb suicides this yr so i thought those celeb suicides are finally be put to end. i’m still in shock.

    may he rest in peace

  4. i love him in On Air too and anticipate Love Song cos of him and YEH. he’s a talented actor. it’s been such a long time not hearing any celeb suicide. i thought those celeb suicides will finally be put to end. i’m still in shock.

    may he rest in peace

  5. I love him in On Air & cant believe it that he died O__O

  6. Is so sad to hear this news!!with all the celebrity suicides in Korea,something needs to be done!!!suicide hotlines on Korea need to be available 24/7 for councelling, also dramas in Korea need to stop focusing on suicides as a romantic thing to do!!!it’s not!! I love Korea but something needs to be done to prevent things like this continuing to occur!!!

  7. […] has numerous updates, including reactions from Jo Kwon (of boy band 2AM) and his friend Jae-joong (of boy band DBSK […]

  8. It’s really a sad news and also a big lost. However, I can’t respect him anymore because I can’t respect someone who has decided to take away his own life…only God has to the right to do it ! No matter how difficul life is, you have to face it with courage and live on !

    • What an ignorant comment.

      You obviously have never encountered anyone with depression nor realise the extent of this illness. it’s psychological problem, you can’t just ‘switch it off’ and ‘live on’ as you so shallowly put it.

      As someone who has seen alot of her close ones submit to depression, I get so angry when I see people like you dismissively regard this as an act of cowardice and weakness. Next time, enlighten yourself and do some research before you blindly comment on this serious subject.

      • Dear Dee,
        solin’s intention is good. she/he might be talking based on religion-ness as there are some religion are totally against suicide. (didnt ALL the same?) 🙂
        i get ur point is but then are you saying that its OK for every psychological affected people to attempt suicide? i like solin’s point that only God has to the right to do it. and yes, we should help/treat/advise etc them not encouraging them.
        every one have their own opinion so lets respect each other

    • This is one of the stupidest comments I’ve read here. Sure “God” has the right to decide who takes away their own lives, but from what I’ve been reading, not only did he suffer from depression, but he suffered from insomnia 14 years too!! So even though I agree that suicide is not the way to go, for many people, sometimes problems and burdens become too much for them. Many who have depression don’t have the strength, so as Dee said, please go do research before you go and post ignorant comments like this. Even if your religion forbids suicide, you should try to understand why some turn to suicide as a means of escape. Again, not that I agree with it, but sometimes people can’t over come their depression.:C It makes you wonder how this tragedy could have been prevented

      May Park shi rest in peace

  9. rest in peace Park Yong Ha… I’m so sad… You are great actor that we will never forget… T_T

  10. RIP

  11. he was a great actor and i’m pretty sure from all the reports a great person..

  12. omo.. im really in shock !
    God gave us life & people gave up on it so quickly -___-“!

    RIP Park YongHa …

  13. […] Jo Kwon writes about actor Park YongHa’s suicide on his Twitter. The actor was found dead at his home on 30th […]

  14. Im in shock rite now

  15. There is one more bright star in heaven tonight, Park Yong Ha, you will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, Dear One. (; _;)

  16. Sorry for posting here again…

    I still can’t accept the fact that he’s gone….:((
    His songs were normally played in my favourite lists and now listening to it.. Gosh!! I juz couldn’t accept it..

    (There is a Japanese song called “Say GoodBye”.. )
    Crying hard now… YongHa, you didn’t bid goodbye to us, your fans….:( 😦 😦

  17. 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다…
    This is really shocking. And very sad.
    Rest in peace.

  18. Frankly, when I watched Winter Sonata I think he’s way more handsome than the lead actor.

    It’s sad to see him passed away like this. But I don’t think depression is the reason. His father is getting well, he has a new drama, he sounded good on the phone and in twitter… so what’s the reason for him to commit suicide? Weird.

    I’d be very very shock if I was Jaejoong. Must be very sad for him to hear the news.

    • Wooopss.. I was wrong about his father. Re-read the article and only realized that his condition is getting worse.

      Must be hard on his father to go through this. Rest in Peace, Park YongHa

  19. WOW I’m in utter shock.
    I can’t believe this just happened. Who would’ve thought that something like this would happen?
    What I’m annoyed is the reason they listed or the reason they are hinting at. cause he was depress?
    SERIOUSLY if your depress go SEEK help. Don’t do something like this cause honestly you just become a selfish person if you do this. & wth is w/ the company? if you see that your client is depress than do something about it. Help your client seek help.
    I’m sorry I’m just upset that this happen AGAIN.
    I’m a fan of his. Loved him in Story of A Man & was so looking forward to seeing him in Love Song w/ YEH.
    I don’t even care anymore about Love Song, what I care about is him. I can’t believe this.
    Korea should really do something about suicide. Make an awareness on depression. Do a public announcement to urge ppl in depression to seek help. Do not take matters in your own hand.

