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SNSD SeoHyun gives her husband CN Blue Jung YongHwa a surprise in WGM 03.07.2010!

In today’s episode of We Got Married, SeoHyun gives her husband Jung YongHwa a surprise when she picked him up at Incheon airport when CN Blue arrives from Thailand. She hid in CN Blue’s car trunk and surprised her husband and the whole CN Blue members when they try to put their luggage inside.

Watch the whole episodes under the cut!

Part 1

Part 2

Next episode preview


16 Responses

  1. A Wifey JACK-OFF in a BOX, er, trunk!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  2. i know she wanna make it in good way but its just not a good idea. if it was night i am sure he would be scared to death since with long hair she’d definitely look like a ghost.

  3. Am I the only who thinks that even if it’s cute, hide in a car trunk is a terrible example to give?

    • it’s just a show… give the girl a break

    • you do realize that shes NEVER been into boys before and that shes a completely total noob at a relationship? yes jokwon is a noob too but seohyun never really thought and wanted a bf or a husband to begin with. i thought it was cute. at least shes trying (:

      • So, she said on TV…. Kids don’t believe everything you see/hear from Celebs on TV. Sometimes it’s just for the show and their images.


  5. omo seohwa couple are soooo adorable together ^^

  6. Yoona again as favorite SNSD?? Why doesnt anyone say Sooyoung… !

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by imuyachan. imuyachan said: K Bites : SNSD SeoHyun gives her husband CN Blue Jung YongHwa a surprise in WGM 03.07.2010! – http://ow.ly/26EbY […]

  8. wow the second part is soo love & sweet..
    look like they are married for real..
    act like husband and wife..

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