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SS501 without Kim HyunJoong “4-member group? New member? It has not been decided yet”

Without Leader Kim HyunJoong, SS501’s future activities have not been planned yet.

Management company Key East revealed on 29th that “Kim HyunJoong has signed an exclusive contract with Key East.”

Following that, Kim HyunJoong will move his activities from DSP Media to Key East. And with the change of management company, naturally he will be dropped out of SS501 too.

SS501 management company DSP Media said to Newsen through a telephone conversation today “Whether they are going on as 4-member group or adding a new member, we have not decided on SS501’s activities yet.”

Currently, SS501 members besides Kim HyunJoong, are approaching the ending of their contract with DSP Media which is the top priority rather than the planning for the activities.

Kim HyungJoon’s new management company Key East holds artistes like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Kang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Kyu, Lee Ji Ah, Park Ye Jin, So Ee Hyun, Hong Su Hyun, etc.

Key East in cooperation of their affiliated company DA (Digital Adventure, a Japan public listed company) which has a lot of know-hows, will make aggressive support for his overseas activities. DATV, a cable channel which specializes in Asia Entertainment will also help in various promotions for Kim HyunJoong.

Key East representative Yang Geun Hwan said “We will foster his diverse potential as a singer and actor, in order to show an even better side of him, he will have a fresh start. Considered to be the Hallyu star of the next generation, we will help him to develop himself to cross over the Asia stage and be a world class entertainer, with specialized and intensive support from us.”


44 Responses

  1. If I was in a group.. its kind of sad if the one who leave first is the leader..

  2. I guess his ambition is really to become a solo artist. Let’s face it he has the most weak voice in ss501. Maybe, that’s one of the reason why he decided to go solo. Yup he said that he still wants to be a part of ss501. He only said that to calm the fans. His move doesn’t show it. I know that DSP sucks, but I guess leader won’t be where he is today if not for DSP right? I am a huge fan of this group. I knew them because of leader. But once you get to know the other members, you will instantly fall for them. Now, I’m more inlove with the remaining four members coz they’re really solid.

    • your not fan of khj, maybe your idol is in the group but let’s face it also that the weakest voice you said is the famous idol among the group..now, if you more inlove with the remaining 4 members, do it without making bad things up

  3. THANK YOU ^________^

  4. It is not a matter of head swelling ,it is a matter of thinking ahead of one’s future .You would ,too if you were in his place .

    The Korean entertainment world is very volatile and dynamic one cannot stand in the same spot year after year . They are no longer the pop idols they were when they started -and they know it. They all have started with solo activities -Maknae into DJ ing , KM into his own personal business ,YS into solo singing ,even Kyu ventured into drama already . Why is it KHJ is the only one getting these criticisms -ahh of course he is high profile and frontman .But does have a right to also think of himself after all these times taking care of SS501.

    We who only see them perform on the stage , happy with their singing ,dancing and antics don’t know the inside dynamics of their team .It hard to be a leader leader-it is 24/7 job . And yet he is not appreciated for a job well done simply because we do not know .

    Our naivete does not serve as well . Our simplistic thinking is putting us way behind the real world . These people are humans like you and me .They have dreams ,yes ambitions,goals ,directions in life . They are growing and we must accept that ! At least they know what to do with the rest of their lives -not dependent on parents’subsidy . They are working, working very hard -and they should serve as inspiration and model .

  5. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR HEAD SWELLS UP and you think you are more than you are.

    Let’s see what happens in the coming year or so. *turning page on drama that is about to ensue.*

  6. the part of “naturally” he will be dropped out of ss501 was funny coz just the last article people were saying changing company does not definitely mean he’s leaving ss501.

    The first thought i had was, deserter. Kim hyun joon you deserter. But i don’t know him personally, and he’s contract with dsp had ended or is ending so he is free to do what he likes. And in a way, it is good for the rest of the boys because honestly, KHJ has been shadowing them even though he’s not necessarily more talented. Just better looking. I’ve seen girls in malls squeal over his cut out board of how good looking he is and how they are in love with him but have never even heard of ss501. It’s never nice to be overshadowed.

