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[Special] Couple Se7en and Park HanByul amongst other stars at Park YongHa’s funeral

With the Korean entertainment scene waking up to shocking news of the death of Hallyu star Park YongHa on 30th June, many stars have also appeared to pay their last respects to the star at his funeral.

Amongst the stars is couple Se7en and Park HanByul appearing together at the same event after quite some time. Also go under the cut for photos of other star appearances at the funeral.

46 Responses

  1. I think So Jisub & Choi Jiwoo are the ones who didn’t stop crying. So sad T______T

    RIP, my fave actor ever.

  2. this is so sad.

  3. tragic… but i think only these celeb, entertainment ppl would understand the pressure tha park yong ha was probably havin gto driven him off to suicide… entertainment industry is scary…. price of fame… RIP yongha

  4. why are there so many photographers at funerals ?
    it’s so wrong..

  5. this is so sad and tragic because as cruel as it sounds it has become a common thing in korean society.
    Depression is a serious illness that needs treatment and I can’t understand how after all of these years it is still a thing frowned upon in the korean society. The fact that these people cannot talk about their depression without being looked upon as crazy is exactly the reason why their only way out is suicide.
    How many more deaths does this country need to realize that they need to have professional help for people to rely on..

  6. it’s like all the big guns are pulled out. Actors that have been absent from the news like Songseunghun, won bin, ji soeb, etc.

    And ji seob was looking so anguish in his tears. I never realized they were so close. And choi ji woo was crying pretty hard. But it makes sense as they had the same time period??

    if only he could have seen beyond death as a solution.

  7. rip ):

  8. May Park YongHa rest in peace.
    I could already feel their sorrow from looking at these pics. It makes me tear up so much. 😦

  9. It’s nice to see everybody gathering together for YongHa but not for a happy event…:(

    I’m sure both Korean & Japanese fans felt extremely painful.. Even International fans like me, can’t accept the truth yesterday… 😦

    I really hope netizens can voice their concern about this disease “depression”.. South Korean Govt should create more awareness and provide alternatives for them… It’s really a bad culture/trend there…

    RIP YongHa..
    WE will definitely miss you dearly..:(
    Be strong YongHa’s dad & mum..
    I know it’s tough..
    May GOD bless you all…

  10. It’s a sad thing when someone thinks suicide is the only way. Yes, they somehow leave their problems for good… but somehow they forgot about the people they love and those who love them.

    What will Korea do after this? I think they have the highest record of celebrities who committed suicide.

    This is not a personal/family problem anymore. This has become to big to not take notice.

    However, condolence to his family.

  11. A tremendous loss. He was a becoming a even better actor.

    My condolences to his beloved ones.

  12. there were so many Korean big time stars attended the funeral…
    RIP to PYH. may he rest in peace. we will always remember him. 😥

  13. Rest in Peace… You could see everyone crying

  14. Park Yong Ha. :[[[[

    Rest in peace.

  15. Park Yong Ha was too gentle and nice a soul to suffer the cruel and harsh world of Korean entertainment, may he Rest Peacefully in Heaven and watch over his family and friends.
    Namu Amitabul, Amen.

  16. Oh my gosh. This make me feel so upset, I watched On Air and I really enjoyed it, especially his character. Aigoo…

    He was an amazing actor and considering all the people who came to wish him farewell, I’m pretty sure he was a very kind person as well. I feel really sorry for So Jisub. I heard that they were EXTREMELY close. Same with Jaejoong, he can’t even come to Korea to send him off…

    All of his friends must feel horrible though… If my friend committed suicide and I didn’t even have the slightest idea that he/she was even considering suicide, I would be so upset with myself…

    My heart goes out for his family. I read in Korean reports that his mother and sister were both hospitalized after fainting from shock. I also read that he had been drunk the night he killed himself. Heartbreaking indeed…

    I feel horrible for his Japan fans. Some of them are still wondering if this is reality or not… His suicide is greater news than Japan losing in soccer…

    Also, in the article, I think it was supposed to be Song Seunghun and not Song Seunghyun…

    He will be missed as a great actor and a kind person. I hope he rests in peace. I also hope his friends will also be able to recover from the shock of losing such an amazing friend.

