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After School JungAh, “Jealous of UEE? I pity her more”

After School JungAh talks about team member UEE.

JungAh was one of the After School guest appearances on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 30th June.

JungAh was asked on the show, “By any chance, have you been jealous of UEE?” JungAh replied, “As compared to being jealous, I pity her more. It is because she has much more schedule than me.”

Meanwhile, Son DamBi also did guest appearance on the show that day with the After School member Nana, JungAh and GaHee.


26 Responses

  1. she doesn’t want to admit she’s jealous. c’mon! who wouldn’t want exposure?

  2. I think Pledis is slowly realizing that the other members really deserve to be recognized as well because now they’re assigning the members into sub-units and solos.

    When they first came out being tagged as the “Korean PCD”, I felt that it’s almost inevitable that not all of them would have the chance because PCD was basically all about their lead for the most part. I think it’s safe to say that sooner or later, the other members would get some exposure.

  3. Omg let uee be. she shot to the top unexpectedly.

    I like jungah too. i wish she would do more stuff so she can shine too.

    • yea, i think they need to put JungAh more in variety show so people can get to know her more.

  4. Her acting’s good, definitely. From You’re Beautiful at least.
    Pretty? Maybe cute/sweet — Like Wondergirls’ Ahn So Hee and Boys Over Flowers’ Park Soo Jin.

  5. other than popularity, i think jungah doesn’t have anything that she should be jealous about uee. she’s slimmer, is a better singer, better dancer, and dare i say prettier. uee’s popularity always bring in the wrong kind of attention.. plus uee can’t date freely in public while she can

    • exactely. she get criticised for having a little fat on her tummy. no one even realised she’s probably too busy for the gym?

  6. I really think Kahi and JungAh deserve way more attention bc they have so much talents. AS fighting

    • finally some one thinking like me

      this two girls is realy talents and they are deserve more attention

      UEE good girl but i dont know why she is the most popular in AS ???
      she does not have such a wonderful voice like JungAh , plus she is not a good dancer like Gahi
      SO she is not the best member in the group

      Really, I do not know on what basis a person becomes famous???

    • Jungah yeah but Kahi already getting more attention comparing to the other members I mean even if u listen to their songs like because of u u will notice that Kahi have more lines in the song comparing to the other girls and same thing in bang she have three lines raina two lines and the other members have one line and poor lizy and nana had to share the same line and sing together what i dont get is why kahi who is vocally okay can have more lines and Jyngah who is vocally stronger than Kahi only have one line

      • I know what you mean, and I agree with you 🙂

        But, I think that the company is trying to enhance her image

        And yet, in my view she did not get what she deserve

        There are other girls have become famous and they are does not possess any talent both in singing or dancing

      • It’s really hard to split lines when you are in a group. Yes i do agree JungAh deserve way more lines and attention. I don’t think they would mind if Kahi have more lines. She is a great leader and really care about her team members. I forgot which song (i think “because of you”) where they even change the lines (Kahi sings only few lines) so other member can sing her lines.

  7. I see…yes, you`re probably right. Yes, both positions are enviable in a way, aren`t they?

  8. Yay I love her!! I hope she’s growing her hair back out

  9. maybe she pity UEE in the sense that she’s able to have social and relaxing life even if she has A.S. stuff. Uee on the other hand may have a lot of offers in terms of dramas, endorsements, but she may be be able to rest with her busy schedule. I would say I’m a bit jealous because she gets to put her name out there and show off her skills, but I would want to have a break once in a while. Jungah, Uee Fighting!

  10. To say that she pitied her wasn`t very nice…either she`s jealous or at least she can`t have thought much of the question…

  11. Cmon’ some of them admit it, they are jealous of Uee.

    • =.= I think you didn’t even read this article properly.

    • I read it. Did you even read my comment?
      GaHee already mention she’s jealous of Uee.

      • sorry but this article isn’t about Gahee.
        well you just have to change ‘they’ into ‘some of them’..
        doesn’t matter actually. : )

    • you are right ofcourse she would be jealous but when she think again and see how uee live with a busy schedule she is going to say thank god that i am not like her that way she dont admit

      • What gahee did really say (it was on strong heart)
        She said she was jealous of Uee but for 1% of jealousy there was 99% of gratitude.

  12. YES JUNGAH!! ❤

  13. damn.
    Jungah is such a beautiful woman ❤
    female crush FTW.

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