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TaeYang 1st full length album ‘Solar’ released!

Set for 1st full length album ‘Solar’ and comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July, album ‘Solar’ has finally been unveiled.

The full length album includes 13 songs, with title song ‘I Need A Girl’ featuring fellow Big Bang member GDragon. Go under the cut to listen to the other songs.

Title song:

Love it or not?

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  1. […] TaeYang made his comeback with his 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’ released on 1st July, and had his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown. The title song ‘I Need […]

  2. […] TaeYang made his comeback with his 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’ released on 1st July, and had his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown. The title song ‘I Need […]


  4. I love the INTRO! Should have been longer!!!!!! 😑

    “I need a girl” didnt go on repeat for me. It was okay…for a title song. And GD’s presence didnt do anything wonders to it anyway, not that anyone is expecting something big from him right, it was just a short cameo, so chill GD fanlovers.

    Its MV was plain and simple, but i thought it was just nice and complete. Very TaeYang too.

    All other songs had fresh melodies, perfect for the summer.

    Rating: 4/5

  5. i love you’re my and superstar and take it slo!!! big bang members are really worth the wait!!! i like!!!!!!!!! ;p

  6. why dont people like i need a girl ):

    isnt that whats great about the album? people seem to feel indifferent about the song bc some songs arent like, “boom!” or hitting it hard enough or too soft. but im talking about variety. superstar, i need a girl, all have a different feel. yet, you still feel that yb style we’ve grown to attach rhythm n beats to.

    different people, different preferences. whats good about this full length album as opposed to mini albums is that theres enough variety for most people. but others just arent feeling this style, and thats not a knockoff yb, but some just dont dig rnb or pop and thats understandable

    • i just listened to “you’re my” since many seem to like it and i have to say, he did a GREAT job singing in that pitch. idk if it was with the help of computers or not, but regardless, it sounded very smooooth.

  7. I still have mixed feelings about I need a girl, honestly speaking. My favorite would be superstar. Overall? HELL YEAH the album is really solid and it met my expectations! πŸ™‚ I love how it’s cohesive and not all over the place, but you still see and hear that each song has its own very unique qualities into it.

    Looking at this and looking at GD’s heartbreaker album last year, I feel proud. I mean when you hear their albums you’ll know that it’s Taeyang’s, and the other really GD’s, instead of feeling that their songs are just BigBang reminiscent, which is good for me because you see that personal input so much integrated and it makes their solos are so worth buying. πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait for the MV goddammit!

    • ohh dear.. that is exactly the reason why i love YG.. he let his artists to grow and to make their own music.. he does not pressure his artists to do things his way because he understand their passion and love towards music.. ^^

      YGFamily Hwaiting!!!!
      Taeyang Hwaiting!!!! ^_+

  8. Love it. I will buy his album.

  9. Love my R&B and Taeyang is the only one that can fullfill that genre in kpop at least. No more cookie cutter rushed out pop songs. See now I know why YG dont rush their comebacks like others because to make quality music takes time

  10. Oh my god, Teddy’s rap in MOVE.
    So dirrrty, yet sooo good. Hehehe *fangirl squeal and faints*.

  11. Overall a very solid album. I really liked “you’re my” and “move”. The title track is sorta weak though. It’s not that it’s not upbeat enough… it just doesn’t have any sparkle. “Move” would have been better.

    • i like Move a lot too but the song would have been banned. Teddy’s rap in it is filthy

      • lmao Teddy’s rap is sexy though & his voice, his fucking VOICEE<3 the sexx man (:
        haha i think Just A Feeling should have been the title track. Honestly I was expecting an upbeat song because yes GD was in it, (but i know he can make slow songs as well) and mostly because its the damn TITLE SONG!! i mean who makes a slow-not-so-upbeat song for a title track?
        im not saying he had to make it all pop & shxt like the rest of the kpop music but a little more UMPF you know? i keep on saying it might grown on me but idk..

        almost any other song in that album could have been a better title track Teddy & Taeyang are awesome and idk what they were thinking when they picked this as the title song.

      • I need a girl is the title track Coz the rest of the song will make you feel bored after a couple of times. But this song will grow on you more and more. It will not be the instance hit, but it surely will stay on you for long time. YB cant have the hypr like GD even TOP have. People will pay more attention to them coz they are more popular. So all kills in every charts is pretty hard. As YB fans, we should lower our expection. My fav is INAG, Take it slow, and AyFA.

  12. I think I love this more compare to his mini album. Why?

    His first mini album sound Big Bangish. What I really mean is, that album has songs that I believe could also do well in Big Bang album.

    While Solar, it has songs that showcase TY’s love to R’N’B.. despite there are songs which have a mix of pop in it..

    So far, I have no problem with all the songs. I think they are all goods. I just hope people/fans could support him continuously.

    • each of TY’s albums give me different feelings, can’t decide which is better. so i’d say i love both of them equally. but i do agree with what you say about HOT mini album being Big Bangish. in fact, Big Bang did sing one of the songs from the album (Make Love) in their Number 1 album.

    • That’s what I’m thinking, too.

      I mean I loved HOT but like you said, it still has this BB thing written on it for the most part.

