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MBLAQ Mir, “I like Sandara Park more than my own sister”

“I like Sandara Park more than my own sister.”

On MBC TV ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ aired on 2nd July in the corner ‘Star Star Ranking’, a survey done on ‘Who are the fantasy star family?’. And the siblings Go EunAh-Mir and Sandara Park-Thunder are ranking #9 on the survey.

Mir said in an interview, “If anythin, Sandara Park noona has helped us a lot (in terms of popularity).” And when asked ‘Between Go EunAh and Sandara Park, who’s prettier?’, Mir answered, “I’m originally a Sandara Park fan, so I like Sandara Park noona more.”

S: TVDaily

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  1. Well over the past few days,fans of Mir’s sister(which were mostly boys),was bashing/insulting/saying mean stuff on mir’s cyworld page,thats why he deleted most of everything on it.I feel really bad for him T^T,it wasnt his fault.But still he’s cute ❤ and thunder<3<3

  2. mir should promote his sis more eventhough she’s not that popular or pretty
    i’ve never seen him say nice things bout his sis…. T T

  3. the persons who say that it’s incest, you are just f*ckin perverted.

    when KangHoDong was kissing little kids, you say that it’s pedophelia.
    only because your minds are perverted by what you see on TV.

    BUT when it was Junsu (DBSK) who kissed the little boy, it’s cute….

    I know many couples when they meet their friends, they kiss (yes ..with the lips) to greet them… and in front of their wife/husband… and they don’t mind… is it wrong ? of course not.

    it always depends on the intention behind this.

  4. I agree dat go eun ah might have been very open in kissin mir..But,still datz her way of showin her luv 2wards her bro,mir..Mayb she wasn’t interested in her date n by doin dis,it would have made de poor lad shocked n nt go 4 a 2nd date..I think mir was taken aback s well..

  5. I think it’s his sister fault. I mean S.Korea is not an open-minded country like America. As an older sister, shouldn’t she know this? Shouldn’t she know what to do on camera and what NOT to do?

    Plus, she was on a date for god’s sake. Kissing her bro in front of him wasn’t nice AT ALL. Skinship with the wrong person at the wrong time.

    Poor Mir…he was devastated…. LOL

  6. whether it’s true anot, he’ve to say this kind of comments in order to stop the ‘scandal’

  7. i think he is say that because the Incest scandel
    he is shoudnt say that for her one sister 😦
    POOR Go EunAh

  8. Honestly, Mir’s sis is prettier ( Her current hairstyle does her absolutely NO justice whatsoever) but good thing Mir knows his manners and picked Sandara!

  9. poor MIr every interview he will get ask about her sister now that why you should never kiss your siblings.

    • wrong. You should never kiss your siblings on their lips in front of camera.

      • trueee, I mean somehow yu should know that if yu kiss yur sibling while knowing yur being filmed and its gonna air, yu should expect this whole “incest” thing from netizens. but im not mad about it, i think its cute but im just saying.

  10. LOL lies!
    Go Eunah’s prettier! x) but Dara is about 10 times more popular soo… xD

  11. thats funny

  12. Incest Rulz !!!

    thunder & dara ❤
    Mir &GoEunAh ❤

  13. lmao this incest thing will be with him forever!
    ahahaha thunder was probably worried for his sister in the back of his mind XDDD

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: MBLAQ Mir, “I like Sandara Park more than my own sister” http://twurl.nl/di13ib […]

  15. Sandara Park is a BETTER French Kisser!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  16. he don’t want to have another “incest” scandal XD

  17. omo her sister must be sad lol

  18. Awwwh, that’s really adorable!!

  19. the “Incest” guy is really funny.

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