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Park GaHee speaks up on celebrity ex-boyfriend

After School’s eldest sister Park GaHee is flustered as the talk of her previous celebrity boyfriend.

After School members made guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 30th June.

When asked about her previous celebrity love relationships by the MCs, GaHee commented, “It got me flustered, awkward and at a loss of what to do.” GaHee also requested netizens who posted up photos of her and her previous celebrity boyfriend online, “Please delete them.”

Back then on a broadcast program aired last May when asked if her previous boyfriend was a celebrity, GaHee had not denied and had garnered much interests from netizens for that.

Meanwhile, on the show that day Son DamBi also did guest appearance with After School memberes Nana, JungAh and GaHee.

S: Newsen

89 Responses

  1. All of THIS^^^^^^
    is the reason why Celebs aren’t allowed to date or actually hide it.

    Gahee is beautiful,talented, and super nice.
    Micky is very talented too.
    IDK why people are bashing on one or the other.
    They both have sacrificed a lot to be where they’re at right now.
    So those of you who want to bash anybody…Look at yourself first because cussing out another person doesn’t make yourself look any better.
    And..Fan wars are NEVER okay!

  2. i’m a Cassie, and I don’t mind Micky dating Gahee! I mean Gahee is freakin awsum and so is Micky!

  3. Cassies are all different I`m sure…I mean, you don`t necessarily agree with someone else just because you support the same idol…

  4. Im a cassie but i love this couple……. seriously, yoochun needs her, she needs yoochun too. shes the hottest female dancer in korea. yoochun is the hottest songwriter LOL.

  5. some people here need to CHILL. πŸ˜›
    guys, please don’t make this issue big again. it’s in the past..
    and past is past. sheesh.
    although it’s already late that i’ve know that Gahee and Yoochun dates way back, and being a cassie…i think there’s no problem here. i think they’re a great couple. though firstly i thought that yoochun was too young for gahee…but age is just a number..

    let’s not hate guys.

  6. what is all the talk about. seriously it’s their private life leave them alone!

  7. let her do her own thing.

    shes approaching the middle years of her life and like any other girl, some start to really want to settle down.

    but with constant 10-20 year olds stalking their every move, hows a girl suppose to even approach and talk with a male naturally and comfortably?

    the past is the past too. there are some things to dwell on but others should just be left behind.

    “β€œP/S: MJ’s fans (a dozen) took their lives coz their MJ died. LOL” ” i dont see what so funny about that either… its tragic. do not bring this up plz.

    as crazykayi said, “Must you really wait till you are indirectly involved in another suicide case before you learn a lesson?” for most people, yes. many take things for granted and its a huge issue thats hard to address and solve.

  8. LOL reading such comments are really a very special kind of entertainment. even more interesting the the news itself.
    come on people. you can here to read the latest k-pop news.
    the comments system is for you to thanks soookyeong for her prompt update and hard work!
    don’t upset her by creating such useless arguement.

    please learn that it is not good for you to use cyber to voice out all your inappropriate comments. you can get sued for defamation. learn that habit before one day u get retributions.

    gahee managed it well.
    i believe her success is what she worked hard for.
    such past shld be left alone.

  9. soo unmature..hahaha

  10. Poor girl…. hundreds of thousands of fan girls hate her for no reason other than that a long, long, long time ago, she dated their dear sweet oppa.

  11. The past is the past

    get over it

  12. who else did she dated ??
    i just know micky ?? whos the other guy ?? from shinee ??

    i think she is beautiful, very hot ,has a good body and the best dancer among ALL the girl group in my opinion

    • no one else.

      only Micky.

    • Minzi is better than gahee.
      and gahee is old for be an idol LOL.

      • no she’s not just so you know. And i don’t understand you guys, this is an article about Gahee and her ex-boyfriend ONLY. Why brought up Minzi????

  13. Feelings strong as these are complicated, but a couple should be entitled to privacy and respect…especially when those in love are people in the spotlight who give of themselves constantly.
    She seems to respect fans who may be in love with her ex, though, since she never brought this up by herself…
    Just support and help eachother, it`s the only thing that matters really:)

  14. Ga hee dont care about stopid haters

    you are good , amazing , cute , hot girl πŸ™‚

    we cant witting for your come back πŸ™‚

  15. “Park GaHee is such a easy girl.
    stay away from my Micky oppa.”
    “Gahee has a lot of experience with guys. Micky was just one of them.”
    “Park GaHee ??? LOL that girl was with every idol out there.”
    “Gahee is way better person than Yoochun… He is a player”

    To the people who’re badmouthing Yoochun/Kahi:
    How do you know she’s an “easy girl”?
    How do you she has got lots “of experience with guys”?
    How do you know she “was with every idol out there”?
    How do you know he was “a player”?