      SOLAR I guess is more of like an acquired taste to some. What I loved about this album is that I really saw Taeyang as himself, with his personal musical preferences and style. And it’s pretty cohesive. While I’m still not feeling the title track, overall the album is pretty good. It’s not the usual “have a danc-y, upbeat hit and then some” album released by others this year. And I kinda liked that.

  13. OMG! Teddy sounded so SEXY on move! My gawd…well back to Taeyang, well he is….gah no word can describe him enough.

  14. i like 68% of the songs. which is good for right now.
    i have to listen to the songs more than one time to really like them

  15. Love it. πŸ™‚ Especially just a feeling

  16. I love most of the songs! A few I don’t care for, but for the most part I love the album

  17. I love the songs~!!! I lvoe you Tae Yang!

    But DAMN! Please don’t let me see him performing with a stub on Mcountdown today >___<~~~~

  18. […] and will have his first stage tomorrow on Mnet M!Countdown.For the music streaming, head on toΒ KBITES. var addthis_append_data='true'; Tags: Taeyang, YG ENTERTAINMENTCategory: Music About ohgelie: […]

  19. i like all the songs except you’re my…
    that falsetto was just weird. leave the high voices to GD and Seungri please. other than that A+ plus album πŸ˜€

  20. Absolutely love them all !
    Can’t wait for his comeback stage !

  21. I’m a taeyang fan but I don’t think the album is that great. good, nonetheless but nothing major.

    I do like “After you fall asleep” though.

  22. lol. i had no expectations for ‘I Need A Girl’. i didn’t even wanna guess how the song would be like. it was a wild card song for me. just the fact that GD worked on the song as well as teddy made it enough for me to think, “expect the unexpected” and don’t freaking worry abt it, cuz it’s gonna be awesome anyway.

    tho i lol at the ppl who think GD and immediately assume upbeat song. (not here on kbites, just other places.) i mean, give the guy some credit. he composed songs like ‘Babo’ and ‘Butterfly’ before. he’s totally capable of mellowing it down and just gives some lovin in his songs. the fact that YB and him worked together made it that much SWEETER~

    i love ‘I Need A Girl’ a whole freaking lot! the performance is gonna be EPIC and thus the YG domination shall begin! wooo~!!! <3<3<3


    • GD didn’t composed I Need A Girl’ GD only did his rap part of I Need A Girl the beat the lyric is from the new YG producer.
      Before You Fall Asleep is the one that GD composed.

      • i know. lol. i didn’t say he composed it. i said he’s capable of mellowing down and working with slower songs. besides, i’m sure he had some input in I Need A Girl regardless. =)

    • Teddy didnt work on I Need A Girl either.

  23. i like just a feeling,take it slow and superstar~overall this is must buy album for me~taeyang<3333

  24. yippaa~~ finally i can listening to my chocolate… my sweetest chocolate πŸ˜€

  25. i love all his songs, but i think “You’re My” is soooooooo good. I can’t wait to see his new mv and comeback stage. Go go Taeyang

  26. love the song “move” with TEDDY.
    This album is damn great !!!!!!!!!!

  27. ”It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now!!!

    damn straight!

    OMG I’M IN LOVE!! there’s not one song on the album that i don’t love!! TY is the only kpop artist in my opinion ALWAYS delivers amazing, quality songs!

    i’ve waited a long time….and it’s sooo worth the wait.

    it’s all about TY&YG domination this summer!

  28. LOL..now you guys complain for INAG not being upbeat? Personally I think INAG is those type of song that will grow on you the more you listen. It does not have the appeal like HB, once you listen you will not forget. But it is def a very classic song. I though TY fans like his vocal more than his popularity? Shall you just enjoy his music? The whole album is a masterpice.

    • GD worked on INAG too, tho. so, technically, it should have the same appeal HB had, considering it was touched by the same person. vibe is different, but to me the appeal is very much the same. i enjoy it!

  29. Taeyang !!!!

  30. wow i thought i need a girl will be upbeat beat to this is nice and different which is good men nice job taeyang.

  31. i fell in love with superstar from the first time i listen to it. it just a matter of time before all the songs grew on me. great album!

    • same here. Just the first few seconds and I know what my new obsession is.

  32. […] For the music streaming, head on to KBITES. […]

  33. Taeyang’s voice is so soothing

  34. TAKE IT SLOWWWW <3333

    I need a girl was not what i expected, but it turned out beautifully. Everyone thought it would be upbeat and dance-like.. but its soft. its about time korea moved away from poppy dance tracks and into smooth R&B/Ballad songs. every dance song sounds the same :\

    This album will be on repeat ALL DAY πŸ˜€

    • I tooootally agree. I really expected something different. But its a very beautiful song though! i was so damn exited for this album and it turned out to be one of the i’ve ever heard! i’m so proud of YB πŸ™‚

    • ITA. I don’t know why people ain’t feeling the song but I thought it’s beautiful. Sure, it may not be your mainstream catchy dance auto-tuned crap but dang people needa start listening to real music. I Need A Girl is sexay and sleek and I love it.

  35. love it esp take it slow,move and i need a girl

  36. PERFECT ❀
    YB should compose more cuz Take It Slow is EPIC!

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