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MBC Music Core 03.07.2010 – TaeYang’s comeback stage with ‘Solar’, ‘I Need A Girl’ and ‘Just A Feeling’

Today on MBC Music Core, TaeYang had his comeback stage performing the songs ‘Solar’, ‘I Need A Girl’ and ‘Just A Feeling’ featuring GDragon.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Super Junior


miss A

Orange Caramel


Will update with more performance cuts


39 Responses

  1. Is it just me.. or MissA’s outfits are way too revealing!? I mean, are they trying to do the sex-sell concept?!!…

    Taeyang’s voice is awesome. Love it. I’m looking forward to his performances :DD

  2. Super Junior = cowboys in <33

  3. First Taeyang performance.
    Sad to say but I dont really like this album .. I love him thoughhh. I like Wedding dress. Where u at and the new song would be Break down. I am not happy with his album gahh. But ill get over it. The song doesnt seem like him? IDK how to express it like the video isnt liek the others that have a solid good story line with killer dance move. Anyways the performance.. is uhmm… 0.o to me. But I did love GD rap it was good and the only thing I loved about the song and performance. Dont kill me. I am a Big Bang fan!! LOL but yeah im not close minded either but INAG or this album doesnt cut it .. its just bleehhhh.

    Next SUper junior ahhh. lol
    there outfits are LOL weird. But they had so much fun doinng it. Not really into the song as much … but this performance made me like it even more. They kept smiling. and shindong part gahh lol and more.. it was good. I liked it..

    • I’ll advise you to give the album a 2nd listen since you bought it. I had a big wtf moment too when I first listen to the album cause it’s so different from what he has done in the past. However, after a 2nd and 3rd listen I fell in love with the whole album (except You’re MY, it’s still a DNW for me). I personally can’t see why INAG is the title song – just a feeling is more feel good and plays to the audience more with the chanting. However, when I listen to the album not I can’t really pick a favorite song but only a top 5 cause I have so many I love.

      • i totally agree with you there. just give the whole a second, third … chance, you’ll come to love it. as for me, i’ve been playing the whole album almost non-stop since day one. it is a really beautiful album. one that you can listen to over and over again.

  4. Hahahaha Suju!!! XD
    I love you guys<3333333

    Best part of the perf is when Shindong goes "Nega Nega Michyeo baby" and Sungmin is strangling Wookie, and Heechul and Kyu baby tried to contain their laughter XD

    I'm loving "No Other" performances so far – brings a smile to my face.

  5. i don’t see how people already saying that Miss A is the best dance group in asia and f(x) have competition
    seriously their choreograhy is average,most of the time they just stand still and do hands movement but yeah their singing is quite good

    4minute is quite good,how can they sing so well with all that choreography going on?

    • actually the choreo is quite hard, especially for Fei(?). Having to go down on the ground and sing is probably one of the toughest things to do as a singer.

  6. Don’t like INAG i don’t know why even the choreo seems a little …
    But i bought the album and i prefer “Just a feeling ” that song is really beautiful but that just my opinion 🙂

    I will keep watching his perf

  7. I love Taeyang’s performance. INAG is definitely growing on me. At first I don’t like it but now… I love it! The choreo is sexy (very Shaun). Too bad, the cameraman didn’t capture the best part of the chorus, aisht! Then, I’ll wait for Inkigayo.

    I’m also liking 4minute and miss A, they’re fierce. And why did they cut some parts? I like Suju’s performance too. Heechul, you look awkwardly stiff but cute. LOL

  8. YB’s vocals are better here but the stage in M!C were better. at first I didn’t like INaG but the more I listen to it the more I love it ❤
    I'm not into girlgroups (xcept for WG&2NE1) but MissA are amazing ❤

  9. Personally, I really like Teayang’s performance especially I need a girl! :)To be honest It’s a really great song some people are just so close minded that they want to stereotype singers to a certain genre and they don’t know what’s a great song anymore.

    • totally agree with u, some people are just close minded and want to control their idol’s music style. I’m quite disappointed with some VIPs with negative and rude comments, especially those who wanted YG to make a new MV for INAG, it’s just immature. Seriously, the more i listen to INAG, the more i love it, n the MV is really refreshing. YG always has best choice and has great taste in music.

    • Maybe people don’t like it because it’s not like TY’s music is extraordinary. You can’t discuss people’s tastes. The fact that you like it doesn’t mean it’s a great song.

      You are the one who is close minded. 🙂

      • u mad?

