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TaeYang releases teaser making-of video to upcoming ‘Solar’ album

D-1 to his comeback, Big Bang TaeYang released the making video + preview to his upcoming 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’ on 30th June!

The album will be released on 1st July and TaeYang will also have his comeback stage with team mate GDragon on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July.

39 Responses

  1. my eyes were all big, seeing the bts.
    i love the bg music. haven’t heard the whole album so idk the title. hehe~

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked it but why have those other women in there. Having dara is enough -.-.

  3. damn!!! go on with your bad self Young Bae…hot!!!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: TaeYang releases teaser making-of video to upcoming ‘Solar’ album http://twurl.nl/lrenla […]

  5. OH MY GAWD! That was a killer! I can hardly breath!!! *drools at TY’s hot body!*

    If you want the stills, just visit this site: http://yg-united.freeo.net/2010/06/30/dara-taeyang-teaser/

    YES I AM 🙂


  8. OMG!! I’m waiting for the Audio Teaser for the “I Need A Girl” but instead we got Making Teaser for the INAG, YG you are really the BEST!!!

    I wish it’s July 1st already, as in now?

    I wanted to see the full MV. It seems they really work hard on this MV.

    I can see DARAGON moment! Waahhh! Very supportive to thier BFF YB.

    • I wish there is noooooo DARAGON moment and DARA is all Taeyang’s
      I dun ming GD going out with anyone as long as not celebrity.

  9. Dara’s like, the luckiest girl there! CVan’t wait for Taeyang to come back and pwn!

    THREATENED trolls/fans of different idol groups should shut the fcuk up.

    • ELFs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> vips

      • aww … whatever … it’s ok if that’s what you want to believe. *pats on head*

      • It is ok. I understand the meaning of “Personal taste”. But write comments in appropriate article.

      • and why the heck are u even in here???
        watching the vid, reading the comments and even posting one???

        get out..! u are not invited..
        just go do ur elf thingy..

        anywy, TAEYANG is smoking SEXY!!!!
        ohhh, dara dear.. how i wish to be in your place.. T_T

      • please don’t try to start anything. you’re making ELFs look bad.

      • LOL RIGHT.

        You’re the best fan club that you even have to troll around articles just to prove it.

        PATHETIC. 😀 Is SuJu’s repackaged album not selling well that some of you have to troll around?

      • LMAO!!

        the fact that u feel the need to say that ELF>>>VIP, shows that u feel inferior to them! lol

        i can’t wait for TY album, i’ve waited to long already!! the mv looks hot and so does TY! CAN 1ST OF JULY COME ANY SLOWER! hahaha

      • Are you jealous??? hmmmmm

        TY is absolutely HOT and he still CUTE when he smiled
        I wish I could be sandara just once ^^

  10. awwwww he&dara are both hot!!!^^
    especially the scene where he’s topless and holding dara’s head..xD

  11. hahaha. dara is so pretty here !!
    i saw g.dragon. haha he’s cute!
    cant wait for their mv and comeback stage with g.d
    woooo. love g.d more ! 😛

  12. Oh~ should I be happy with this? T-T

    Dara.. I don’t hate you.. but I can’t accept this vid.. T-T

    Oh My Heart~ 😛

  13. ahhh! can’t wait to see the mv!!! (:
    taeyang fighting! (:

  14. im so jealoussss of sandara!
    he’s soo hot hot hothot
    shes freaking pretty too

  15. heh … the haters are sharpening their claws now eh? i guess this is too much for them to bear. yeah .. go on … say whatever you want about TY and his ‘imperfections”. as if you yourself and your idols are perfect. too bad though, the fact is he is still so much more talented and successful than you or your favourites could ever be.

    on a nicer note, the MV is going to be unbelievably HOT. love seeing how happy TY is in the vid. i believe SOLAR is worth the all the wait … for him and us fans.

  16. OMG! i hated dara for a second there…
    mmm i will not watch the MV cuz i’ll b heartbroken…
    and then YB will b my heart breaker
    : (



  19. can.not.wait.


  21. that dude just make me ROFL Dara is the only one here who is hot and cute.

  22. woah, i bet dara was going wild inside her head when Taeyang was topless next to her

  23. My goodness! Taeyang and his body, whoooooooo, kill a girl already! I squealed a lot while watching that. I want to watch that video soooo bad, and just listen to the song! Almost time, almost time!

  24. wow that HOT.

    • that’s hot!!!

      • his short legs are not hot 😀

      • who cares… as long as the fans enjoy his comeback album its more than enough already! ^_^

      • @heechullySama (the first)

        u said his short legs are not hot..
        but ironically dear, u called urself an elf!!

        so, the conclusion is my dear, if you dont want people to hate u, dont start it first..!!

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