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WGM new couple Nich Khun-Victoria receives overwhelming response and interests on first airing

It has been revealed that the response regarding MBC We Got Married new couple 2PM Nich Khun and f(x) Victoria has been beyond imagination.

According to TNms, the viewership rate for the new couple when they made their first appearance on the show was 15.5%, a spike of 3% from the usual viewership rate for the show.

A iMBC official told the media, “On the day of the show on 26th June, we received over 500 comments, 2 times the usual number of comments,boug on our forum. And the number of people who bought the episode rewatch on our website the next day was 2 times higher than usual. Even though we don’t have the exact figures now, it is higher than the first episode for SeoHyun-Jung Yonghwa couple.”



26 Responses

  1. Couldn’t stop spazzing while watching the episode. xD
    They’re so cute together. ><

  2. i’m surprised khun fans are “accepting” of this couple. we’ll see if that changes once the skinship increases.

    i’ve always liked victoria.

    for yongseo…i already assumed it would be slow progress given the fact that it was seohyun. the sad part about that is, they don’t have a lot of time left since it’s inevitable they leave the show once snsd starts promoting in japan soon.

    all 3 couples are cool, and i wish they all had longer air time.

  3. I can’t wait when victoria meet their brother in-laws!!!+0+….and i can’t wait to see more of khun.oppa, khuntoria!fighting!

  4. victoria is sooo cute, her variety of expressions are hilarious,
    these two are justt soooo adorable ❤

  5. i liked the first episode for this couple but nothing beats the Adam couple! ❤

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: WGM new couple Nich Khun-Victoria receives overwhelming response and interests on first airing http://twurl.nl/vfeihi […]

  7. they are such an aorable couple… I didn’t know victoria was so cute….. kkkk

  8. I love Khuntoria and will start to follow this pair on WGM from now on. Khuntoria Fighting!

  9. KhunToria pwns YongSeo!
    Like seriously..

    Love all the three couples though. ^^

  10. Happy for the Khuntoria couple that they are getting a good reception. For me, ratings comparison or not, the YongSeo couple are DAEBAKKK as well. Just wanted to say they have many fans as well and I hope the new couple will get as much love.

  11. I’m kind of bummed that Adam Couple is being cut short of airtime

    • ME TOO!

      this is injustice.
      the wgm producer better not be so evil the next time round!

  12. It’s because Koreans adore Khun’s good looks and “perfect” personality. Just look at how the female MCs couldn’t stop gushing over how cute he was.

  13. Victoria was pretty cool! She’s so interesting and khun ofcourse was just cool. Though I think he’s kinda boring with the whole perfect thing they put on him. Hopefully we get to see more of his personality. He is a sweetheart though.

  14. That’s because fans of both groups are beginning to accept the couple and because well, we can tell that they suit each other and look cute together.

    This is better than the reception for Seohyun and Yonghwa and personally I love Nichkhun and Victoria, both of their groups are good too. ^_^

  15. omg they are so cute together >o<
    Victoria & khun jjang !!!

  16. Victoria totally won me over by the end of episode <333(:
    She's so adorable and full of life!
    I loved when she looked through the opposite side of the binocular stand thingy. Her confused expression was adorable beyond belief! ^^

    I already like this couple more than the YongSeo couple! 😉

    Khunnie, my prince, take good care of her! 🙂

  17. Hot/Charismatic/Caring (Khun)
    Charming/Sweet/Cute (Toria)
    ONE ASDadasdasdadaCASDS COUPLE

    Ofcourse, the rating will go up.

  18. Lol, of course they’re better than the other couple. I CAN SEE SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN HERE!

  19. OMG …


    • I’m glad to see fans aren’t ripping each other because of Khuntoria and instead accepting the couple and because well, we can tell that they suit each other and look cute together.

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