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SS501 Park JungMin signs with Taiwan Sony Music, for his Chinese activities

SS501 Park JungMin is said to have signed up with Taiwan Sony Music.

An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.”

It seems that currently Park JungMin is looking at activities in the Chinese entertainment market with the move to sign with Taiwan Sony Music. With news that Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong will be doing their solo activities, there are great interests as to the future plans for the rest of the members Heo YongSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJoon.

Meanwhile, on SBS Music High radio show, Kim HyungJoon who is the DJ on the show said, “In the future, I will continue DJ-ing”.


23 Responses

  1. Jungmin just left msg in DSP website that he did not sign any contract with any company yet(including sony taiwan)

  2. It clearly says that this is independent from any Korea activities that he will have! He just wants to expand into different markets, which is good because then he will spread SS501’s name throughout Asia and perhaps the world~~~~~~ He did say look forward to world tour in 10 years ;DDDDDDD

    And I don’t exactly think this was TOTALLY a DSP thing… I mean I think Leader had his own ambitions, so for people who are saying that this will never happen to Big Bang? I’m a hardcore VIP myself, but I understand that idol groups cannot stay together forever, and they each seem to be making a name for themselves through their solo activities!

    I’m still going to miss the old days when there was all peace with idol groups… ahhh DBSK, Suju, SS501, Big Bang that was the BEST time… now there are new groups debuting every other day so it’s hard to split fandoms between every!single!group! ><

  3. Though no disbandment news has been made, officially, I will miss them together 24/7. I love my SS501 boys, and they were such a great group. Only think of bigger and better things for each of them.

    This is reality, groups come and go, as much as I want them to stay together forever (well at least for my era! LOL!). And the old goes, the new comes.

    I thank God that my favorite group is still together, still big, still active, and delivering me (and their fans) great music. And I won’t say who for the sake of the post, but you can tell who………

  4. JungMin is hilarious =) and he definitely has the vocals. I am kind of sad that the love ya promotions were so short since tthat was probably the first time JungMin has ever looked manly to me (he always looks so girly/feminine).

  5. JungMin is YUMMY!!!!!
    Taiwan thinks so TOO!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  6. having an activity once a year is hardly a group.

    i mean even shinhwa is just a name now.

    they just want to keep the name alive for marketing sake.

  7. they will disband now


    With that said…..there was a recent article posted up in Quainte (internat’l SS501 forum) reassuring Triple S about them still wanting to continue with the group’s name. Still promoting as SS501, after all they can pull a Shinhwa (be in diff. companies for solo stuff but come together to promote SS501). So at the moment they need management companies, this yr solo. Next yr group album.

  9. i feel sad for them. what more for triple S?

    i remember jay-2pm …

  10. Goodbye SS501 !!!

    • Lol, they going out in order.
      DBSK – cheeked
      SS501 – checked
      SUJU – 2 down, 11 to go
      Next in line is Big Bang.

      Goodluck fangirls!

      • What does Big Bang have to do with this? I don’t see anything in common between Big Bang and the other groups. You are yet another hater and a troll…

      • poor Ca.T.El ( Cassiopeia, Triple S, Elf )
        karma sucks, right????

      • F**K U !!!!
        BIG BANG is always together….
        they’re love their YG family. all of BB member always praise their YG as a good boss who always support them. n they’re love each other as a family….

      • I don’t think big bang will have the same fate as DBSK or SS50 since YG takes really good care of them and YG artists tend to stay. DBSK sued SM because SM treats their artists poorly and SS501 didn’t resign with DSP because DSP never really did much for SS501 in terms of growth/maturation as entertainers. YG on the other hand allows them to do solo work so they can promote things that are more their personal style and grow as artists when they are not doing group work which is really important to singers happiness. Also big bang members have a lot of say/participation in the music they present, so I do not really see them disbanding anytime soon. I don’t think big bang will always be together but if they disbanded it would be because they want to focus on their solo work and would probably still be under YG.

      • even IF bigbang goes their seperate way, knock on wood, it wouldn’t kill too many people but they aren’t the typical boy band. they aren’t “one”. they are 5 individuals who will do just as well on their own.

      • they were joking chillll!

      • If you want to be mean and want the kpop groups to go down then seriously you should get a life. Respect zeitgeist and respect the fact that being a celebrity is hard. It’s not as easy as it seems, alot of hard work is paid off during the process to being well known and you’re just checking them off like that? Excuse me? If you want to nasty and stand by and watch kpop groups fall down one by one then I got one thing to say to you:

      • one thing for sure, people will not be shocked if bb disbands lol

      • bitter much?

    • SS501 was a good group. I only liked their lider.

      Goodbye SS501 😀

    • no… GOODBYE DSP

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