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Son DamBi reveals another concept photo ahead of comeback

Son DamBi reveals another teaser photo to her comeback, a change from her fencing girl concept revealed before.

The photo was posted up on Pledis’ homepage on 2nd July showing a 180 degrees change in her comeback concept photo. In the photo, So DamBi is seen with a sexy and fashionable image.

Pledis revealed, “We did the album jacket and MV for her comeback based on the keyword ‘the queen’ which means modern and classic.”

Meanwhile, the teaser video to DamBi’s new song ‘Can’t U See’ has also been released recently.



15 Responses

  1. she looks a little bit like dara in this picture

  2. queen B is a phrase…

    i know i heard that saying before and am not quite sure what it exactly means, but i believe its like, the “it” girl. the most popular girl of the bunch, particularly in high school since hs was a popularity contest.

    why need to bash her? so her promotion is calling her queen b and you say shes conceited. does that mean, FOR EXAMPLE, calling yourself a VIP, bb’s fanclub, mean youre calling yourself a very important person? arent you conceited too then? just saying (: but that isnt the case, its just a name and a label…

    • oh, her hair is crazy. its like those girls who are in the restroom with curling irons in their hair still, haha. she and narsha should get together and take selcas with that big hair

    • A+ comment! “Queen Bee” (in this case, B. for Dam Bi) is a term much utilized in music industry. Narsha’s mini album also has a track called “Queen Bee”.

    • What to do with VIP? Why drag in VIP here, even if it is example? Choose other.
      VIP is very interesting people, not very important person.

    • lol how can you compare “the queen” with “VIP” ?
      That doesn’t even make sense.

      That is a fanclub name, it has a purpose, its not just out of nowhere. “the queen” what’s the purpose of that?

      I was seriously wondering why she picked the queen. I wasn’t saying that she is conceited or anything. However if she did pick that title thinking she is the queen of something, then she is pretty conceited.

      • Of course…it won’t matter if her name is actually “Crystal Queen”…wait that is her name (Dambi)

        What’s the purpose of it…it goes with her name and with the title track of the album “Queen”.

        Stop being an anti…

  3. I just listen the full song of “can’t you see”. It is really a good song. Can’t wait for her comeback.

  4. HELLO ……. this is her concept
    Why do you have to bash her ??
    With me , she’s really my Queen

  5. so not the Queen.
    The real Queen will be Back later this year !!

  6. is she calling herself a queen now? wow….conceited much? what has she accomplished so far?

  7. Queen of Ballads? =o

  8. the queen of what?

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