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July is the month of Kpop ‘Big Bang’, jampacked with comebacks and debuts

This July, we are seeing a much more hyped up Kpop scene as compared to June with the World Cup season going on.

Kpop fans are in for a ride with comeback by Big Bang TaeYang and Gan MiYeon, as well as debuts by JYP new girlgroup miss A and boyband Teen Top.

Already, TaeYang made his comeback with his 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’ released on 1st July, and had his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown. The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also featured the rap of friend of 10 years GDragon. And the MV features Sandara Park.

At the same time, Baby V.O.X Gan MiYeon had her solo comeback on 1st July with the digital single ‘Going Crazy’. The song is written by hitmake Bang ShiHyuk and was produced after 6 months long of recording. The song features the rap of MBLAQ Mir. At the same time, MBLAQ Mir and Lee Joon also did appearance in the MV.

As for debuts, JYP Entertainment debuted their new girlgroup miss A, also hailed as the 2nd WonderGirls, early July. Members Fei, Jia and Suzy join Min, who have trained up to 7 years under JYPE. Their debut title song is ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’, and they also had their debut stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July.

Another boyband set to debut early July is Teen Top. Teen Top made headlines even before their debut after it was revealed that member Riki had made appearance in Seo TaiJi ‘Human Dream’ MV in 2008. The group is set to debut with the song ‘Applause’ early July.

They are a group of 6 teenagers and before their debut, they are featured in MTV America’s documentary ‘Vice Guide To Everything’.

Other than that, the debut song ‘Push Push’ by new girlgroup SISTAR is known to be doing well up on real time music charts. The group also released their World Cup song ‘We Never Go Alone’.


To add on: we also have solo debut by Brown Eyed Girls Narsha with ‘I’m In Love’, Son DamBi ‘Can’t You See’, 4Minute coming back with ‘I My Me Mine’ and Super Junior with ‘No Other’ amongst others.

Take a listen:

Watch the live performances here: Mnet M!Countdown 1st Jul, KBS Music Bank 2nd Jul

Which is your favourite Kpop act for the month of July so far?

We also will be seeing the comeback of Se7en, and perhaps the solo album by Brown Eyed Girls GaIn this month.

51 Responses

  1. i love Qeen B’s and SuJu’s new songs!
    i still can’t get miss A’s song, and i think i will never get used to their “Bad girl, Good girl”… O_O

    can’t wait for other comebacks..SHINee, se7en..etc.

  2. seriously am i the only person getting sick of the sexy image of girl groups, like all of them are doing it now so it no longer has much impact, pretty soon nobody’s even gonna care if they can sing or not just as long as they are dancing half naked in their videos and on stage

    • i think you and i are not the only one.
      i, too, am fed up already. i wanna new one. something out of the ordinary “girlgroup”..there still is. or better yet, stop debuting girlgroups starting today..

      • Are you also sick of boybands too? Because I am, like all of them are doing it now so it no longer has much impact, pretty soon nobody’s even gonna care if they can sing or not just as long as they are dancing half naked in their videos and on stage

        The same applies to boybands…
        if you are going to judge girl groups, you better darn well be doing the same for boybands

  3. of course its gonna be taeyang..taeyang daebak!!

  4. shinee!
    I’m waiting for them, they’ll pwn everyone of them. I’m only saying this because I’m so proud and excited. can you give me a what? what??

  5. yeah, same there are just too many groups out there and hopefully YG, SM and JYP will debut a solo artist. I can’t keep up with all the names of all the members.

  6. I really like taeyang but for some reason he doesn’t fit within the POP/Rap concept. I really like him singing ballads and songs like Wedding Dress.

    But yeah, the big bang member’s INAG is being overshadowed by Jo Kwon’s WGM digital single (weird but sweet song), Baek Ji Young (awesome vocals), IU and SEULONG’s nagging (make me cringe~) and MC Mong’s new track (Love so much).

    But yeah other songs on TY’s album are doing well on offline and online charts. I kinda like the song but I’m not wasting money on an album I hardly like and the cover looks kinda bland. YG should use the picture on the website instead.

  7. i need a girl is no.1 Many people said that INAG is boring, but i find it really a beautiful song, love it’s melody, the more i listen to INAG, the more i love it! Solar is a great album, hope that TY’s talent can be recognized and his album can do well on various charts! But it seems that kpop fans don’t like his new style T.T However, i bet that i-fans love this albums so much. I also love Sondambi’s new song ^^

    • I so agree with you! I think people will start realizing what a great song INAG is anytime soon! πŸ™‚

  8. I swear, I will shank something.


    • It’s true. There are way too many new groups debuting that it’s becoming confusing/annoying! I mean when orange caramel and infinite debuted i was like yay! New groups! But then loads of new groups started debuting. It’s not that I don’t like them, but it’s just plain irritating now :/

      • I don’t get why it’s irritating. If you don’t like them don’t pay attention. Seriously, these kids have been training their whole life for this moment, the Korean music industry is still extremely small so theirs still room for many many more artist. Don’t be so damn disrespectful.

  9. atleast taeyang dared to promote a different type of music.

    Kudos to him

  10. of course taeyang’s comeback is jjang~for me,’i need a girl’ is a great song and his album is awesome~i cant wait for other yg fam comebacks(se7en,big bang,2ne1)~hope he can win some awards~taeyang gl~

  11. i am supporting taeyang and miss a

  12. this person forgot to mention SHINEEE !

