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miss A Min revealed to be close friends with HyoYeon and Nicole

New girlgroup miss A member Min is said to be close friend to So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon and KARA Nicole.

miss A is the upcoming girlgroup under label AQ Entertainment and consists of Korean members Min and Suzy, and Chinese members Fei and Jia. And for member Min, it is known that she is close friend with HyoYeon and Nicole.

She revealed, “Back then, I attended dance school Little Winners with HyoYeon. We made a team and did public performances together. Even now, we often keep in touch. HyoYeon was so excited about news of my debut. And through HyoYeon I knew Nicole. We meet up often to chit chat.”

Min was hot topic about 4 years ago after JYP Entertainment wanted to debut her in the American market at the age of 16. But in the end, the debut did not materialize and Min debut as miss A back in Korea.

Min said, “To be honest, it was a shame (that my American debut did not happen). But what I’m thinking now is to work hard after debuting as miss A. We will work on becoming the Asia’s best group. As for my American debut, if a good chance come by in the future, I will take up the challenge again.”

Meanwhile, miss A debuted with the album ‘Bad but Good’ with 4 songs included in it and title song is ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’.


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  1. Oh Miiiiiinnnnn~!! Finally you’re debuting.
    She’s Hyoyeon’s bestfriend and you can expect her to be equally good in dancing, like Hyoyeon. They teamed up a lot, and there are so many pics of her with Hyoyeon, even after Hyoyeon debuted.

    I would love to see Min+Hyoyeon dance combo like what they usually did in Little Winners.

  2. I’m not feeling the song but I like their dancing. I’m looking forward to them promoting a song that suits my taste but if that doesn’t happen then I wish them luck 🙂
    It’s cool to see Min finally debut, I wonder what happened to the guy with the really good voice that was supposed to debut with her in the US as well….

    • OMGG!! the guy with the really good voice – G-SOUL!!! ♥ Hehe i love him haha hes still in the states, he even performed at the WG 2DT Launch party before, and introduced himself as a JYPE trainee hehe. I hope he debuts soon really, America or Korea doesnt matter to me.

      I love Min shes an amazing dancer and Hyo is my fave in SNSD too haha. you guys should look for their dancing clips when they were little, its adorable

  3. Not my type of music. But I saw a lot of good comments for them. from JYP fans? lol jk

  4. I no longer know any of the new girl groups under any company ????
    Is not Miss A group under the company JYP ?????
    and SISTER also
    I am really confused T_T“

    • Miss A is under JYP, and do you mean SISTAR? they’re from starship entertainment or something like that.

    • in Korea there is SISTAR by Starship like lalalalala said

      but there was jyp’s SISTERS in China last year… it was some sort of project group with members Jia, Fei, Lim (from WG) and Sarah and E.fei (some say sarah and e.fei left JYPE)

      they would make appearances at some kind of contest show with other groups were they had dance and singing competitions.

  5. Oh, confident girl.

  6. cool

    btw taeyang album sold out on first day


  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: miss A Min reveals that she is close friend with HyoYeon and Nicole http://bit.ly/atnbOd […]

  8. Ohhhhh Min!!!! I wondered where she went… I’m glad she is finally given a chance… Her dancing is sooooo amazing like hyoyeon or even better sinve she had additional training in the US! I expect big things from her!

  9. i remember there were rumors she got knocked up and JYP let her go lol

  10. she looks old

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