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2NE1 Park Bom cracks netizens up with reading the book ‘Lettuce CEO’

A photo posted up by 2NE1 Sandara Park and Park Bom is said to have cracked fans and netizens up.

Sandara Park recently posted a photo of Park Bom reading a book on her me2day. And in the photo, it can be seen that the book that Park Bom was reading is titled ‘Lettuce CEO’.

This had cracked many netizens up, reason being that Park Bom had hated to eating lettuce, and she is said to be on a lettuce diet recently.

Netizens commented, “After lettuce diet, now you want to be a lettuce CEO?” , “I didn’t know there is such a book”, “Sense jjang” etc.



14 Responses

  1. Ditto!
    Well it’s a good thing that I don’t know much about these fanclubs and all… I’m just here to say I love 2ne1 and I love each member’s personalities…
    Bom 8Dness… Dara 4Dness… Minki cute maknae… CL leader Jjang!

  2. Don, why are you attacking ELF just because of a random stupid comment from an unknown?
    There are people who come here to criticize, insult and anger NOT to read the news.
    Should we entertain these imbeciles, they would be back time and again.
    Moreover, you are entertaining at the expense of insulting a certain fanclub?
    Let’s put it this way — Even if a few from a single fanclub are like this, how sure are you to make generalities that ALL of them are?
    Wars between fanclub members is something that’s happening ALOT these days…
    Why do that happen and who shall we blame?
    Sorry, but it’s people like you who start adding oil into the burning flame.
    I am correcting you NOT attacking you thus I hope you learn from this lesson and NOT insult a certain fanclub (be it ELF or not) due to a spastic retard who randomly types his insane comment. Thank you very much.
    Phew. I typed quite alot.
    And to whether do i change your mindset I do not know.
    But I hope you do.
    And those who likes to criticize/insult a certain fanclub due to a single person, I hope you are here reading this too.

  3. She’s so cute!

  4. She looks really into it, haha! Concentrating really hard…okay, now it`s official: Idols read books too!

  5. Ah, Park Bom’s infinite charms~ I wonder if she really read it, or if it was just for props. :]

  6. Haha. Koreans reads the funniest things on earth.

    • shhh. your name’s the funniest thing on earth.
      Don what Don think super junior’s Don’t Don ah wtf.

      • What’s wrong with you?
        Have you gotta criticize people’s names?
        Is that what your mom teaches you?
        And link my name with that song?
        Typical elfie. Lol.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: 2NE1 Park Bom cracks netizens up with reading the book ‘Lettuce CEO’ http://twurl.nl/es2yxf […]

  8. HAHAHA…Korean has some weird books! LOL…I want to find one like that in US toO! heheh

  9. haha there a book called Lettuce CEO lol.

  10. lol unnie! haha she is jjang! 😀

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