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Go EunAh-Mir’s kissing controversy continues, Go EunAh speaks up, “Incest? It’s ridiculous”

Criticisms regarding the ‘kissing’ incident between talent Go EunAh and her little brother talent MBLAQ Mir on a broadcast programs continue.

Go EunAh wrote on her minihompy on 1st July, “I am shocked to see the posts posted up by reporters and netizens that I could only write out these few words.”

On Mnet Scandal aired on 30th June, there was a scene featuring Go EunAh kissing her younger brother Mir on the lips. Following the airing, many criticisms from the netizens surfaced like, “Isn’t this incest?”etc.

But Go EunAh had explained, “I’m just expressing my love to my sibling. I am sad that people have misinterpreted the scene. This is an expression which our family is very used to. I guess different families have different way of expressing their love, but this is the way my family express our love. I don’t want to hide my affection to my brother just because of others.”

She also said, “How can people criticise the relationship between siblings as incest. I feel hurt and I hope that my brother and myself will not get hurt anymore. I hope everyone will look at us siblings with an open heart and in a good light. I hope there will not be harm to my brother through incidents like these.”


It is already known even before MBLAQ’s debut, the 2 siblings are known to be very close, almost behaving like a loving couple.

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  1. I know I’m late by 3 weeks but, could someone tell me if this Go Eun-Ah (MIR’s sister) is the same girl who has had a relationship with Super Junior’s Kangin years back?

  2. Geez people are sick! It’s just a SMOOCH!
    If that’s how people in romantic relationships kiss then they don’t know what real kissing is, and they probably sleep in twin beds. People nasty with their minds in the gutter. The majority of their thoughts shade the way they see things.
    I kiss all my family like this, it’s only gross if you are thinking gross. The people that think it’s gross are gross. Real family PDA you go Mir and way to stick up for your fam Eun-Ah!

  3. i think the sister kinda want to tease his brother in front of that guy.. well that’s cant be said incest.. incest is wayyyy more than that u know

  4. I thought it was terrible as it sounds but apparently not.
    She’s just showing her affections for her younger brother.
    The kiss barely lasted 2 seconds so…
    What’s the big hoo-hah?

  5. if it was a kiss on the cheeks then its fine but it is on the lips and your that age already its something else.. why don’t she just say the truth that she likes her brother more than a brother.. stop hiding that fact! here in the philippines there was a real story like that w/c was featured in maalala mo kaya.. where a sibling fell inlove with each other and they are really full siblings not half or adopted etc.. stop lying

  6. agree with pikah pikah.

    i also still kiss my baby brother eventho he’s in 2nd grade of hi school.
    that’s our way to show our love.. ckckckkck.

  7. i understand her situation..
    i still treat my younger brother like my BABY BROTHER..
    once baby bro,forever will be:)
    btw,it’s just a peck,not french kiss.
    Quote from Rain : WHY SO SERIOUS???

  8. I can’t decide how I feel about this. It was weird to see the clip, but I’ve seen the full cut and she bent down to tie his shoe like he was a little baby earlier on, so I think she has a tendency to be affectionate in a way that would seem overdone to a lot of people.
    But the strange thing is that if you look at the car in the background, you can see that the blinker is on, so if the kiss clip was slowed down it wasn’t by much -_-
    And it looks like she kissed him twice of the first one was a near miss because her hand went from the side of his face in the short clip to his head in the longer one?

  9. i think that it’s absolutely adorable 🙂
    when i was a little younger, my sister would kiss me as a sign of affection as well. And i’m a girl^^
    I don’t mind it at all ^^

  10. I know of some families that do the same thing, and one pair of siblings are even older than me..I’m 20..they still show their affection that way..at first, it made me feel awkward after seeing it, but after getting to know them, it became just a normal thing..they’re really close ever since they were kids and they’ve been through so many things..the more interesting part is that they each have their own respective romantic relationships, and their significant others don’t even mind the closeness..I think people should just respect that..I think mir was just embarrassed because I mean, he’s the baby brother, and/but he’s already 19..as an idol who’s supposed to be acting tough and sexy in MBLAQ’s promotions right now, I think he just didn’t want his fans or the public to see that..that’s just my opinion though..