  13. so far I like Miss A the best (Shut up boy IS very catchy lol). Taeyang was disappointing in my point of view. I absolutely loooveeddd Wedding Dress, but I’m not a fan of any of his songs in his SOLAR album. SUJU’s No Other is also pretty good. Some people say it’s boring, but I like it. Son Dambi’s was okay, but kinda bland and repetitive. Narsha’s song was a little better, but same as Dambi’s a little bit bland and repetitive. 4minute…ehhh… since HuH I haven’t been paying much attention to them. Not a big fan of I Me My Mine.
    It’s so weird, it seems like all of kpop has tuned it down to some slower tunes.

  14. from all of the comeback n debut this July,i LOVE TAE YANG’s comeback the most!!!!
    his SOLAR album filled with variety of GREAT songs!
    it’s really worth for those who were lucky enough to get his deluxe edition album!!^__^

  15. Son DamBi πŸ˜€ I love the song.
    I also wish Taeyang will win lol

  16. So far, my fav is Taeyang πŸ™‚ Love his album and I can’t wait till it arrives in the mail. You have to listen to the tracks multiple times to really enjoy them but Take it Slow hit me the moment I heard. Damn it’s a hot song and he wrote the lyrics and co composed πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to Queen B by Son Dambi as well as Se7en whenever he makes his comeback. The second half of this year is definately gonna be a blast and I’m gonna go broke by the end of it hahaha πŸ˜€

  17. im still waiting for big bang and 2ne1 XD but Miss A was the best this month.

  18. Taeyang.. hoho you’re my chocolate my sweetest chocolate. i really wanna have u:-)

  19. Song wise it is a tie between Narsha’s Dan Bi’s recent singles and Miss A’s debut song (that “shut up boy” is just too darn catchy).

    I am definitely loving Taeyang’s album though but I need a girl so far isnt my favorite song on the album, but I do like the song.

    I am an old school Baby vox fan and love Mi Yeon’s vocals and Mir’s rap but there is too much autotune to my liking (but I do love her music video the most).

  20. Let’s see who’s the one who can stay #1 for long

  21. can’t wait for Se7en to many idols hugging the spot light is time for the solo artist to take over kpop again.

  22. Tae yang is jjang & YG is daebak for allowing Taeyang to do music that he love:) i love YG family

  23. I LOVE miss A so far, and Tae Yang’s album is near flawless β™₯

    I can’t wait for Dambi!

  24. Queen B <333333

    • I second this ^^.

      Also Miss A have really impressed me and 4min’s new song is pretty catchy.

  25. Sorry super junior but Taeyang ‘I need a girl’ #1
    (‘no other’ is boring as hell)

    SOLAR Rocks!!

    • Man people like you are just asking for fanwar. Just stop comparison’s with other groups for the sake of peace between fandoms. Opinions are opinions and if you want mine then I believe ‘No Other’ is a terrific song. You can feel Super Junior’s roots from the song.

      • There’s no point anymore. No matter how many times you tell people to stop comparing and to stop dissing artists (trust me i’ve tried too many times), they won’t. It’s annoying really cuz this is how anti-clubs starts D:<

    • not to be cocky…well so true “no other” ddnt leave an impression on me.

      I also dont get why SM have this tactics releasing an album in diffrent versions. like A, B, C repackage album. nahhh… or maybe they just wanted to rake fans money with same songs and just included 2 or 4 more new songs to say this is all new “again”..

      • Repackage albums are very common in Korea, not only SME does it.. A lot of solo singers or bands do it like that in Korea. I was surprised when hearing it first…
        So your blames to SMEsolely is incorrect. Anyway, fans are entitled to choose to purchase versions..

    • Seriously people, do you just love to fight?


      btw @ duhhh! : People CHOOSE whether to buy version a,b or c.
      SM isn’t forcing anyone to buy it. Since I’m sure you’re not gonna buy their album, you have no right to complain.

  26. Looks like they were all waiting for World Cup to end before coming back/debuting. Exciting month! =D

  27. Can’t wait for Se7en !

    • watching that video makes me feel sad for Hyoyeon. That girl has amazing dance skill, too bad she never has the chance to showcase that in SNSD. And she is always overshadowed by other members, while she can actually be the hidden card. Now if only SM can be fair to the girls…

      • Some SNSD fans don’t want to accept that it’s been a while now that Hyoyeon has been being exposed as much as the rest of the girls.

        It’s true that she was overshadowed when they debuted but not anymore. It’s not because she is the least popular that she is always in the back in SNSD. It’s not true. In recent SNSD’s songs, Hyoyeon sings a lot, more than Yoona or Sooyoung and even Yuri, and she may not be in the center when it comes to the choreography, but SM definitely uses her dancing skills when there is some dance battles on tv shows, SNSD’s concerts and SM Town concerts. Of course, nobody expects SNSD to start popping but which groups does popping ? I feel bad for Minzy, Taemin, Eunhyuk… too. They don’t get to show their amazing skills either.

        Just saying that Hyoyeon is blossoming but everybody is so used to pity her that they don’t see that she is actually a lot more exposed now. I love Hyoyeon and I’m glad people are noticing her now. I just wish people who love her for her talent and not because they “feel bad for her”. πŸ™‚

        This was not really directed to you. It’s just something I wanted to say to everyone in general.

  28. Taeyang! πŸ™‚

    • TOP !!!!!

      • YG!!

      • BIG BANG! but i love miss A too and 4min’s new song and Son Dam Bi’s song is beautiful and Narsha’s song is so relaxing and for the first time i appreciate SUJU’s repackaged album cause all the songs are good!

  29. yea i have to agreed, this month is going to be intense, so many great talents fighting for the top.

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