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Park JungMin, “Even though I’ve received proposals for contract, I will give an answer after discussing with the other members”

SS501 Park JungMin explains on reports saying that he has signed with Taiwan Sony Music.

Park JungMin wrote on his official homepage at 1:51pm on 3rd July, “I have not signed with any agency yet. Even though I’ve received proposals from various agencies, I have not given them any answers.”

He added that, “SS501 will end their album promotions with their Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Even though there are proposals from our current agency and other major domestic agencies to contract the whole group, these are just speculations.”

Park JungMin also added, “I have not given any answers for the proposals from different agencies. I will release an official stand after discussing with the other members. If I sign a contract, I will announce officially. Currently, we are still under the management of DSP.”



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  1. […] Meanwhile, recently member Park JungMin came out to clarify on rumours that he has signed with Taiwan Sony Music. […]

  2. […] Meanwhile, recently member Park JungMin came out to clarify on rumours that he has signed with Taiwan Sony Music. […]

  3. […] Meanwhile, recently member Kim JungMin came out to clarify on rumours that he has signed with Taiwan Sony Music. […]

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    • …………………………..


      Wtf? o_0

  5. JungMin is more leader-like…
    What he said here can calm fans a bit. ^^

  6. Dx.

    Although things happen, they will always be as brothers!
    You can not do anything but they will decide their future!!!


  7. Yes it is not like the leader !! Leaving all the members just because he is so popular !!!

  8. Words that Jung Min had Personally Told TWTS
    2010.06.29 23:04

    Credits: HK TS’ blog + (english trans) happiebb / LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com

    Mal and Baby had first signed with DSP.
    It was only at the 5th anniversary
    that the five learnt that DSP didn’t want to sign Kyu.
    There’s no way SS501 could continue.
    Hyun Joong requested that DSP sign with Kyu first before his signing the contract.
    DSP refused.
    Hyun Joong recommended that Kyu goes to YG.
    So turned out everyone had to sign with different companies
    and come next year,
    the various companies to collaborate for them to release an album.
    YS and Kyu are currently in Japan.
    YS is negotiating the OST of some drama,
    Kyu is in discussion with YG.
    Mal had said this (same thing) to TS on the plane three times
    that the five of them will release an album next year,
    The reason why Hyun Joong signs with another company…
    Coz DSP refused to sign with Kyu…
    so Hyun Joong’s helping Kyu to sign with YG,
    and Hyun Joong wanted DSP to sign with Kyu by threatening to sign with another agency.
    Mal and Baby had initially thought everyone would be renewing their contracts,
    so they had gone on ahead and signed first.
    Mal further said…. they would be separated for this year…
    but next year, they will continue to work together through different companies
    YS also said something like that….
    that the five of them will continue on like this year after year…
    the interpretation is that they would be working together again next year.
    Coz so long as they’re missing just one member, that signifies the splitting up of SS501…
    So Hyun Joong surfaced first to face everything.

    • is that true???
      Kim Kyu Jong wanna joint with YG family???? YG???
      awwww…..it will awsome !!!!!!!!!! ^^

    • DSP doesnt want to sign kyu? why?!

    • Gahahaha YG won’t sign him.

    • But Jung Min officially says here that he have not signed with any agency yet so it proves that this rumor is false ! Because according to this stupid rumor, he has already renewed with DSP…while he claims here that he will only take a decision after discuting with the other members first…so It means he hasn’t renewed with DSP either !

    • It’s been known that this is a rumor. No sane artist will detail every detailed private confidential information to a fan. He would be nuts to do so.

    • Oh HELLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOO. DSP can go to hell. How dare they leave Kyu Jong out, those bastards. Kyu Jong is my favorite of the group and very talented and sweet, so I don’t understand what they have against him. If this is the case, then I’m proud of all of the members for sticking up for him. Just goes to show that their friendship is real and that they are commited to the group. F U DSP, F U!

      • Rumor? *breathes and composes*


        Well, if that’s the case, I retract my statement. 😐


        But hell no, no one messes with my Kyu.

    • there’s no basis for this report. i doubt that jungmin would discuss such matter with people.

  9. “If I sign a contract, I will announce officially.” kinda look like he’s aiming at someone who hasn’t announced “himself” that “he” would be signing with other agencies. hmm…i hope SS501 continues as a group though..I love them.

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Park JungMin, “Even though I’ve received proposals for contract, I'll give an answer after discussing w the members” http://wp.me/phE2s-9AN […]

  11. he said that he SS501 ended DESTINATION promotion with Taiwan Golden Melody Awards not will end because DESTINATION promotion had ended already by the end og JUNE

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