    Maybe the remaining boys will still succeed without him. (ahem hot with jtl)

  7. We still don’t know!! Oh my God!!
    Stop making things up!!
    Just wait until real statements from the members show up!!
    Besides that, there aren’t any news about the other 4 members recontract with DSP!!

  8. i remember when they first came out with warning, i watched several bts and such… and hyunjoong was so earnest in declaring that “ss501 will always be 5. forever.”

    i wonder what happened after all these years

    • yup…totally agree wif u…im really disappointed wif leader…he’s the one who said those words..and now??..

    • Fame can get into someone’s head. It’s been 5 years ya know… People can change…
      I think the 2 maknaes have the strongest sense of belonging to the group.

  9. Damn. I hope SS501 won’t lose popularity because of his leaving. Best if kuck to both parties,

  10. I think fans need to learn not to get too attached to idol groups because when you become too invested this is what happens…then you didn’t prepare yourselves for the unthinkable..unfortunately all idol groups break up but the time frame is unknown some stay longer together others a short time span but thats what happens. In my opinion I think the leader is leaving for his own benefit he’s the only popular one the others ones never got to shine and were never given opportunities which is unfortunate now they will have to build a name for themselves without their leader in the forefront

  11. in this industry where everything has a 5 year expiration date…. lost so many fandoms..think from now on, i will try to look from afar & not get too attached… SS501 – they are 5 as one, it will be heartbreaking to see them add a new member.. i hope they don’t and stay as 4 and Triple S could be the 5 member.

  12. ELF_88

    just bcuz they are no longer togather in the same band that dosent mean that they are no longer togahter
    but now i care about the other 4 because i didnt hear any thing about them
    and thers a rumor i am not sure about it
    but dont belive every thing it said


  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: SS501 without Kim HyunJoong “4-member group? New member? It has not been decided yet” http://twurl.nl/h5kkmt […]

  14. ‘and i belive that no
    company or any
    thing can Separate
    between our boys’
    puke already.. Just deal with the fact tht the ex-leader is no longer with them.. We must support the othr member as they still will promote the SS501’s name.it just not fair 4 them 2 deal with ths situation aftr the ex-leader leave them.. Best of luck 2 new SS501..

  15. why are saying bad thing about the leader ??
    it HIS Choice HIS future
    if the rumor was true then everything is clear and leader made the right choice

    and he said about a half year that he want to renew the contract if dsp want him but he didnt ?? and that mean that something happen that we dont know

    but these news made me know whos the real ts and the real antis who was waiting for something to came up about the leader just to …………..

    if you were a real ts then wait and you will see
    and dont belive any one Except ss501

    and i belive that no company or any thing can Separate between our boys

  16. WHAT???!!! SS501 means five united in one FOREVER!!! These five include:
    Park Jung Min
    Kim Hyung Joon
    Kim Kyu Jong
    Heo Young Saeng
    Kim Hyun Joong

    Without one of them the picture isn’t complete. What is wrong with Kim Hyun Joong? Doesn’t he understand what the other members feel? I should have known from previous interviews, all the other members were right, Kim Hyun Joong only cares about himself, he doesn’t know how to care for others.

    • dont be like that
      do you know the leader
      do you know the real reason why he left his company
      if you dont then just be quite and wait and you will know the truth soon

    • totally agree wif u…wat leader r thinking?????…he once said that he will never leaves the group eventho he was offered for a great amount..he still still wont..but now???….wat happened??..i really disappointed with leader…

  17. Solo single for Jungmin, anyone?? 😮 His voice is heavenlyy~

  18. yes i also don’t care if he leaving b’coz in ss501 he the least talented in singing.ss501 will be ok without him bcoz i’m not fan with him.the 4 others members will succeed

  19. ‘diverse potential as
    a singer and actor’
    haha.thats funny. Everyone knows tht he ws the least talentd in SS501 interms of singing n his acting in BOF, haha,its better 4 me nt to elaborate on tht. Is it a trend now,a leader leave their group.. I think SS501 will be ok without him.. ThEy talented n sing better..

