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Super Junior ShinDong finally shaves his moustache, fans’ response: “Thank you for shaving them off”

Super Junior ShinDong finally shaved his face.

ShinDong posted photos of him doing a shave on his Twitter on 29th June. All this while, he has been keep his moustache on the face. And in the photos, ShinDong was seen posing with a sad expression.

Netizens commented, “Thank you for shaving your moustache”, “You look younger now” etc.



25 Responses

  1. omg thank you…i really dislike how he looked during this bonamana promo…the rough look and the hair was a bit ugh for me…so thank u for shaving LOL

  2. looks cute in those pics

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jeann christie, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Super Junior ShinDong finally shaves his moustache, fans’ response: “Thank you for shaving them off” http://bit.ly/cR3jfX […]

  4. He looks cute. Up close.

  5. Shindong is cute with or without the moustache but I have to admit i perfer clean-shaven boys. But he looks good either way

  6. Not only has ShinDong lost his moustache, he has lost a LOT of weight also! His face is so thin and cute now!!! WOW!!! He just OOZES sex appeal with his new image!

  7. With or without his mustache, i don’t mind.

  8. looks okay with it….

    ahhh the netizens pressure : (

  9. Mmm, I thought he looked fine with a moustache.

    Same with GO. =)
    I liked GO more when he had it too.

  10. i like him with his mustache. he looks more funnier

  11. I hate him with the mustache seriously.
    Looks like a sumo-wrestler.
    He looks much cuter now just like what he used to previously — SuJu’s POOR BEAR!! (I mean SERIOUS SHIT, put a pooh bear’s picture side-by-side with Shindongie XD)

  12. i prefer him with a mustach . I think he looks better with his mustach

  13. i don’t get this fascination for young looking people. i personally think that he looked good with mustache, a little older and more mature. the same for MBlaq G.O.

    • Same! I thought that G.O looked sooo cool with his mustache but he’s lost that charm without it D:


  15. No seriously, thank you haha.
    He looks sooooooo much better.

    • It’s sad how he make ‘news’ just for his funny pics and not for his talent.

      • the k-pop culture just love selcas.

      • well hes already accepted that hes a great dancer -_-

      • Great dancer? All he has achieved so far his is failed belly dancing…and I literally mean, belly dancing.

      • @Dood: Oh I see a troll has returned.

        Nope, you’re obviously a noob. He’s considered to be one of the best dancers in suju and let’s not forget he won a dj award for his radio show last year.

        He is far from being a failure.

      • @ Dood

        You are new to Kpop aren’t you? Do some research before you embarrassing yourself LOL…

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