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MC Mong to press charges against media for releasing reports alleging him of deliberate avoiding of army enlisting

Amidst allegations for avoiding the army, MC Mong’s agency released their official stand.

OBS TV ‘News 755’ ran a report on 30th June saying “MC Mong has been summoned on 1st July for investigation on 1st July.” The report also covered on how MC Mong was exempted from the army about 7 years ago, MC Mong was exempted from army insufficient teeth count. The report also reportedly said that MC Mong has plucked out teeth unnecessarily to avoid from army.

The report said, “The police confirmed that MC Mong has plucked out teeth unnecessarily back then by comparing the x-tray photos and his medical records.” With that MC Mong’s agency IS Star Entertainment Media Group has denied such allegations against the singer.

The agency said, “Even though it is true that MC Mong has been exempted from army on reasons of his teeth, but the contents to the report is not true. MC Mong has received army exemption on a valid reason, and there is nothing illegal in the process at all. We will be revealing more about the case soon.”

It was also clarified that as the case is still under investigation and MC Mong’s agency will be pressing charges against OBS  for releasing the report before any finalised evidence and information is released.

S:TVDaily, Newsen

27 Responses

  1. […] criticisms of deliberately avoiding army service, MC Mong has joined the filming of ’2 Days 1 Night’ recently at […]

  2. […] criticisms of deliberately avoiding army service, MC Mong has joined the filming of ’2 Days 1 Night’ recently at […]

  3. ok why false teeth exempts you from the army is not the issue!!!! because if thats a cause for exemption then it is what is, the issue is who business is it anyway..if he has a problem with his teeth thats his issue, no one should have even questioned why he was exempt because duhhh its hislife not their and if it was approved thats it its done…i see this as nothing but another way of netizens trying to ruin someone life. I mean look at all the stuff that has happend to people ..i mean come on let it go!!!

  4. lmao

    teeth… i mean seriously ?


  5. insufficient teeth count???

  6. “Koreans are so hilarious in everything”?!?

    Of course he should go, but if the case is under investigation, we`ll just have to wait and see what comes of it, right?

  7. “insufficient teeth count” ???
    That’s the first time I ever heard that.
    Weirdddddddd x[

  8. So does this mean that MC Mong’s teeth arent real? I’m curious to know now lol

  9. OMG I cant stop laughing

  10. lol. first time hearing you’re exempt from the army if you have your teeth taken out.

    • I think this is true in alot of countries though. I know here in the US, back in the Vietnam days when they were drafting alot of people did this tooth thing…

      But they have some weird rules for drafting in Korea. Like if you have a certain percentage of your body tattooed you don’t have to go, becuase it’s considered a disfigurement.

  11. what? they need teeth to bite the enemy?

  12. hahahahahahahahahahaha……..that’s funny! =))

    but WTH with male korean celebrities trying to avoid military enlistment nowadays? i think they enjoyed too much on the limelight and all..is popularity really that precious to them? oh well, i can’t blame them though..they’ve been trained for how many years just to reach their dream..but what can we do? rulres are rules..and with a warfreak neighbor up there, going to a military training is a must!

    as long as they have their fans who will always be there for them no matter what, i guess having a comeback after 2 years after serving the military won’t be a problem at all to gain your fame back!

  13. don’t underestimate teeth. healthy teeth is important for soldier, pilot, etc..

  14. First time EVER in my lifetime did I hear you can be exempted fro army due to your friggin teeth.
    I guess many sissy gays can deliberately fling themselves off the stairs and get scot-free away from enlistment.
    I’m so curious.
    Koreans are so hilarious in everything, now even their ‘exempted from army rules’. I mean in a good way of course but lol, I just don’t get it. Do you?

  15. didnt know you can be exempt for insufficient teeth heh

    • Taec is so going to the army !!!

      • No, Taek will not have to.
        Taek is an american citizen so hes not required too.

        but if he was still a korean national hahaha yes he would so have to go to the army.lol

      • no, taec is an american immigrant so he is not american citizen yet so he still has to do his military service, unless he gets his citizenship (where in immigrant status in US lasts for 10 years and then renew your immigrant status again). For him to be a US citizen is if he applies for it.

      • @ Ash, uh ~ Taek does not have a US citizenship. I wonder why he still didn’t apply for citizenship cuz if he don’t, it’ll expire and eventually, he’ll have to give it up. Cuz it takes a longg time (a year time) for everything to finalized for a US citizenship test…

  16. You cant go in the army because of teeth? wtf

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