  11. I’ve always kissed on the lips of my grandmothers isn’t the same? And it isn’t incest for me, it’s so ridiculous. But I have to say I would love to be Mir’s sister xDD

  12. The fellow who edited this video is SICK. Lol.

    He’s obviously trying to play with the netizens’ mind knowing how crazily and OVERLY observant these netizens can get.

  13. y does it matter? They’re siblings. -.- I know they are ppl who do these type of stuff. But it’s not bad. They’re showing hw much they love each other. It’s like a mom kiss her baby son on the lips and ppl around the world do it. Gosh!

  14. Did she really think it was a smart decision to do that in television? Even Mir knew it wasn’t.
    Jesus Christ woman, do you not know this things by now?

  15. OH COME ON! She can’t help it if she has such an adorable brother! That’s just some sibling love!

  16. I really don’t find the kiss weird. I also do that to my dongsaengs!
    People who consider it as incest are much weirder!
    Ya people please open your MINDS!
    Haven’t you heard of Siblings Love yet!?

    It really pissed me off when I learned that they consider such thing as disgraceful.
    Mir was already being bashed on his cyworld because of the way they think. I just really hope that those perverted people will shut the hell up.

  17. It’s like that episode of Friends…

    • I don’t remember a specific episode where siblings kissed, but I do remember Monica and Ross often kissing on the lips as a gesture of sibling-love. Netizens can get way out of hand.

  18. hahahaha although its abit disturbing but its still cute! Mir was like trying to push her away so hard cuz he was shy. I envy their relationship! They can be so close even after theyve grown up and matured.

  19. I don’t see anything weird or overdone. She only pecked him… The editing made it seem long… LOL
    Mir said something like “Not now” so I guess they’re really used to this kind of way to display their affections.

  20. Its not the fact they kissed, a quick peck is normal for some family i get that but the way she held him and the way their hugging so close and the way their kissing, it looks like a romantic sorta kiss not a quick family kiss.

    If its normal in their family good for them but please keep it private and not do it in public. Its awkard for us and embrassing for mir.

  21. Errr… okay.. I do kiss my baby brother.. giving him a peck but since he’s grown up now, i don’t do it anymore, because it’s weird… Maybe that’s the way their family is but is it even necessary for her to show it to the public?? She’s hugging him and kissed him.. If im the guy with the orange shirt.. i would be like ‘WTF’. Yeah maybe i’m conservative but there are things that need to be kept away from public knowledge..

  22. this show is still on? it’s just stupid to make fans jealous and criticise. while there’s no rule saying ‘real Siblings cannot be together’ it’s up to the person.

  23. many people kiss their siblings in the lips. i wasn’t raised like that, but i know of some families who do. i don’t find it gross or repulsing…will i ever do that with my sibling? never, but that’s just because we aren’t the affectionate type…i think what’s wrong is the pds using that music and making the kiss seem longer than it really was… kissing someone on the lips as a greeting doesn’t mean much. My girlfriends & I used to greet like that too… people are just perveted and think everything as a sexual connotation.

  24. what are they say ??


  25. i think there’s nothing wrong in expressing how close you are to a family member… it’s perfectly fine to kiss if that’s what you’re used to…

    but what made the scene a bit off is because mir himself is trying to stop his sister from kissing him… and the look of embarrassment in his face after the kiss… =S

    • haha yea agreed…, it looked like she was about to rape him or something >_>,
      it does look very disturbing, & mir really doesnt look like he’s use to this kind of kiss either >_>,
      but if thats how the show their love in their family, its none of our business to care

    • and the music too!

  26. Aww…I feel sorry for her.

    But gosh, i just wish they weren’t siblings and instead go out together cause darn, they seriously would make an awesome couple!