      • And why can’t we discuss other people’s tastes? We have comment box(es) like this one so it’s inevitable to have opinions like that. The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t make the song bad either.

        I would drop this close-minded thing because if the poster’s definition up there is your notion of such characteristic, we’re all gonna be close-minded then.

      • Haha I didn’t say that Taeyang’s songs were bad. I actually like some of his songs. I was just saying that it’s funny for someone who call people “close minded” to actually think that EVERYONE has to like Taeyang’s music.

        And no, you can’t discuss people’s tastes. Some people love TY’s album and others don’t, honey. If you can’t accept that, just live by yourself in a cave because not everybody can agree with you on everything.

    • Those ppl probably wanted a song like what other idols are promoting- autotune, endless repetitive lyrics, engrish n probably a catchy dance move too? >__>

      • hahaha engrish !so true but.

      • actually i don’t like the song, but i definitely wasn’t expecting him to promote an “autotune, endless repetitive lyrics, or a catchy dance move.” Although I have to say I was expecting engrish. All songs have a little bit of it (Doesn’t Taeyang have it in the beginning of INAG?) He’s been sticking with the more slow songs since Look Only at Me and Wedding Dress, and I absolutely loooveed those two songs, but INAG is disappointing and a little bit boring in my taste.

    • i don’t like it, not because i’m close minded but because i just don’t like it. the song is good. it’s definitely not a bad song, but not my type.

      get your facts straight

      • By close minded I mean – you don’t have to like his music, I’m just saying give it a chance because some people are “I don’t like it, it’s really different from what he usually does” – that’s what I meant about it. Appreciate the diversity. No need to get all hyped up with the term “close-minded”.

  10. Tae Yang is love as usual. i’m not into girls groups that much with the exception of 2NE1 (the only girls group i would spent my money, time and energy for) and a lil bit of WG (i like some of their songs and especially their personality). but i just watched Miss A performance on M!Countdown and i quite like them. i think i’m going to keep an eye on them from now on too.

  11. Something looks off with Taeyang today.
    It’s not the performances, it’s his smile.
    And his expressions while singing.
    Like he’s forcing his smiles.


    • I thought I was the only who noticed that.
      I feel like he was a lot happier and smiley yesterday.
      Maybe he’s read some of the not so nice fan reactions from this album?
      I dunno, I hope he cheers up soon though. I really don’t want him to turn back to emo taeyang from last year during wedding dress 😦

      • oh my, i hope he’s not down because of all those things that he must’ve read. i hope it is just him being tired and all. i believe he is much stronger than what we give him credit for, what of being in the entertainment business for years and going through all the good and bad times together with his BB brothers. Tae Yang fighting!!

      • omg! i thought i was the only one who noticed it! also GD’s face looked like he is thinking at the back of his mind! 😦

        i see sadness in Taeyang’s eyes even though he is flashing a smile on his face…i really don’t know how he feels right now but i do hope the negative feedbacks about the MV and his titile track did not make him feel disappointed..but tbh, i still prefer his HOT album and Wedding Dress will always be my favorite song from SOLAR album..

        let’s just say that not all things that we expected turn out really well..probably, its about time to bring back BIG BANG…GDYB, you guys are still awesome!

  12. I didn’t like I Need a Girl before but its really growing on me. I love Taeyang’s voice. Very soothing. I wish he had a different choreo though. It looked really off for some reason. His song sounds so different from everybody else . Its not upbeat or autotuned and its refreshing to hear. And GD’s looking fine these days. ^^

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: MBC Music Core 03.07.2010 – TaeYang’s comeback stage with ‘Solar’, ‘I Need A Girl’ and ‘Just A Feeling’ http://bit.ly/bvRRqN […]

  14. lol Norazo done it again curry chicken song they are crazy.

    • I really like that but i cant understand :(. Can you understand it :). I’d really appreciate if you can translate it for me 🙂

  15. love Taeyang’s I Need A Girl!!!!
    awesome performance baby.. Hwaiting!!

  16. I thought Taeyang’s performances were boring…
    I liked miss A and 4Minute though.

  17. I prefer the comeback stage from Music Core for Taeyang rather than Mnet. It just looks much nicer here!
    Hwaiting Taeyang! <3<3

  18. Aww, as much as I love missA, their performance was not as good as the last 2 stages. Suzy looked tired.

    Oh, and I love GD!!! Taeyang ❤

    lol at suju's cowboy outfits, heechul was so funny! The performance was hella cute!

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