    • i think people in whole Asia don’t see who is sing better in SS501..The fact is, without khj, ss501 will not be known in other country & that’s the reality..Your not TS fans, you don’t have place here to comment or if you don’t have nothing good to say for hyunjoong, it’s better for you to shut up!

  20. ss501 popularity was really high for a long time. they were up there with DBSK at one time, but as more and more boy groups came out, DSPE didn’t try hard enough to maintain SS501’s popularity. everyone watched it diminish slowly.

    and ss501 will probably be okay without hyunjoong. undoubtly he brought even more popularity to the group but it wasn’t doing the group good in the end, cause people only knew them for hyunjoong. hyunjoong was just a popular face. the rest all sings better than hyunjoong. hyunjoong can pursue his acting career and let ss501 be.

    • @elavip hyunjoong is not just a popular face but also a lot of talents which people discovered. we face the fact that many can sing but few are chosen to be famous..khj is famous in Asia not only bec. of his handsome face but bec. of his charisma which everybody loves, get it??

  21. I actually thought DSP done a great job with their comeback album “Re-Birth” as their popularity has gone to another level… Maybe i’m wrong..

    But, ppl are ambitious.. When you know you are famous and at that moment, you have a golden opportunity….for sure one will jump over to greater ship..

    Anyway, as for the rest of members… I hope their contract get renew.. Hope DSP could announce a wise decision soon..

  22. I know DSP isn’t the best in promoting but we can’t blame it for what happens to SS501. If SS501 are popular, it’s also due to DSP even if I agree that the group would be probably more famous under a another big name agency.
    But how come DSP can’t decide yet about SS501 ‘s future without KHJ if the others are also in the same situation regarding their contract…or does it mean they already renewed their contract with DSP ?

  23. You know for a fact, that everyone knows SS501 because of Hyun Joong and I think a lot of fans are Hyun Joong’s, he’s the most known of course.

    • Nice assumption there….most of the Triple S fans have been w/ SS501 from the beginning. So please don’t lump everyone together by saying “you know for a FACT, everyone knows SS501 b/c of Hyun Joong……”

      It’s true he has a larger fanbase than the other members mainly due to BOF but not ALL fans are fans of just specifically hyun joong. I’m more of a Young Saeng fan myself (since debut), & I do love all the members equally. But that’s besides the point.

      Dunno what to say abt the current status of SS501. I do agree that DSP is lacking in the promotion part for SS501. I wish things could work out but for sure Hyun Joong has said he still wants to be part of SS501. Who knows what the future holds for all of them. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. *sigh*

      I do remember him saying once “Don’t believe in the rumors, just believe in us.” I can only assume that they were expecting this huge reaction from both the public & media.

      • thanks god finally some said what i want to said but i couldnt say it in the right way

  24. Potential as an actor?????
    They must be seeing something I’m not. He’s so popular that I knew it would be a waste if he didn’t change company. Dsp never did do their best with ss501. What r the other members gonna do???

    • Okay, I heard a lot of DSP this DSP that…
      I don’t know much about the company, but why people always blame DSP for whatever happen to SS501?

      As far as I know, SS501 is a well-known group, far better than most boy idols these days. If DSP really did a lousy job, I don’t think SS501 will go this far…

      I am not a huge fan of SS501, so I probably miss a thing or two about the group and their management company. That’s why I wonder why people always put the blame on DSP.

      • They were well promoted when they debuted and until the Deja Vu single. From that period, DSP’s promotion for SS501 has been sucking.

    • no actully their biggest mistake was taking them to japan
      and now kara

  25. he’s not leaving!! he will continue with ss501 if all other members want to also!

  26. this is sad, tho im not a crazy fan of them. sigh =/

  27. wow, it didnt occur to me that hyunjoong had to leave.
    then who’s going to be the leader of ss501?

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