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When will BoA have her singer comeback? And will she reveal her new song on SMTown Live’10 concert?

When will singer BoA have her comeback?

It is known that BoA has started the preparations for her comeback in Korea the later half of this year.

According to SM Entertainment on 1st July, “BoA is currently working hard on her new album set to be released later this year. We have not decided on the exact date yet.”

Because of her Japanese and American activities, BoA has not been able to promote much in Korea. Ahead of that, it is known that BoA will be performing for SMTown Live concert tour starting 21st August. This being her 10th year debut anniversary, knowing the news of her comeback and appearance for SMTown live concert tour, many fans are very excited about her comeback. This is her comeback 5 years after her last album in Korea which is ‘Girls On Top’ in 2005.



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  1. and i will still be a BOA fan not seasonal or anything but there was no hype to this album no american tour no thing! her promoters should be fired for sucking! and i hope she comes back to america…

  2. but barely did anything in america besides throw out an english album no promoting or anything which really sucks because i doubt she will come back here or make a new english album because of poor sales and i really did have high hope for her

  3. Hm. I thought BoA will release her album on that date she made her debut?~
    I just know that the contract between SM and BoA will end in 2012 and BoA promised some years ago SM that she will continue her career in Korea BEFORE SHE LEAVES SM. And before she released her album newest album she said in an intervie that she always dreamed to have an own label like Rain. So I think she will leave SM with out problems (SM and BoA don’t have problems. They really like each other XD) and BoA will have a label. :]

    • i really think it’s a good thing that artists are coming out with their own labels nowadays so at least there’ll be less unfair contracts and treatments cos they’ve been though it and probably know how to adjust the entire timeline for everyone’s good.
      i don’t know much about JYP and their contracts (since JYP was an artist like a nong nong time ago and JYPE was founded like 13yrs ago) but their artists seem really happy and not embroiled in lawsuits, and WG’s america debut seems to be working out pretty well. unlike *ehem* a certain company we all know.

  4. Are Korean fans unhappy with her because she`s been promoting her music in the US and Japan only? Or…why?

  5. if BoA were in YG family…..wow! XD

  6. finally finally finally
    shes been wanting to come back too
    stupid avex and sm.

    • Avex & girl korean artists Sucks !!!
      ellos jodieron a BoA and Csjh Tenjoshinki.

  7. Yeah, a lot of her fans in Korea have been unhappy with her… I hope she returns with a good album though. But can’t blame her and SM cuz if Japan and overseas is where the money is being made and albums being sold, why wouldn’t they?

    • real fans will stick w/ her no matter what. BoA has a lot of fans not only in korea but worldwide who’s been waiting patiently for her as well.
      those who are “mad” at her are just “seasonal” fans. they come and go anyways.

        I always stick with her. no matter what..
        and the newest news is she working on her choreography. and she always works with D-SIGN who also produces SNSD Genie & f(x) NU ABO.
        cant wait!!!
        BoA will make a rly good like she always does 😀

      • ^^ Yup true. Most fanclubs are like flying birds they move from one to another when someone releases a popular song real fans stick with their idol from the highs to the lows.

  8. its been a half-decade……
    congrats sm
    major fail

    • sorry loser but BoA ROCKS!!!

      • sorry psycho never said she didn’t
        give it another go, i think you’ll find that i was talking about her management company

      • agree with yonhwa
        Boa is the korean Queen.

      • ^ Korean? … she’s gone since a long time ago. stop saying that she’s the Korean Queen… it’s so odd.

      • ^
        Well, she hasn’t changed her nationality yet. So yeah, she’s still a Korean Queen :).

  9. yay BoA’s coming back.

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