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Upcoming girlgroup Girl’s Day JiSeon and JiHae are national choom-jjangs!

Upcoming girlgroup Girl’s Day members JiSeon (Hwang JiSeon) and JiHae (Woo JiHae) are known to be national choom-jjangs (someone who is good at dancing) during their schooldays.

According to their agency, the 2 who are both 89-ers have won numerous awards at the national dance contest since their middle school and high school days. JiSeon, 165 cm tall and weighing 44kg, is in charge of the sexy dance lineup in the team. She has won the top prize in 2006 for the 19th HanByul Arts Festival creative choreography contest and also for the Seoul KangDong Youth Festival dance contest.

JiHae, 163 tall and 43kg, won the silver award and special award when she was in middle school 3rd year for the national youth creative dance contest. And in 2007 when she was in high school 3rd year, she also received a daesang for Seoul GiDeok University dance contest. Currently she is taking a break off her college studies at SungKyunKwan University, and she specialises in dance and rap.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day is set to release their debut minialbum on 9th July.


8 Responses

  1. the girl on the left is pretty and resembles yoon eun hye a lot..

  2. Ooo they’re 89’ers, now i’m interested (haha, they looked younger). Anyways, this sounds pretty impressive, hope we get to see some of their skills.

  3. you learn something new each day….”choom-jjang” i love how they just combined the word for “dance” and jjang. 🙂

  4. That’s cool but what Is that around her neck?

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