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TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ #1 on real time music charts after release

TaeYang’s first full length album goes up to the #1 spot on realtime music chart as soon as it is revealed.

According to music site Monkey3, the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ off the album went up to the #1 spot on their real time chart as soon as it was revealed on 1st July.

Other songs off the album like ‘Break down’, ‘Just a feeling’, ‘You’re my, ‘After You Sleep’ are also very well received by music fans, up on the top 10 rankings on realtime music charts

The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also features Big Bang member GDragon. The Monkey 3 team contents team leader commented, “We see that the popularity for ‘I Need A Girl’ is going to surpass ‘Just Look At Me’. At the same time, other than the title song, other songs on the album is also going up our charts fast. For the first half of this year, there was no singer who stayed at the #1 on the chart for more 3 weeks. All eyes are on whether TaeYang will be able to break the record.”


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  1. To tell the truth, I ‘m disappointed with this new album too. I only can hear You’re my until the end. All other songs I just click next when it just play haft.
    Maybe it’s just not my style. But if it’s not a good one, someone must tell him.
    Taeyang can make a better album. I myself think Wedding dress is way better.
    Anw, I think You’re my is a good song.

  2. People can argue all they want over how Taeyang’s comeback will be a success/failure… all I can say is that I am totally happy with his album. It is a rarity in K-pop to have a solid full album (without half of the album being remixes). He can’t please everyone but if he’s happy with the work he’s put on this album, then that’s all that matters.

  3. the only reason I think Taeyang got haters because other ppl feel he threatens their other idols success am I not right??? Keep doing your thing Taeyang and brush the haters off.

  4. actually when i first heard INAG i feel a bit disappointed [ i thought it would be more impress cuz Teddy picked it himself ] but after listen about 3 times it start growing on me. Jeon Gun [pd INAG] is still considered a rookie producer but he has a great talent.
    believe me, listen it again for a few times and you will find INAG is enjoyable with lovely rhythm and lyric. Besides the MV is so cute and the whole album is really good [ i think i love all its tracks], i have strong felling that INAG ‘ll do well on music chart.^^
    TAEYANG hyung fighting!!!!

  5. I didnt like I need a girl. But Solar was good.

  6. MY GOD.

    That Wonder Girls argument up there was just stupid. 2DT had its time on the charts okay? I don’t see why it needs to be brought up when it was released and had it’s run almost a month ago. So what if some of you guys like Wonder Girls, does it matter on Taeyang’s album release, or to him being a good artist?

  7. so happy to see all these antis and haters crawling out of their holes …. this shows how great Tae Yang is that these losers become so insecure about their favourites and threatened by his success that they feel the need to bash. well, bash as much as you want, it doesn’t change the fact Tae Yang is talented and that his new album is doing well.

    • nope this shows how Tae Yang has antis and not everyone love him.

      • @chunnie STFU BITCH.

      • of course i don’t expect him to be loved by everyone. this applies to all artists. no one expect every single artist to be loved by everyone. i don’t love every single artist existing in this world, but do i go and say degrading things about them? NO. if i don’t like their music when i heard it, i just stop listening to it. i don’t go around bashing the artists, saying they have no talent and all. i’m not fan BUT i’am not an anti. see the difference??

        if you’re an anti, it is like you have some sort of personal grudge against the artist which i think is quite ridiculous. you don’t know the artist personally nor have the artist done anything bad againt you. not liking the artist, his look and style and music gives you the right to say bad things about them?

        i don’t have anything against any person who says Tae Yang’s music is not to their taste, or that they don’t prefer his kind of music or style. it’s their choice, their preference. but to say, they don’t like his music because ‘other artists’ are better than him and all … or worst, that they don’t like him because of his physical appearance, these people should shut their trap then.

        anyways, i do find it funny for people who are not fans coming to his thread just to say, i don’t like his music … or i am not his fan. if i am not a fan of any artist, i just ignore every news and articles about them, i don’t read them and if i do read, i don’t comment. why? because i am indifferent to them and i don’t care about them. why spend my energy on them then?

  8. I actually LOVE the lyrics of I need a girl. It truthfully describes what Taeyang is honestly feeling. If youre a VIP who keeps track of their interviews and know them well, the song is exactly how Taeyang described his girl as. Heh.

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  10. must such normal stuff be posted…..

    • its up to the blogger (Sookyeong) on what she want to post or not. if u dun like what she post, just dun click it.. simple n no need ur energy. pff

    • pray tell me what ‘abnormal’ stuff that should be posted? about a girl idol’s bloated face? idols’ confessions of their crush? a boy idol shaving his mustache or whatever you call that …? or girl idols showing their panties or bras? which one is that? maybe those stuffs are what you’re looking for since they do challenge one’s intelligence in reading them. by all means … do scour for such stuffs. no one forces you to come and read this normal stuff here on this thread.