    Man I’m really sad now cause of this.
    Park Yong Ha, I hope you will seek the rest that you were desperately needed. Rest your soul.
    Rest In Peace
    You will truly be missed.

    • I agree with what you wrote, but to call him selfish is an overstatement. We are not in his shoe so who are we to judge his action…

      But I wonder..those who are close to him, don’t they realize that he need help? Didn’t they do anything? Only when he’s gone that people will regret that they didn’t do anything to stop him. Pity.

      • i thought the same thing. didn’t his friends notice or realize that something is going on with park yongha…although it’s late already… RIP Park YongHa.

  20. […] Jo Kwon writes about actor Park YongHa’s suicide on his Twitter. The actor was found dead at his home on 30th […]

  21. Depression… ppl need more awareness of how disabling this condition.

    I read those bulletpoints how the friend says they talked to him, thought he was fine, cos he sounded ok and bright… thats the prob with depression, you really dont know whats going on inside those heads… they look normal but inside they’re dying…

    RIP park yong hwa… 😦

  22. OMG, WHHHHYYY!! I’m really hoping it’s not suicide, but it would be even worse if it was murder!

    R.I.P. T_______________T

  23. This is so sad. I love him, he’s one of my favourite actor. I woke up feeling happy about Spain winning the World Cup match and now i’m too shocked knowing the passing of YongHa.

    He seems to be in depress mood. May he rest in peace!!! T T

    May other celebrities PLEASE stay STRONG and go through this life with open heart and head up high.

  24. […] Jo Kwon writes about actor Park YongHa’s suicide on his Twitter. The actor was found dead at his home on 30th […]

  25. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Megzkie Lizz , mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Actor Park YongHa discovered dead at home http://bit.ly/bX1vDn […]

  26. suddenly I’m in such a state of shock.

  27. WHY?!!!!!!!!!

  28. RIP… although i don’t know him… reading this made me almost tear… another successful life is gone… Y_Y

  29. may your soul rest in peace

    woke up this morning to check news and this article struck me very very bad

  30. I was shocked to read the news. It is so sad. I like him in the dramas Winter Sonata, Loving You, and Story of Men. RIP Park Yong Ha.

  31. OMG!! What happen?? I have not read the contents of the translated news but the title and the first sentence of the article have given me a shock!!

    Gosh!! What had happened to YongHa that leads him to this way? I wanna cry already.. He such a promising actor.. Gone at this young age was juz a big lost to KPOP…

    My condolence to the family..
    RIP YongHa.. I’m gonna miss you..: (

    • OK.. I’ve gone through the article..
      I’m extremely sad about this.. This is totally beyond expectation.. No clue at all..

      I really feel for the parents…
      It’s tough to accept the fact that their son has gone while his dad at this critical stage.. Oh dear…
      Be strong, Mr & Mrs Park..

      Why YongHa? Why???
      I think nobody will know the reason behind except your good selve… Please guide your family from above..
      May GOD bless the family…
      Such a tragic incident.. extremely heartbreaking.. :((((

  32. woww. :O
    rip park yongha.

  33. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i am in shock. such a tragedy.

  34. RIP

  35. *sighs* May he rest in peace

  36. Oh dear, why are there so many celebrity suicides?

  37. RIP…

  38. im in utter shock too
    i LOVE A Man’s Story

    career wise, he was doing great, with that new drama with eun hye

    i wonder what happen…….
    it’s a shame to lose such a great actor

  39. OMG! this is such a shock!!!! I can’t believe it! I’m speechless….

  40. im so shock..im totally his fan and so excited w/ his new drama…but it’s impossible now to see him on tv again..

    RIP oppa…always love u…

  41. rip 😦 I hope ppl will stop doing things like this.

    • I wish so too. But people believe the only way to escape is leaving the world.

  42. OMG I can’t believe it. I just heard the news that he would be in a new drama with Yoo Eun Hye recently and really looked forward to it. Oh no. May he rest in peace. It’s so sudden

  43. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! He was going to be in Love song with Yoon Eun Hye, I read it like…yesterday and now he’s gone. Wow, this totally took me by surprise. Wonder who it is tomorrow. Hope he will rest in peace.

    • Reading all those facts/updates, it seems he looks ok and in good mood.
      Wonder what made him do that … hmmmmm

      May he RIP .

      • Hmmmmm imagine, a couple of months down the road, they discover that he was murdered?! *dun dun dun*

        Hey, it doesn’t REALLY add up… or maybe its just his way to end his life… by continuing to sound like his normal self and …make plans to hang out with people and suicide?
        Sort of weird, honestly. But if it really was suicide, well I guess everyone will shrug their shoulders and move on….

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