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No plans for MC Mong to leave ‘2 Days 1 Night’

It has been revealed that there are no plans for MC Mong to leave ‘2 Days 1 Night’.

An official from KBS revealed on 2nd July, “There are no plans for MC Mong to leave ‘2 Days 1 Night’. There are doubts regarding that, but we will only talk about it once the results come out.”

Despite criticisms of deliberately avoiding army service, MC Mong has joined the filming of ‘2 Days 1 Night’ recently at KyeongBook.



6 Responses

  1. it’s like “i’ll be damned if i do, and i’ll be damned if i don’t” all over again.

    If he is just rumoured (and this means its a speculation and not a proven solid fact) about something, people attack him. Let’s say if he leaves the show, or even more extremely, commits suicide (you gotta admit, it’s very common in korea considering all the suicides these couple of years), THEN the netizens will go ‘oh why did he go and do that? come back mc mong!”


  2. why should he quit?

    korean’s answer to everything is making people lose their jobs?? it hasn’t been proven, so why should he be punished?

    • Hmmm…Because he avoided army service…?

      He has not be punished yet, so relaxxxx….

      The Korean Football team who went through the secound round of World Cup also requested to exempt from military, but so far the request has not been granted. Those are the people who make their country proud and still (probably) lose their job. So what makes MC Mong think he could avoid the army when his contribution is nowhere near to what the football team done to the country?
      If MC Mong is proven wrong, it’s such a disgrace.

      • well said.

      • Mong should prove everyone he wasn’t trying to dodge military by willing making some kind of official statement that he’s willing to go now if he has to.

        If he was trying to dodge it then I’m so disappointed in him.

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