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IU hit song ‘Nagging’ wins #1 for KBS Music Bank

IU won #1 on KBS Music Bank today with her hit song ‘Nagging’ (featuring SeulOng from 2AM).

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts!


IU and Seo In Kook with ‘Nagging’

CN Blue performing ‘Love’

Miss A performing ‘Break It’ and ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

Super Junior performing ‘No Other’

4Minute with ‘I My Me Mine’

MBLAQ performing ‘Y’

Orange Caramel with ‘ Magic Girl’

SISTAR performing ‘Push Push’

Infinite performing ‘Come Back Again’

D-NA with ‘Stumble Stumble’

JiYeon of T-Ara and SoYeon with ‘How Do I End’

Sori performing ‘Hero’

Electro Boyz performing ‘Incoming Call’

Interview & Back Stage

Interview with today’s KBS Music Bank #1 contestants, CN Blue and IU

Super Junior in waiting room

Infinite and SISTAR in waiting room

36 Responses

  1. […] Meanwhile, recently IU posted up photos of her posing with sad expressions with her Music Bank trophy which had fallen apart. She had won #1 on the show with her recent hit ‘Nagging’ on 2nd July. […]

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  3. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with SUJU’s music but I LOVE No Other! Actually the 4 new songs on the repackage album are really good. Imho no other is a lot better than Bonama since its pretty different from what they normally perform and how cute is that dance and they look so happy =) Also how hot is siwon, I tend to usually think hes just adorable but here he is quite handsome.

    I am really happy for IU , she is so underrated so its good to see her getting awards. Like everyone I can’t wait to see her on the same show as TaeYang considering her epic fangirl crush on the guy, its so cute really, they are both adorable and such sweethearts.

    Currently loving this batch of rookies, I really love Infinite’s mini album and I have to admit that I find L absolutely adorable, like i really want to make ddukbokki for him or something, they are all adorable and so very talented (I am pretty sure I am older than all of them). Miss A really impresses me performance/vocal wise, but this is probably the only song on their mini album I liked.

    Gayoon and Jiyoon, you girls are awesome, enough said.

  4. […] the live performances here: Mnet M!Countdown 1st Jul, KBS Music Bank 2nd Jul Which is your favourite Kpop act for the month of […]

  5. Doesn’t matter if some people think Suju’s new song is boring, but their fans were very happy to see Suju so happy on stage again. Man, I haven’t seen them all happy, cheerful and cute in a loooooooong time. This performance is a remininsce of their early years.
    Oh Leeteuk, your smile is contagious. Haha, I see Heechul keeping his cool image, but I actually saw the corner of his lips curling up hehehe.
    I’ve rewatched this perf for about 20 times already.
    They made me fall in love with them again ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Suju fighting!!!!

  6. Awww Look at cutie Mir in the back cheering on his ideal type (she is right?) ^^

  7. Super Junior is SUPER!!!!! 2PM SUCKS!!!!!

  8. why is “nagging” IU’s song? i thought nagging is their duet song?

  9. im seriously loving No Other performance. LOL Glad to see them so happy up on the stage.
    their performance is so smooth, i can’t stop smiling during the performance.

  10. omg I’ll be honest.. Super Junior No Other is really boring.
    bonamana and sorryx2 were way better than this song.

    • I personally think it’s kinda refreshing compared to all the ”beast, emo, serious” image some boyband try (too hard) to do.

      One of the performance that i really enjoyed ^^

      Super juinor fighting!

    • agree with hyomin47.

      the new SuJu song is just another song out there, nothing awesome.
      I was expecting so much more. I’m really dissapointed 😦

      • Actually, with most songs these days based on dark concepts – this song is far from that.

  11. i think super junior did well in their new song~! (biased pov hahah) it’s a whole new different feel from bonamana.

    donghae melted my heart ❤ and eeteuk looked so happy throughout the whole song!! hahah XD

  12. suju’s no other is simply AWESOME !!!! love it. they look so happy! yay

    • Taeyang alone is better than suju.

      • lol so that is why he wasn’t invited on the music show.. -.- ‘

        he(or someone in YGE) need to stop copying Pharell and all would be good

      • stop trolling around!! TAEYANG AND SUJU shouldn’t be compared cause their music have different tastes! they are both AWESOME anyways!!

        btw, Taeyang and other YG artists don’t perform in MuBank cause they have some issues which haven’t been resolved just like SM family who don’t perform in M-Countdown cause they are not in good terms either..

      • @pot

        oh seriously thanks for the info
        ,i really didn,t know
        and yeah i agree they have different kind of music

  13. […] the rest of today’s performances, head on to KBITES. Filed under TV / FILM ← More of Jay Park on Hype Nation’s filming […]

  14. hyuna parts are getting lesser…

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: IU hit song ‘Nagging’ wins #1 for KBS Music Bank http://twurl.nl/sqtiqq […]

  16. i kinda expecting Taeyang’s comeback stage today…
    & IU most probably would be more happier if he does came..=P

    • He wasn’t scheduled to perform tonight but he will be on Music Core and Inkigayo 😀
      Yeah, it would have been awesome to see them on together on stage. I love her fangirl crush on him, it’s so cute 😀 I hope they can work together someday. And I’m really happy for her for getting another award. She totally deserves it! Hopefully she wins on Inkigayo as well 😀

      • why would IU be happy if he came?
        i was expecting him to make a comeback too. cant wait for hes other performances.

      • thats weird why would he skip music bank since he’s appearing on all the music shows that weekend even M Countdown which I was surprised at

      • Once before, IU has expressed that she is a fan of Taeyang. And on TV, she was quite giggly while talking about it, I heard.

  17. Wonder who choose the outfit for hyuna.
    Every time she come out on TV with revealing clothes, and the next hour there will be article about her. She is taking all the attention with controversial outfits. Their new song sux.

    • I see nothing wrong with her outfit.
      It’s sexy but Hyuna has a sexy vibe in her, too bad she’s still young to wear revealing clothes.

      She gets a lot of attention sometimes I feel sorry for her teamates. 4Minute is turning into Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls, or in this case Hyuna and 4Minute

    • hyuna’s outfit Rocks !!!

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