    I prefer the other song than I need a girl w3

  12. Can i ask, who composed the song and also who wrote the lyrics to ‘i need a girl’?

  13. I love you Tae Yang ❤
    I love ALL your songs/
    I may not be that great at analyzing songs, but yu did good ^__^ i love your voice!

  14. I’ve got the album and so far I find it sublime, I was expecting more after his promo singles being of great quality.

    ‘I need a Girl’ is kinda of weak but I guess it’ll grow on you over time like most kpop songs do.

    Unlike many of my friends, I actually like Superstar.

  15. I NEED A GIRL is such a cute song! ❤ (:

  16. Hmm.. seriously guy.. what kind of Taeyang do we want?

    The ‘dancing’ Taeyang?

    The ‘soulful’ Taeyang?

    For us to make assumption that this album wouldn’t do well is kind of too much I think, as it was just release today.

    I love all the songs in both album, but I love this one more. Why? Probably because they are a lot of songs in here that showcase his voice more than the dancing kind of stuffs.

    • But hey.. I still love the dancing Taeyang.. 😛

    • I love how you said ‘dancing Taeyang’ and ‘soulful Taeyang’

      I love both! since we already saw ‘dancing taeyang’ I want more of ‘soulful Taeyang’ now…although I still like WD more…lol…I think his new songs are more of a happy go lucky kinda thing rather than sad and depressing…it goes right with how he’s feeling right now…

    • Thank you for your senseful comment!

      Taeyang has shown us his dancing abilities, he wants to show us his ‘SOLful’ ability.

      Taeyang also said he wanted to show something new, someone who captures people with music. I believe he has achieved that with this album, and I dare anyone to argue with me.

    • True. If you browse the comments with the link to his songs, different commenters listed different tracks as their favorites off the album. I mean, he can’t make everyone happy, but I’m sure people would like at least one or two of his songs (depending on which Taeyang they prefer).

      Also, not to instigage hate or anything, I’ve never bought any K-Pop album besides YG releases. Sure, there are other K-Pop groups who would come out with a good song, but I am not really a huge K-Pop music fan (I’m more of a K-indies fan). I only got pulled into K-Pop because of Big Bang’s music. People always say they sound “Westernized” and that’s probably why I like them. Too bad people hate on them for the same reason.

  17. The thing that really sucks is that the deluxe edition was sold out in like an hour!! People outside of korea will have to get the normal edition only.

    • really sold out already
      i woke up this morning,
      check yesasia for the deluxe version but they only have the normal
      check dvdheaven but they sold out
      life is suck,i really want this version

  18. @ayay: i SOOO agree with you! compared to his first album, this one failed to make an impression on me.

    his first album i LOVED absolutely LOVED every single song on it. but this one i only like After You Fall Asleep.

    although I will give Taeyang credit in that his singing technique has grown greatly…. and it shows.

  19. i usually like all of taeyang’s songs, (Hot album,Wedding Dress, Where U At)..but i didn’t like any of the songs on SOLAR..maybe it will grown on me, but honestly i was a bit disappointed. i was looking forward to his album too 😦

    • OMFG.. I couldnt agree more.

      I’m a VIP but honestly his new songs are .. mm… not so good.
      I’m disappointed 😦

    • I felt the same way.

      But it’s alright, he’ll do great anyways.

    • #1 His songs are good, there just not YOUR taste.

  20. i still confuse why YG choose i need a girl as the title song, but it’s YG so i think he definitely have a reason, the song haven’t grow on me yet, i’ll wait for the MV and his comeback stage. superstar is an amazing song! i wish he’ll promote it

  21. it’s tae yang, so i totally want him to, but ‘i need a girl’ isn’t the best song on that album. hmm i wish he chose another one, the whole album is pretty solid

  22. YAY Taeyang!!
    btw does anyone know if solar is going to be sold in itunes?

  23. i don’t think he can break it if Wondergirls did not break it i don’t know who will maybe Big Bang

    • are u kidding me, u think WG was that good? mark my word, Taeyang will break that with EASE.

      • have you seen the recent charts today, his songs are not doing so well

      • @ nana, why you hatin’ man?! You’re right cause he just got #1 on this particular chart. And the quoted person just said ‘our charts’. Hilarious, seems like you feel ‘threaten’ for your preferred idols. Nothing Taeyang does will satisfy you, so stay away from his post!

        You know its been a while since Taeyang/BB came back into the K-pop scene, let his fans enjoy it, yo!

      • well Wondergirls is the only artist this year that stay #1 the longest and there song is still in the top 5 most music charts that’s how good they are.

      • Lol Tae Yang beat Wonder Girls in 2008
        i’m sure he’ll do it again

      • uh yes, wg was THAT GOOD.

        best get yourself checked before you question wonder girls and their status in kpop.

        i like yb too and its a shame people would compare. why not compare yb to other random arse artists? g.o.d? or how about dbsk? my point exactly. comparisons are tossed around too easily. its like comparing hip hop to pop. no comparison need be made

      • and please, sunye ‘s father just passed. no point in bringing them up, especially now at this critical moment in their lives, and in a post commemorating yb’s achievements

        congrats yb! hope yg does a better job of promoting you this time around than how wedding dress was handled. weddingdress was a really nice song but idk why but it didnt feel as if it was promoted as long as look only at me, which btw was also sick.