    Rumours, rumours more rumors.
    And you people chose to believe in those baseless rumours that delusional people have came up with, tarnishing the artists’ reputation without a care for their feelings and emotions. It is because of all the hurt that artists have received from accusations and groundless statements that they are depressed and are suicidal.
    After all the incidences that have taken place due to “netizens’ negative comments”, people still can’t learn their lessons. I know you may be thinking how that has got to do with this article, but it is exactly how some comments right here that have caused much grief to the families and the artists themselves.

    Must you really wait till you are indirectly involved in another suicide case before you learn a lesson?

    One more thing, who the artists are dating has got nothing to do with you. They have the freedom and right to date whoever they want, while you simply do not have the say in their personal lives.
    They have absolute control over their decisions and their way of life, fans have to stop being “possessive” and act as though he/she was your actual real life boyfriend/girlfriend;husband/wife. Unless you really are, you really are just being delusional.

    Moreover, this relationship was in the past, please learn to move on.

    Furthermore, shouldn’t one give their blessings to a couple irregardless of what you think of their relationship? People who bash artists for their relationships are evil.

    • *claps* I like your essay. You put it in words very nicely.

      Of course, haters are so extremely clever they immediately know that anything negative is real! I pity their brain, seems like they don’t like to use it often.

    • your comment amazing πŸ™‚

      a gree with you 100%

    • your ‘possessive’ and ‘act as though he/she was your actual real life boyfriend/girlfriend;husband/wife’ part seems to be reciting a little of the commenter above you…

      • Yes I kinda noticed that 2 parts too lol.

        But I don’t understand why the hell are some fans crazy to the extend that they can even bother about their idols’ life.
        Don’t be so crazy, it’d cost you your death one fine day trust me.

        P/S: MJ’s fans (a dozen) took their lives coz their MJ died. LOL

        You don’t want that to happen to you (insanely fanatic) do you? Think again.

      • Well, I hadn’t seen that when I typed, it probably meant that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

      • “P/S: MJ’s fans (a dozen) took their lives coz their MJ died. LOL”

        i don’t see what’s funny about that.

      • ‘LOL’ doesn’t always means ‘Laugh out Loud’ like what kindergartners think… LOL.
        It’s more like ‘what a moron’ or a smirk and I guess most people these days know this unless and if you are a… — Ok fine, I’d not go on with the insulting LOL kthxbye. XD

    • this is so agree…
      all the netizens especially the haters shud read/ listen to the rap song of shelter…

      serve u rite!~

  16. Stop all the shit generalizing ‘ALL’ fans from a particular fanclub is pathetic.
    You are the one who are.
    Irregardless of the above mentioned whether are you DBSK or SHINee’s fan(s) — Defending “your” idol doesn’t gives you any fucking right to put down the other.
    Then I shall now say you who is crazy of whatever idol of yours is a whore/gigolo that doesn’t mind giving your body out to the senior citizens.
    These are the people who makes everyone hate a particular idol and/or their fanclub, because these annoying as hell piece of shits just don’t know how to differentiate from being a member of a fanclub from TREATING YOUR IDOL AS IF HE IS YOUR GOD-DAMN HUSBAND.
    Then, I suggest you think about how you should change your frightening and desperate personality FIRST.
    Because, getting a normal boyfriend (or girlfriend) is already something you should thank God for despite your lunatic syndrome of exaggerative possessiveness over someone you don’t even know. ‘Nuff said.

    • THANK YOU.

      how many times i started to dislike a boyband because of the fangirls? =_=

  17. geez… netizens should leave alone people’s private life. exposing it doesn’t make you any better than those spread rumors. they are practically belittling the person and their own dignity. past is the past get over it.

    and no one owns anyone… lol you do realize that even if you say you “own them”, celebrities only see you like everyone else in the crowd.

  18. Park GaHee ??? LOL that girl was with every idol out there.

    Micky-chan Hwaiting !! AKTF !!!

  19. Gahee is a good girl
    I think that Gahee is much better for Yoochun that jessica πŸ™‚

    • Jessica is a good girl, too. And you’re right – Yoochun doesn’t deserve Jessica at all. Gahee can have him. ;]

      • Jessica a good girl?? Yeah right…..

      • Jessica is a good girl. Far better than Micky at least. I mean in terms of dating. Even DBSK members know for sure that Yoochun is a cassanova. Unless u like having ur heart broken, never date that kind of guy.

  20. woa people here tend to love dissing other ppl.
    please : /

  21. Dude, I seriously wonder why they broke up… They were so good together..

    • Micky yoochun was tooo good for her.
      he deserves someone better.

