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Nich Khun’s serenade to Victoria with ‘Nothing Better’ on We Got Married

2PM Nich Khun serenades to f(x) Victoria.

On MBC We Got Married on 3rd July, make-believe couple Nich Khun and Victoria went to a restaurant where they ate samkyeopsal and also to a karaoke together.

And Victoria requested for Nich Khun to sing the song ‘Nothing Better’ by Brown Eyed Soul which he sang on SBS Star King. And Nich Khun sang the song even though he said that he couldn’t sing.

Victoria said in her interview on the show, “I saw him perform that once on a variety show, but I want to listen to him sing to me,” explaining why she had asked him to sing the song.

On the show that day, the 2 sent out text messages to their team mates to announce their ‘marriage’ and the reply Victoria got from f(x) Sulli was, “We had a father now.”

When Nich Khun asked why Sulli would call him an oppa, Victoria said, “Because I’m the eldest unnie, they call me by mother.”

Nich Khun had seemed shocked to know that suddenly he has gotten himself 4 daughters.



38 Responses

  1. The father part was adorable πŸ™‚
    Khun “Im a father? When did we…?”
    LOL fill in the blank! x)

    But what bugs me tho is that Khunnie lies a lot; of course they’re just little white lies and he makes it obvious when he’s lying, but Vicky can’t tell cuz she’s not that familiar with Korean. LOL, but you could tell that she knows he’s “lying” about other things, like about the bars and the girls xD
    I like how this couple has flaws, making it seem realistic x) unlike the AlShin couple which was to good to be true (& led us viewers with a crazy heartache when ShinAe married some other dude 😦 )

    Omg Daaaang , Khunnie looked sooo effin’ adorable in this ep tho! His eyes are ❀

    Vicky freaking gorgeous too x)

    • AlShin was sooo cute! Alex was an amazing husband and Shinae was so adorable….why did she marry someone else? T^T

  2. hahaha nichkhun you just married a woman with four EXTRA baggages lol

  3. WGM hasn’t been this good since Kangin and Yoonji were on. That was a good couple, they had problems but always managed to work their way through them

    • sorry but Kangin and Yoonji SUCKS !!!
      Andi and solbi were <3333

      • Kangin and Yoonji didn’t suck, they just weren’t as popular as the original couples. Yoonji was a much better wife than Solbi, admit it.

        I hope this couple come up with their own image, the romantic shy couple only worked for Alex and Shinae.

      • AGREEE! They did suck, they were an epic fail couple, like many others in wgm. Andy and Solbi, Alex and Shinae, the Ant couple (Crown J and Seo In Young) and Hwangbo and Hyun Joong were excellent : D, If you have anyother couples suggestions PLEASE TELL ME!~
        @loveholic- It doesn’t matter if they weren’t the orignial couples, the reason for their low rates was because they DID NOT have any chemistry!~ Equaling to “they sucked”, The lettuce couple was well liked as well as Hwanhee’s couple, and they weren’t the originals. ;D

      • so:
        I watched WGM cuz of kangin and it was cute at first, but then he was kinda mean and flirted with Taeyeon a lot. I liked him sooooo much before watching WGM, but I stopped halfway cuz he began to annoy me 😦 [yoonji was great tho! =) ]

        So I watched the other couples I must say the Andy & Solbi SIY & Crown J were the best!!!!


    • whoa i forgot Kangin was even on WGM

  4. I love this new couple so much.

  5. i think they need to increase the minutes on them (21minutes is too short), i really enjoy watching them.

    • they need to increase the time slot for WGM overall! Adam couple’s segment was so short too

  6. he always sing this damn song

  7. aww they are reallyy cutee and nick khun is really in his “husband-roll” already. .

  8. I watched the second episode and I feel like they’ve been dating for a while.

    cant wait to see this subbed!

  9. I honestly think they’re a sweet couple.

  10. i gotta stop smiling lol. i dont know what theyre saying but my mouth is wide ,ο»Ώ smiling. lol.
    can get enough of this! <33

    Khuntoria hwaiting!

  11. I didnt know victoria is funny girl.
    I’m starting to like her.

    Victoria jjang :]

  12. awwwww β€œWe had a father now.”
    F(x) girls are soooo cute.

    Vicky & Khun Fighting !!!!!!

  13. i couldn’t help but smile throughout πŸ™‚ they’re so cute!

  14. Seriously they are CUTE couple

    But i think WGM has become really boring 😦

    The first season was great so I think they really love each other

  15. (_ _”)a Khun is too young to be a father of 4 daughters!! Vic will give a big burden then~ pfffffttt!!!!!
    Hope they’ll divorce soon… ^^b

  16. does he sing this song to every girls.?
    i remember he did sing this on mnet scandal, and now again. he had to do smthing more special to his wife,.
    and also need to learn more songs to sing

    • actually he was asked by victoria to sing tt song for her.. so i don’t think he sings to every girls.. hahaha..

    • in the preview for nxt episode, wooyoung and junho bursted khun’s bubble by saying that he always sings nothing better to serenade girls lol~ although it was vic who requested, it will b interesting to c vic + khun’s reactions Xp

    • he sang it after 2PM’s showcase in Japan when they first debut, he sang it on Idol army with After School to Bekah, he sang it on mnet scandal…& now here..yep this boy sings the same song

  17. Shouldn’t it be “appa” (dad) instead of “oppa” (big brother)?

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