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C.N Blue Lee JungShin, “I like SNSD YoonA”

Group C.N Blue member Lee JungShin reveals that he likes So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA.

On MBC TV ‘We Got Married’ aired on 3rd July, Lee JungShin has visited the love nest of make-believe couple on the show Seo Hyun and Jung YongHwa. And he spent a good time with them as well as the other So Nyeo Shi Dae members.

When asked on the show that day if there is a So Nyeo Shi Dae member he likes, he said, “I have said on a radio show that I like YoonA before, but each of the SNSD members have their own charms.”

Also when asked by Jung YongHwa how he felt about meeting So Nyeo Shi Dae in person, JungShin gave a short reply, “Good.”

Meanwhile, on the show that day, Jung YongHwa got into an embarrassing episode for being compared to Lee JungShin in terms of height.

S: TVReport

53 Responses

  1. Whoohoo! he is so loyal!!
    This is the second time he has chosen her!!!

  2. I really like her smile…she smiles in almost every picture…she simply looks like a bright, cheerful girl, a typical idol girl I guess

  3. Typical. She is the “safe choice” after all, being the female idol with the most exposure in the idol industry.

  4. ANDWAE~~~ JungShin can’t ‘like’ her in law ๐Ÿ˜› LOL

    I’m not surprised though. Which Korean doesn’t like Yoona? I mean she’ really pretty ^^

    Go Yoongie!

  5. I don’t think jungshin picked her as a save answer. He did picked YoonA twice. I can’t wait to see them together. Visit the potato couple’s house perhaps? lol

  6. She’s pretty and all but she’s not that amazing. In America guys like gurls with curves but I guess in Korea that doesn’t matter. I mean she does have curves but super skinny. If I was a guy I might fall for her too xD

  7. hahah everyone just hates yoona cause she gets all them cuties. they like how she looks, lucky her, sucks for the rest of us XD i dont think shes the best, imo tiffany is way better but i do agree that yoona is really pretty.

  8. wow everyone sure does like YoonA

  9. Even i myself as a girl likes yoona. Among all snsd members, she’s the one who doesn’t show any arrogant look on her face, even if there is. She has the charm too. oh yeah, Jongshin really look ‘pretty’ beware. . lol ^^

    • OMG!! That’s exactly what I thought when I discovered SNSD!
      Taeyeon & Yoona (well, maybe Seohyun too) are the two that don’t have an arrogance about them….Sooyoung, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany and even Hyoyeon for christ sake!! They want or are looking for attention, but Taeyeon & Yoona (and sometimes Jessica) attract people’s attention, NOT the other way around. That’s one of the reasons I admire them more.
      But I’m a SNSD fan nonetheless and learned to love all of them now!!!!!

  10. hmmmm, whatever …

    who care’s abouthim anyway XD

  11. Why JungShin is PRETTIER than YoonA! Watch out, JungShin, Taec is waiting for you behind the corner with his baseball “bat”!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  12. Im Yoona, saranghaeyo <33333~

  13. aw cool, I’m cnblue fan and I think yoona is a nice girl.

  14. i think over time, yoona’s name became the safe answer when the artists don’t really want to touch on the subject.

    • I like her too, her smile and personality are so beautiful.

      YonnA noona, I love you !!!!

    • I agree. I mean, I don’t doubt her beauty and her personality is pretty cool. But if you’re cornered into naming your ideal type, and you don’t really want to reveal your true feelings, then you go for a safe answer. I bet among Yoona’s millions of admirers, there are a few like that. XD But JungShin has said Lee Min Jung (the actress) before, and both girls kinda have a similar image. ^^

    • Why wouldn’t they want to “touch on the subject” ? Revealing your ideal type is something common in Korea, I don’t see why celebrities would lie about it.

      • It’s because some of these celebs know each other personally and they don’t want to make everything awkward by actually revealing who they actually like. It’s like telling the whole world who your crush is.

  15. oh, jungshin ah~

    JungShin cha rieo~! (get a hold of yourself)

  16. Yoona so cute


    why every one like her so much ????????????

    Where is the other girls in SNSD ????
    Where is Yuri in all this stuff ?????
    No one is talking about her
    Although she is the most beautiful girl between all members in her group !!!!!

