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Upcoming boyband Teen Top reveals debut album jacket photo

Upcoming 6-member male idol group Teen Top reveals their upcoming album’s jacket photo.

They will be releasing their debut album on 9th July, with the title song ‘Applause’. And ahead of their debut, a jacket photo was released on their official homepage (http://www.teentop.co.kr) on 2nd July.

Their agency T.O.P Media said, “The concept of the jacket photo is innocence as the members are all still in their teenage years. While other groups would emphasize on their accessories and fashion for the jacket photo, Teen Top will show the most natural features showing a sense of mystery through their album jacket.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is an upcoming 6-member group consisting of Cap, Niel, Riki, LJoe, ChangJo and ChunJI.

S: MTStarNews

32 Responses

  1. I kind of want a solo singer to debut and become really popular because I’ve had enough of boybands and girlbands.
    But honestly, they could have done better than the name “Teen Top”. -.-

  2. […] [5] Teen Top, another K-pop boyband debuting soon. […]

  3. ehh…I’m sorry but that group look like a younger version of 2PM….and they all look like 10 years old..so..yee…good luck boys..you need it xD 😛

  4. Oh.. I see Eunhyuk there…

    • I saw that too, but it doesn’t look as it did on the real Eunhyuk. It’s like an ugly version of Eunhyuk’s old hairstyle, no offense but it looked so much better on Eunhyuk. That guys face isn’t right for the hairstyle at all

  5. YUMMY! Finger(or other) Lickin’ GOOD!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  6. PLEASE BRING SOMETHING NEW TO KPOP. Geez, I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting sick with new groups. We don’t need THAT many groups, instead, we’re in need of more good songs. ;__;

    • Though you can tell, with the influx of girlgroup & boygroup, how many can stand up and really becomes big? They’re lacking of originality. No matter how many groups flooding kpop, only the original ones stay on the top – big bang, DBSK, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SNSD < just naming a few and you may not agree they're original, but they popularized the concept.

      Seriously kpop song is getting sounds alike, a lot. I can't tell them apart if I'm not a fan. I can tell like SNSD's song, WG's song, Big Bang's song, because they have his concept. If other groups sound like them you're like, "Hey are they Big Bang?" "They're copying Big Bang". but, we need to remember, Korea is really a small country. Compared to US, the ration of getting new idea, new music, new style, new concept is pretty saturated.

      Solo singer? They don't stand a chance that much in Korea, because Korea is into performance & idol/young concept.

  7. Emotional Teen Pop Band? ROFL!!!!
    wahahahaha!! XD

  8. T.O.P Media…T.O.P,jinja??
    *kes tumpang nme laa nie,aigooo~

  9. The one on far right look like Onew of shinee.

  10. wow. they look the same..

  11. has anyone noticed the guy who has his head turned away from us
    does it remind you of some other concept
    maybe of jaebum in particular with his hair cut very similiar and also the similiar design on the side of his skull
    during the again and again promotions
    anyway we will see how we go
    have listened to mblaq and fcuz and that other group who debut at the same time ummm…. dont know
    but their music aren’t as catchy as though from bigger compainies like jype, sme, etc etc



  13. Teen Top is not a bad name emmm i think sweet name
    But they are grow up one day, and then will not be an appropriate name

    Do you not think that the third boy in the photo from the right he is look like TVXQ Hero

    and the eyes of the second boy in the photo from the right look like eyes of 2pm Nick

    • That’s what I think too. A not-so-good-looking version of Jaejoong.

      The jacket photo has a certain degree of gayness, I dunno how to describe it, but it does have that feel.

  14. wow not another one!

  15. i like their album jacket photo but i think the name suit them for around 4-5 years. what i mean is after that they will enter adult world right? and promote teen top name with adult kind of face is just wrong….in my opinion. >_<

    • I understand but I think you don’t have to be concerned about this since there’s nothing to assure us that they will survive in the industry for the next 4 or 5 years. NO OFFENSE though.

  16. That`s an amazing photo…I want to buy this album!

  17. mind to promo??

    join our forum~ International Fans Base for Teen Top fans

  18. These kids are very promising… each of them has his own “charisma”. Good luck to teen top. Make it to the TOP SPOT!

  19. What the fuck there’s an agency called ‘T.O.P’ Media?
    The Big Bang should transfer here since this agency is so inspired by T.O.P… Lol.
    And hey, there are quite a handful of bands created recently hur?
    I guess nowadays EVERYBODY wants to create a band (be it girl-band/boy-band) since the massive K-wave which swept the whole fucking ASIA last year.
    Wondergirls’ — Nobody.
    Super Junior’s — Sorry Sorry.
    Thus, every agency wants to create a clone of WG (for girls) and SJ (for boys) and make them a big-hit so their company itself would earn like fuck. Lol.
    I mean how many millions have WG and SJ’s company earned respectively after their hit-singles? Think!

    • get a life and no swearing
      anyway just be glad we get to hear new music from new groups like f(x), t-ara and stuff
      though d-na is now the boss
      and if they are not sucessful
      then they will lose fans and cease to exist

    • @Helen

      I think you are correct about the girlgroups but for the boy groups I think its always been there to be honest. As for girlgroups it definitely applies. Before 2009 there were only a minimum number of girlgroups probably cos it wasn’t that profitable. But after the success of Wonder Girls and slightly SNSD, companies just appear to be copying them. Every girlgroup is having hook songs, dancing, having a rapper in their group, having costumes (more theatrical). Didn’t anyone find it funny that nearly all the girl groups did the “mature” concept around the same time of each other. Or the “nasty girl” thing that 2NE1 and 4Minute started. Companies need to be more original now. They all starting to look the same and sound the same. I partly blame JYP for this LOL.

  20. their are still teenagers ^^

  21. Teen Top really what a funny name for a group

  22. Teen Top 😐
    T.O.P Media :\

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