  27. I know it’s not to be taken in the wrong way but I would NEVER EVER do that to my siblings. It’s just wrong

  28. SO CUTE! haha i often kiss my little brother too. he’s 2. haha.

  29. OMG, i thinkk i have an incest relationship with my baby cousin.. i just kissed him on the lips!

  30. This is really strange
    I think that their family have a special way to show their love
    But this method remains strange for me
    and frankly , some nasty thing

  31. maybe for a crossgender siblings its kinda awkward. i never kiss my sister on the lips. but i see nothing sooooo deep romantic or maybe closer to what it called sister/brother complex. media just making this up -____-

  32. it was disturbing to say the least
    but hey
    whatever gets them off

  33. awww, Go Eunah’s adorable. People are just making a fuss outta this because she’s not that famous. 😦 If Kim Tae Hee kissed Lee Wan (& if KTH and LW were the same age as GEA & Mir) people would be babbling about the cuteness of it and marvel at their closeness

    They should watch Go Eunah in Rainbow Romance and DBSK’s vacation. Her acting skills and stunning looks ought to shut them up.

    Go Eun Ah, you tell em girl! x)

  34. Uhm… Even though Mir is really cute, kissing a 19-year-old brother on his mouth is kind of weird…

  35. i don’t really see a problem with this regardless of whether or not i would kiss my own brothers in such a way. i think it’s common in a lot of places and in different families. netizens should just respect that that’s how they express their love for each other.

  36. once again netizens acting very ridiculous.
    oh please it’s her own brother.
    even I only give peck on the cheek to my brother but that’s normal.
    give them a life. geeezzzz

  37. In some cultures, family members always kiss on the lips. Like father/daughter, brother/sister. Although I find it strange I still respect it lol.

    • true. I have a friend who is like that with his family. They greet each member of the family with a peck on the lips.

      I think Eun Ah also meant to give Mir only a peck, not a kiss. But the dumb editor made it seem like a passionate kiss by using slow motion effect..-_-

    • In some culture? Really? Which culture?
      Me being a Asian and lived in 6 different countries in Asia, I never once meet a culture who kiss their own sibling on the lips.

      having said that, I do think the scene was edited but not in a good way. I see reason why netizens critize them, but the one who really need to get all the blame is the PD.

      • *criticize

      • France/italy/portugal… but Ive never heard of any asian countries doing that really…

      • wtf im korean and ive kissed my brother on the lips countless of times before. its just a sign of affection. especially since he’s younger than me, i always kissed my brother like a mother would kiss a son.

        i always still kiss my parents on the lips even though im sixteen and i also kiss my younger cousins. so kissing family members doesnt have to be limited to certain races. some families are just more tight than others i guess.

      • Portugal? I live in Portugal and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

      • ^ well i lived there 5 years and i’ve seen this.

  38. if mir was my bro , i’d be an overly possessive sister too. ( not in a bad way tho’ lol)

  39. If you look closely, incest-loving Netizens, you will see that Mir tries to push his Nuna EunAh away first but she physically grabs his head and pushes the kiss onto him. Afterwards he is so ashamed and embarrassed at his sister’s actions Mir hides his face! Poor Guy! Incest INDEED, how ridiculous!!!!!

    • shut up.

    • exactly! Netizens overreact… and I think they LIKE ruining people’s lives… haha.

    • i pity him too..mir didnt want to kiss her in the 1st place but his sister was juz…i thot she might even rape him.lol joke2..

      i think it’s not like mir didnt want to kiss her like they always do as her sis claimed but he’s worried dat the netizens will give harsh comments dat will hurt not only her sis but him too…dats why i guess he looks in regret in the last vid..poor him.hope the netizens will give them some spaces.but still, in my opinion, euna nuna shud think wisely b4 doing sth wic is ‘xtreme’ to some people, so dat it will not lead to any accusation n misunderstanding… *sigh*

  40. I have never ever in my life given my brother a kiss on the mouth or a smooch or whatever you call it but i guess if that is how her family rolls the hey

  41. I think she really adores him as a baby brother…and would probably always see him as such…XDD

    • just differences in culture. kissing doesn’t have to be strictly romantic or sexual. americans like having their own bubbles but other people don’t mind kiss greetings. And as for family even pecking each other on the lips can be seen as a caring gesture. get over it sickos.

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