    After all , Congrats Yoona ๐Ÿ™‚

    • PLOP lol
      there are artist who said they like yuri and other snsd girls

      just search on internet and you will find it ๐Ÿ˜€

      • i know that ,( there are artist who said they like yuri and other snsd girls)

        But i mean not like her (yoona)

        she is the most one every idols/boys like her that is what i mean
        and i am not snsdโ€™s fan so i dont really care
        This is just something drew my attention

    • It’s because, they don’t look just for beauty. It’s actually Yoona’s personality that actracts the idols and whatnot,,,,

      All the girls in SNSD are beautiful in their own right, but I know that alot of male idols were surprise when they saw Yoona without make-up, because she looks really pretty. Of all the other members, I think Tiffany too is not that bad without make up, but then again they are all pretty in their own way.

      As for Yuri, I think that the heavy make-up she has on now makes her look more sexy but that is not enough as SNSD (all members) can be sexy (look at Hyoyeon when she dances!), and sometimes even when they don’t want too!! And I think Yuri is overeager sometimes, and that is not something Koreans would praise in a girl. But hey, she is popular with the samchoon fans, so just look her up and you will see!

  17. now i must fend off another male, sigh, more work to do.

    lol i kid. i sure these “ideal” things are more like “i want to meet or talk with more” kind of thing since these usually do not have free time to do whatever teen-young adults like to do.

  18. Great! Another group of people will bang their head to the wall a.k.a Yoona haters LOL I admire Yoona.. She can make lot of people love her, and at the same time, she can make people feel the pain (of hatred and jealousy) just by existing.

    So Yoona, don’t get discourage. Live for the love and let the haters suffer from their own hatred.

    p/s: Not even a fan of Yoona, but heh – Yoona will always be a major issue when this kind of article pop up and I find it’s ridiculous. Apparently your idols have ‘poor taste’ and you have worst taste ever coz liking them who have ‘poor taste’ Think about it, and stop being negative, and hating without solid reason.

  19. yoona has dat charm about her..datz y many male idols r drawn 2 her..I just hope there r other male idols who will notice de cute snsd leader taeyeon 4 a change..

    • I like Taeyeon.

    • kekeke u must know that taeyeon list of celebrities fanboys is no joke.

      there are idols, ex idols(in the army), actors, producers, comedians, even the Koreaโ€™s first UFC fighter Kim DongHyun is her fan.

      taeyeon and yoona are the most popular members on snsd.

  20. another one yhea i guess all great good looking minds think alike

  21. Go Yoong…. She’s great
    Dear Antis: the more u dislike her, the more people like her

  22. POOR CHOICE!!!

  23. Everybody in Korea loves Yoona. That’s why she has so many antis.

  24. ok, this is waaaaaaaaay toooooo much *_*

    what the hell !

    would he really say that ?
    i mean . .

    i can’t find the perfect words EVEN !!

  25. Congrats Yoong!
    It’s always Yoong when someone asks who does he likes, she is basically every man’s ideal woman!
    Though Korea is not a very large country, it still IS quite big and having 99% of the male’s population to choose you as their ideal woman is really something.
    Not forgetting Korea consists of such hot guys.
    Lucky Yoong, having such a privilege though she’s only 20.

    • “Korea consists of such hot guys”

      Have you been to that country? Hot guys?
      All I can say is…..LOL!!
      You’d be dissapointed.

      • Then maybe it’s the power of television then — Showing a facade of the country’s top hunks and neglect the frankensteins aww haha.

  26. EXACTELY. words that dont apply to real life settings lol

    • that girl has more (boy) friends that you think
      yoona knows what to tell and what not to tell to the public ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Great. Another article that proves that Yoona’s purpose in life is to be everyone’s default choice when asked who they want to date, but when put into action, won’t.

    • Yeah, pretty much lmao

    • actually, there are a lot of guys (actors, idols, ..) who talk to her.

      they even ask her gym trainer, choreographer (like Goo Hye Sun), snsd members,… about her phone number.

      btw, she don’t kiss and tell ^^

    • Yoona, doesn’t tell the guys she knows and talks too… which are many obviously ๐Ÿ™‚
      Also some of them (guys, women lol) would not fall for her if they didn’t know her a little…..she just doesn’t say and that’s why it’s sometimes surprising when we learn that she actually has other friendships that we don’t know about ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. this isn’t news….LOL

    • ella es tan preciosa y divertida, desde la primera vez que vi a yoona en un k.show hace dos aรฑos me volvi totalmente un fan.

      Lee JungShin has a good taste.

    • hahah, maybe kekekeke!

      But I’m just so happy that he chose Yoongie twice!!!

      Definetely said his true feelings even though Fany, Hyo & Sooyoung were there….oops! LOL

      Yoona, saranghae!

  29. damn, another one!
    LOL..there’s too many of them already! @_@
    didn’t even read the whole article yet, and here im commenting just ’cause of the title. LOL. XD

    well, yeah…congrats yoona?

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