      • someone like Junsu oppa πŸ˜€

      • what if he did something to make them break up ?
        Maybe.. he cheated ?
        What if hes a bad boyfriend ?
        What if shes to good for him ?
        Why does it have something have to be wrong with her ?
        At least shes not scared to talk about it,
        while he just acts like he doesn’t know her.
        What a little pussy.

      • what if she did something to make them break up ?
        Maybe.. she cheated ?
        What if she’s a bad girlfriend ?
        What if he’s too good for her?
        Why does it have to be something wrong with him?
        At least he’s not denying it.
        He never acted like he didn’t know her.
        there’s pictures, if it wasn’t true, he would’ve spoken up.
        It’s their personal business so why should he be obligated to talk about it?
        leave them both alone.

      • Gahee is way better person than Yoochun… He is a player :s

        ❀ Gahee jjang ❀

      • u mean she deserves better? Rain was checking her out in that strong heart ep he guested on lmao

      • Rain ??? who the hell is he??
        I bet micky yoochun is hotter and more talented than that rain guy.

      • are u kidding me, Gahee is a total package, Gahee fighting

      • @ AKTF_bogota
        LMAO I’m not even a fan of Rain. But ur comment is the most ignorant comment ever. Rain is already a world star. He can pawn Yoochun anyday…XP

    • Maybe they just didn’t have time or fell out of love, like normal people πŸ˜€

  22. Kahi fighting

  23. of course it”s micky but she’s such a class act because she never on her own accord speak up about her past relationship with him to gain fame. something you see plenty of in american entertainment.

  24. i bet she even got antis just cos she went out with yoochun before. please, she’s so hot. i’d go out with her if i was a boy lol

  25. Park GaHee is such a easy girl.
    stay away from my Micky oppa.

    • your Micky oppa??? LOL cassies are so pathetic.

      • Gahee has a lot of experience with guys. Micky was just one of them.

      • not all cassies are like that.
        most of them are actually in favor of this ex-couple.
        gahee, can’t wait for your comeback : )<3

      • Pff..–‘ you are pathetic. making generalities πŸ™‚
        Ok, few are over reacting, but not all of them.. and have you got something against Cassies, cuz in every fanclub, there are some “fanatic” girls.

      • ROFL you SHINee fans ARE pathetic.

        Micky oppa Fighting <3333

      • Fact:: Cassiopeia >>>>>>>>>> shinee world any day.

      • ^ and you’re so immature for saying this.

        yup, Cassies LIKE YOU are pathetic

      • agree with bigeastJP.

        that Gahee girl i just a female dog.
        she use our micky to gain popularity.

      • dude, CASSIES are the most hypocritical fans in Kpop.
        let Gahee unnie alone.

        srly Cassies SUCKS !!!

      • leave chunnie alone?

        people are so ridiculous… why does it bother you so much that they said “my micky oppa”? all fans area like, this, not just cassies, not just whoever.



        i lol at people who take that person SERIOUSLY as in, they really believe micky is theirs. they are just being fans and theres nothing wrong with that



        goddamn mother fuckers…….

    • “stay away from my Micky oppa.”
      typical cassie -__________-

      • cassies: they’ll never be yours.

        and Yoochun is ok but not as great as jaejae or susu.

      • veeeeeeryyyyy tipical cassie fans…
        “get away from my yoochun oppa”..
        “get away from my junsu oppa”…
        “get away from my jaejoong oppa”…
        such a loser…

        just let them be with whoever they want…

      • ikr?

      • Nope. That is not a typical cassie. Thats just a fucking retard who thinks that she can “claim dibs” on a freaking person. So please, stop it before I curse the fuck out of you.

    • It sounds like you’re easier.

      • Park GaHee is hella beautiful & talented woman.

        yoochun is the talentless guy in dbsk.
        and Cassies are such a horny jealous fangirls.

      • @minjimon

        dont say Yoochun is talentless if you dont know who is he. he made many songs and it’s all good. you are so jealous with his talent.

        and dont say all cassies like that. I am cassie and I never feel jealous abt ex girlfriend. they are just EX, and let’s see the present, OK?

        and it’s not Gahee’s fault to date with Micky in the past. so, please dont get it too far.

      • Did you just say Yoochun is ‘talentless’?


        Just LOL.


    • Rather then putting down Cassies or putting down Gahee how about letting them both have their privacy and choose their own happiness?

      I think it’s normal to feel jealous as a fan, but it’s not so good when that jealousy extends to insulting other people.

      BTW I’m a fan of both :).

    • LOL easy girl? I can say the other way round ya know. Why is the girl always the easy one when both r in relationship and apparently both of them are nowhere near innocent. LMAO Jealous fangirls to the left please!
      Be thankful that the sexy mature Gahee wanted to teach young Yoochun how to date!

  26. hmm is she referring to micky yuchun from dbsk

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