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SNSD TaeYeon chosen as the most anticipated ‘variety show MC idol’

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is chosen as the #1 idol most anticipated as ‘variety idol’.

On community portal site DC Inside, a survey was done from 22nd till 29th June and the question was asked to netizens on ‘Most anticipated variety idol as variety MC’. Out of the total of 29,151 votes, about 8,319 (28.5%) went to So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

TaeYeon is known for her great speaking and variety sense through her various variety shows appearances including being the DJ on MBC radio ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ radio show which ended previously in April. During her time on the radio show, TaeYeon has remained #1 for the listener rate during her show’s time slot. She is currently MC-ing on KBS 2TV WinWin.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon – 8319 votes (28.5%)
  2. Super Junior Lee Teuk – 7,103 votes (24.4%)
  3. SHINee MinHo – 3879 (13.3%)
  4. 2PM WooYoung
  5. KARA Goo Hara


30 Responses

  1. love this girl so much..
    taeyeon fighting..

  2. i think sooyoung or sunny would be a great MC

    and on an unrelated topic i think jessica should be on we got married or some variety show
    so should hyoyeon

  3. I’d pick Wooyoung!

  4. Leeteuk ? Minho ? …. oh no…..
    especially Leeteuk, i don’t find him funny at all. But annoying especially since StarKing and Strong Heart…. and the performances of Bonamana =_=

    prefer Heechul by faaaaar

  5. Personally for me, Leeteuk deserves the #1 spot, he’s entertaining both as a guest and/or mc (@LOL). But hey everyone deserves to have their opinion right? So sones don’t attack me!

  6. Really? WHY? After her last incident I would be happier if she WASN’T ON TV.

    Who they should want is Kim Heechul and Jo Kwon.

  7. really? love taeyeon and all, but sooyoung makes so much more sense to me. she actually HAS variety sense but SM keeps shafting her. i also think Big Bang’s Daesung has ALOT of variety sense, and who could forget Jo Kwon? this list seems invalid without other names -_-

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  9. ..yes she’s great. She only needs to be more matured. Other than that she’s perfect for varieties.

  10. Personally I think Lee Joon of MBLAQ has potential from a bit of interviewing duties I’ve seen. He’s moving up in the variety world so an eye should be kept on him.

  11. SHINee MinHo ? What! has he even got a personality? Everyone else is fine.

  12. popularity contest

  13. minho lol
    yeah right

  14. We all know this is just a popularity contest. Whether they are the best mc or not. As long as they have a large dedicated fanbase. Then they will vote for their favorite idol no matter what.

  15. i pick her to but Minho is higher than WooYoung that just wrong for me Minho is not even in my top 5 or 10.

    • Lol, well, it’s because a lot of people like him, not because of his MC or variety skills. x]

    • Yeah I was left confused by Minho being up on that list…

  16. hmm… As much as I like Taengoo, I’d honestly pick Leeteuk. He’s the best at variety in those 5 idol. But Heechul is #1. It’s a shame he’s not a list in the survey he would’ve won.

    • I don’t think Eeteuk is entertaining… He’s better when he is the guest, not the MC. Just my opinion though. 🙂

      • Leeteuk is still better at variety than those on the list.

        Though, I wouldn’t pick anyone of those on the list.
        My vote goes to Heechul.

    • I’d pick leeteuk too (but i also like eunhyuk and heechul as MCs).
      And even though they aren’t on the list i’d also pick snsd’s sooyoung and sunny, kara’s gyuri and seugyon and anyone from mblaq because i think they have oodles of personality and “variety sense”.
      that’s odd they put hara and minho, those 2 have hardly mc’ed

  17. i support goo hara too…

  18. For variety idol, I’d choose Hara. She’s incredibly funny and uber cute.

    But when it comes to MC-ing, undeniably Taeyeon is the best among the female idols.

  19. You need decimal for (285%) ..

  20. Wow. I’d pick her as number 1, too. I love Taeyeon~ ❤

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