  17. May he rest in peace & he will be remembered
    by all of us forever.
    My condolences go out to him & his family, friends, etc.

  18. OMG paparazzi make me sick!! these ppl are grieving for a dear friend of theirs and clearly torn up abt what happened, and they still think it’s okay to take pictures! sicking!!

    seeing pictures of Seo jiseob who is crying his heart out is so saddening. ppl who work in the media need to grow a conscious and learn some respect!

    R.I.P PJH

    • i got teary-eyed every time i look at Seo Ji Seob’s picture. he must’ve been really close to Park Yong Ha.

      RIP Park Yong Ha.

  19. I wonder why no story of a man casts.. maybe they were too shocked.. like park shi yeon repretedly really shocked


    The celebrities in Korea kill themselves. The young people in Korea kill themselves, some even organize groups who commit suicide together. What is it going to take for someone to hear the this distress call? When will someone do something? When did suicide become a fact of life?

    Who has to die from suicide before something happens??
    This is so sad and so tragic. This did not have to happen.

    I feel so bad for his family and friends. He was so talented. May he rest in peace.

    • I agree
      when are people are going to take action to stop this
      like spread awareness, seek help or counseling
      I think its time to step up and address a problem
      instead of letting it become a fact of life
      I dont think koreans know how serious depression is and how you can get help and even cure it to avoid instances like these
      its just sad the mentality really regarding these types of mental illnesses in korea

  21. won bin looks like a sick person..
    RIP Park Yong Ha

  22. this is probably me being insensitive, but it must have taken more than he’s father having terminal cancer for him to kill himself.
    i mean he’s about to have a new drama, his dad is ill so he’s parents would need him even more. i think its cruel how suicide is even a way out for him. i feel so sorry for his parents especially his mum. just think how hard it must be for her….

  23. i don’t know who is he, but judging from the star who attend, he must be a friendly and successful person. rest in peace Park Yongha.

  24. It’s so fcken sad seeing everybody so sad and it breaks my heart even more to see So Ji Sub crying!!!!

    R.I.P. Park Yongha…I was really looking forward to ur drama…

  25. Off topic : Cha Taehyun + Jongkook + Jang Hyuk= the dragon brothers 😀

    R.I.P Park Yongha

  26. might not be the best time to say this but se7en and park han byul look like kyujong and dambi

  27. this may be inappropriate, but damn these people are all gorgeous with no make up.. =\

    sorry, it’s a horrible loss, i just don’t know anything about this guy..
    but something must be terribly wrong over there for so many celebrities, that people look up to, are so unhappy.

  28. RIP Park Yongha… You’ll be deeply missed…
    The entertainment show-biz lost another celebrity to depression…
    This is sad, but we all know suicide is not the answer/solution for depression…

    My condolence to the Park family, and friends…

  29. I know i’m going to hell for saying this but i have too..
    SE7EN is lookin fine as hell, sorry xD

    R.I.P Park Yong Ha

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  31. Everyone looks so sad…I wish I could do something for them! I wish I could have done something for him as well…but there`s nothing one can do now…

  32. look at all those stars.. how can he
    he had such bright future ahead of him

  33. Such a tragic loss. Hope they’re all given strength during this difficult time.

  34. The last girl isnt kim gyuri its kim min sun

    • I find it weird too. I remember her as Kim MinSun but news reports are all naming her as Kim GyuRi in their articles

      • If I remember correctly, she changed her name from Kim Minsun to Min Gyuri… I don’t know the reason why she changed her name…

      • Apparently, GyuRi is a name that her mother called her when she was young. So after her mother passed away, she wanted to change her name to GyuRi, to remember her mother, I suppose. Lots of netizens were against it since they know her as her previous name, and also because there is another actress with the same name.

      • i guess it is common for Korean celebrities to change their name at a later stage of their career? another one i recall did that is Kim Nam Gil. previously, he was known as Lee Han.

    • as far as celebrities go, park yongha was one of my favorite personalities. may he rest peacefully

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