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TaeYang ‘I Need A Girl’ MV released

The full MV to TaeYang’s comeback solo hit ‘I Need A Girl’ has finally be revealed.

Love it or not?

18 Responses

  1. […] Which version do you like better, this or the first version? […]

  2. […] title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also featured the rap of friend of 10 years GDragon. And the MV features Sandara […]

  3. […] title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also featured the rap of friend of 10 years GDragon. And the MV features Sandara […]

  4. i love Tae… but sometimes his facial expressions creeps me out =.=

    but the song is okay. i was expecting more…

  5. LOVE IT!! it makes me smile…so sweet…

  6. LOVE-every second of it!!!

  7. is this the edited version? cuz there’s some scenes that i haven’t seen before

  8. not every music video needs a storyline sometimes just let it be.

  9. I like it but there is always the few stupid fans that dont like anything.

  10. dammmnnnnnnnn so FCUKing niceeee!!^^

    taeyang is my idol

  11. I don’t really like this, because there isn’t much plot in it maybe.
    But, it’s cute that taeyang and sandara are like a couple in this video, they’re cute 🙂

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: TaeYang ‘I Need A Girl’ MV released http://twurl.nl/voofmn […]

  13. the MV have been taken down from GOM and YG channel YG is editing the MV a lot of fans complaining i don’t know why for me the MV is cute so there be I NEED A GIRL version 2 coming out soon.

    • It`s probably YB showed to many times without t-shirt. To korean netizens it`s TOO perverted. It`s only my thought, but sounds good enough.

      • then i guess these Korean netizens would’ve rallied against all the other artists showing their abs ALL THE TIME in their performances, in their music videos and in variety shows taking place before the release of this MV.


        When they show abs girls are like fangirling over them

        and when girls show their bodies the fan girls object..

        This must be the work of male fans 😀

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