      • i don’t hate on WG but do i think they are good, hmmm no. SNSD, Kara, and After School are way more talented than them. People only give them so much credit bc they started the trend. It’s so pathetic that they host concerts in the US and all the kids were cheering crazy for 2pm.

      • Well,people looked at snsd for looks than talent anyway.

      • lol WG ROCKS all the digital charts.

        WG >>>>>>>>>>> taeyang any day
        2DT >>>>>>>>>>> I Need A Girl

        honeslty I like taeyang and all but his new song ‘I Need A Girl’ is boring. wedding dress was so much better.

      • @yoobinah
        I Need A Girl is way better than that crap aka 2DT.

      • haha, i can’t believe you said 2DT is any good, u are seriously on crack

    • chill morons…I prefered Taeyang song than WG ..that song sucks! serious.

      • ‘I Need A Girl’ SUCKS !!
        there are better songs in his album.

      • yeah I know You are SUCKS!!!!

        I dont care bout WG’s song coz it Is’nt my taste…
        well if people keeps on whining bout his latest single better tell it to YG!…yet all his songs are all pure represent of what he’s music is and himself.

        nahhh Oh please!!! quit that whining of u poeple.

      • Actually WG was All Kill in charts for only 1 day.

        ‘Nagging’ bu IU & Seulong was ALL KILL for at least 10 DAYS on charts. Much success than 2DF from WG…. FYI…..

        Let’s see if TY can do well on charts. I personally think INAG isnt a strong come back song that will survive long enough to break the record.

      • ‘I Need A Girl’ is FAIL.

      • @jaechunsu3voices. NO, 4dim <<<< u people looks like Stupid Childish Idiots keeps on bragging WG's charts! WHATEVER!!! what the hell I care for them. this is Taeyng's article….sound u all r still in ur teens..beter grow up!

      • I need a girl is not that bad, i don’t get why there are so much negativity. I’m pretty sure Taeyang will promote other great songs in his album. Just wait a few weeks.

    • Yeah!!! sorry taeyang but WONDER GIRLS ARE THE BEST !!!!
      they are the queens in Digital charts 😀

      • Hey.. I don’t hate WG.. but I hate this kind of FAN.

        What would you get by making this statement here. In TAEYANG’S ARTICLE.

        You want to brag about Wonder Girls, do it in Wonder Girls fan cafe/forum/fan site etc…

      • Queens of Digital charts? lmao..
        I do like Nobody but TDT is just phew…They sold coz of their popularity, not coz of their music and the songs is nice.

      • @ “@www”

        “They sold coz of their popularity, not coz of their music and the songs is nice.”

        a paradox. the reason they gained popularity is because of their music and songs. when arguing, do not use contradictions in your support. it makes you look foolish.

      • @alife..
        the reason they gained popularity is because of their music and songs.
        Yes, coz of their previous song, not the current song. They are using on their popularity of NB still. Do you call ppl foolish just by one comment alone? Pathetic…why sitl bother to read this article and comment if you not a fan

      • Korea loves WONDER GIRLS.

        taeyang just sold coz of his(BB) popularity, not coz of his sing is good.

        there are better songs out there in the charts like SIY song or IU/ Seul ong song.

        Taeyang is good but not awesome.

      • but i am a fan…

        and i wasnt calling you you foolish based on that comment. i was saying the fact that if you, or anyone in general, contradict yourself without knowing it when trying to prove a point makes you look foolish. as in really not knowing what youre talking about.

        maybe i should’ve left the name calling out of it but whats done is done. good day (: oh, ill make this clear again, i am a fan of not only yb, but of big bang.

        but im not an yg elitist. which turns off some people but what the hey

      • @jaechunsu3voices: HUh? so, people bought his album just because he’s in BB and not because of him being a great artist himself? then i wonder how in the hell he managed to get all those awards the first time he came out with his solo albums …tsk tsk tsk … so i guess those awarding bodies are really stupid to give those awards solely on that basis then. yeah … you’re such a genius to be able to figure that out. i salute you!

        now … shoooo … go and cheer up whoever your favourites are, i think they are in need of your support now, don’t you think?

      • i pity u, thats ur standard of a good song WG???seriously, i know their a good group, and as respect i dont want to bashed on them but why the heck are u bashing my yb idol…if u like ur idol that much then so be it don’t go it this article and spread ur negative vibes…for you WG is no.1 for us its YG artists no.1 period…GUSH i have plenty harsh things in mind but fore petes sake im not gonna stoop down in your level of thinking…

      • i think www is on crack

  24. yeah, he’s Taeyang..
    i’m tottaly loving the songs. solar going to be another DAEBAK album.. 🙂

  25. as expected from a yg…

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